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A beginner’s guide to mu origin _ android _ pocket gamer best new apps for iphone 5s MU Origin for the mobile platform had its grand release this July, and there’s already a healthy community of gamers populating its world. Top 10 best apps for iphone 4 Fans of MMORPGs might already know that MU isn’t a brand new title – MU Online was released in 2003, but only for the PC. Best free apps for iphone 4 2011 The new MU brings the fantasy over to Android and iOS devices for the first time. Best apps to download on iphone You can choose from three distinct warrior classes, go questing to gain experience, and join forces with other players to make slaying the baddies that much more fun. Best free navigation apps for iphone 4s If you’re

thinking of striking while the iron’s hot, you might find the following tips give you a helpful head start. Best apps for iphone for free music Choose your class MU Origin includes three character classes for you to pick from – Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and Elf. Best free navigation apps for iphone 4s Dark Knights represent the traditional paladin role – tough, favouring close combat and wielding melee weapons. Best apps for iphone 4s free Dark Wizards, on the other hand, use powerful spells that cost manna to fend off foes and don’t need to get too close.

Best apps for iphone 4 uk Last but not least, Elves are an asset to any party during questing. Best ringtone app for iphone 5 without itunes Whilst Energy Elves use buffing spells to heal, increase defense or offense, Agility Elves are ranged fighters with rapid attacks and high flee rates. Best applications for iphone 4 s Each class has a unique set of skills that can be improved by upgrading them at the cost of in-game currency, or over time with use. Best email app for iphone 5 It’s a good idea to pick the class best suited to your favoured play style. Best apps for iphone plus Lorencia Whether it’s Diablo’s Tristram or Torchlight’s eponymous settlement, every warrior needs a place to call home.

Best free apps download iphone 4s In MU Origin, your journey begins in the quaint town of Lorencia. What are the best iphone apps You can mill about and chat to other plays and NPCs, or jump straight into your first quest. 100 best iphone apps Have a look at the on-screen Quest Log to point you in the right direction.

Best dj apps for iphone 4 As well as battle-hardened warriors, Lorencia is home to the Statue of the PVP King. Best apps for iphone ever If you want an easy way to get a bump of free EXP, you can praise the statue once a day. Best apps for iphone 4 2011 South-east of the statue is The Warehouse – essentially a handy storage facility for all the precious loot you don’t have space for in your inventory. Best apps for iphone plus Questing As with most fantasy MMORPGs, questing forms the bulk of your gameplay in MU Origin. Best apps for iphone customization There are three types of quest for you to complete – Main Quests, Daily Quests and Target Quests.

Best shopping apps for iphone 4 The first type offers the biggest rewards in terms of character advancement and new features, but each Main Quest can only be completed once. Best iphone only apps In contrast, there are 10 Daily Quests and 5 Target Quests per day, giving you experience and various additional rewards too. Best apps for iphone 5 MU Origin features auto-quest and auto-battle functions for the daily grind, so your character can keep leveling up whilst you put the kettle on. Best free apps for iphone 4 Down in the Dungeons Outside of questing, you can delve into the deep dark dungeons around the map to glean more EXP as well as Magic, Rare and Epic equipment to turn your character into a serious threat. Best free fishing apps for iphone Hunting of World and Elite bosses in the open world Always be on the look out for these tough monsters when journeying through the games open world. Best free apps for iphone 4 verizon They will spawn after a certain period of time and drop loot.

Best free apps for iphone ever Most PKs (group or individual) in the open world usually happen because these bosses are contested. Iphone 5 best apps Auction House If you’re new to MU Origin then you should know that loot will be your best friend when questing in the game. The best free apps for iphone 3gs If you’re ever in need of some extra equipment or simply have too much of it, you can buy and sell it in the games Auction House system using Zen or Diamonds.

Best 7 minute workout app for iphone The PVP Arena Sometimes it’s good to be bad. Good free apps for iphone 3gs MU Origin has a dedicated PVP area called the Arena in which you can pit yourselves against the most formidable players in a battle to the death. Best quran app for iphone 4 Not for the light-hearted or the low-leveled.

Best apps for iphone music Earn your wings It’s no longer just the stuff of R Kelly’s dreams – you really can fly. Best free newsstand apps for iphone In MU Origin each character can equip a set of glowing wings. Best free apps for iphone 3gs 2011 Wings grant essential improvements in stats and can be swapped and upgraded over time. Best apps for iphone 5s in india And, most importantly, they look cool. Best apps for iphone 4s jailbroken Join up to a guild There’s only so much fun you can have in an MMORPG on your lonesome.

Iphone 4 best apps MU Origin let’s you set up your own guild or join an existing one. Best apps for iphone 5 camera There’s even a dedicated Guild Recruitment page to make things easier. Best free dj apps for iphone If these tips have whetted the appetite of your inner warrior, MU Origin is a click away in the App Store and Google Play. From time to time Steel Media offers companies and organisations the opportunity to partner with us on specially commissioned articles on subjects we think are of interest to our readers. Best free fishing apps for iphone For more information about how we work with commercial partners, please visit http://www.steelmedia.

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