A look at the features of the sas data management unified platform sql server uses

A look at the features of the sas data management unified platform sql server uses SAS Data Management is a unified platform that includes SAS Data Integration, Data Quality and Master Data Management products. With in sql server 2008 These applications give users the ability to discover, transform, cleanse, enrich, integrate, deliver and govern data from databases, enterprise applications, mainframe legacy files, text, extensible markup language message queues and big data structures. Sql server limit With the platform, users can also integrate and cleanse data from disparate systems such as on-premises and cloud sources, messaging systems, web services, proprietary systems and social media. SAS Data Integration can deploy an extract, transform

and load and an extract, load and transform architecture, helping users leverage native source or target platform capabilities as appropriate.

Sql server 2005 express edition Data integration and data quality processes can be deployed in batch mode, near real time and real time using message queues or web services. Sql server database Data federation enables virtual business views of data that can be transformed and cleansed without physically reconciling and moving data. Ms sql server express 2008 Specialized table loaders provide optimized bulk loading capabilities for Oracle, Teradata and DB2. With SAS Data Management, data governance can be imposed by implementing business rules and policies across the SAS Data Integration, Data Quality, Data Federation and Master Data Management (MDM) products. Ms sql server syntax Technical, business, process and administrative metadata is stored and managed across these same products along with a sophisticated administration and monitoring environment.

This platform offers more than 300 prebuilt SQL-based transformations that can insert, modify, merge and delete data from a variety of sources and targets, slowly changing dimensions Type 1 and 2 support, and change data capture using the Compare Tables transformation. Go sql server Prebuilt data-cleansing standardization rules enable users to create customized rules, MDM features such as semantic data descriptions and fuzzy matching.

Data quality and MDM monitoring let data stewards track the quality of data in operational and analytical environments in real time or trends over time. Sql server r2 express Quality alerts also can be deployed to provide real-time notification. The platform interfaces with various message queueing products such as Microsoft Message Queuing, IBM WebSphere MQ, TIBCO Rendezvous and Sun’s Java Message Service.

Impact analysis lets users assess the impact of making changes to existing objects such as columns, tables and process jobs and data lineage; reverse impact analysis can be used to identify dependencies. SAS code import capabilities enable current SAS users to import existing SAS jobs, code and SAS stored processes. Ms sql server enterprise What does the latest version of SAS Data Management provide? Version 2.6 of SAS Data Management provides enhancements to the following products: • DataFlux SAS Data Management Server allows web service calls through a RESTful API for batch jobs, real-time data services and process services.

• SAS Data Loader for Hadoop, which supports IBM BigInsights Hadoop distributions, as well as new versions of Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. • SAS Data Integration Studio provides updated support for the Hadoop (Hive), HAWQ, Impala, LASR, PI and SASHDAT engines.

• SAS Federation Server can now use the SAS Federation Server Driver for Apache Hadoop for read/write access to Hadoop (Hive). • SAS MDM provides reports for SAS Visual Analytics and enhanced source system management functionality. The SAS Data Management platform is typically used by large enterprises, especially those with data integration and data quality needs related to enterprise applications and MDM. Sql server 2010 Although the platform works independently of SAS analytical and statistical packages, customers can use it with the full spectrum of SAS products. SAS Data Management is available as a standard or advanced edition.

Sql server programming The standard edition provides several products, including DataFlux Data Management Studio, DataFlux Data Management Server, Data Integration Studio and SAS/ACCESS. Sql server 2014 express with advanced services The advanced edition adds to the base offering such products as DataFlux Web Studio and Server, BI Mobile, Business Data Network, LASR Analytic Server or LASR Analytic Distributed Mode Server, Lineage, Quality Knowledge Base for Contact Information or Product Data, and Business Rules Manager (optional). Ms sql server 2012 express Contact SAS for product edition and pricing options. By submitting you agree to receive email from TechTarget and its partners.

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