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Allo and duo _ news, rumors, release date, and more _ digital trends moto e android phone Google has two apps on the way that have been highly anticipated since the search giant announced them at its developer conference in May: Allo and Duo. Android phone not connecting to wifi Both apps should debut sometime this summer, and seeing as summer is now in full swing, rumors have begun to spread about some additional features and Google’s messaging strategy. We first heard from Reddit user LTNGNX on the Android subreddit claiming to be an “experienced Google tester” says he has been testing Allo and Duo since before Google I/O when they were announced. Nokia x android phone LTNGNX says he is breaking his non-disclosure agreement by discussing the apps, but he isn’t offering proof via screenshots

since “that’s actually how companies discover who’s leaking stuff they shouldn’t.” Now another Redditor going by therdav3 says after tearing through the app’s APK, Allo is actually a codename for the app’s real name — “Messaging.

” This makes sense if it’s going to be a default app, but we cannot verify the user’s claims. Android phone of samsung Therdav3 also says Allo offers SMS support and “will determine whether or not your message can be sent via SMS or their proprietary system based on whether the other person is online.” Therdav3, like LTNGNX, also says there is a tablet interface in the works, but the user says Hangouts will only be phased out if Allo and Duo become popular.

Related: Google transparency report: Government asks for more user data each year We are also unable to verify LTNGNX’s claims and have reached out to Google. Android phone comparison chart 2015 Still, it’s worth looking at what the user is saying about Allo and Duo. Android phone nokia Take all the information from LTNGNX and therdav3 with a grain of salt — even if LTNGNX is a beta tester, it’s unclear how much the Redditor knows about Google’s plan or strategy unless the user is a Googler. “[These] two apps are very important for Google and things will be done little by little mostly to avoid even more drama with the [European Union] and their shenanigans,” LTNGNX writes. Android phone reviews comparison “How do I know all this?

I’m a third level beta tester, breaking an NDA and risking a lot trying to bring some facts and hopes to r/Android.” LTNGNX claims that multiple versions of Allo are reportedly being tested by beta testers. Android phone password reset Some testers may have Google Voice integration built into their version of Allo, while others may have different features. Android phone keeps freezing So if this information is true, the ultimate decision lies with Google as to which variant tests the most positively.

First off, LTNGNX says Allo and Duo will be default apps in Android Nougat and the “messenger app” will be gradually phased out. Android phone on mac Therdav3 says this means Google Messenger will be replaced — an odd move considering that app is less than 2 years old. Android phone below 7000 The two apps are directly competing with iMessage and FaceTime. LTNGNX claims that Allo will have SMS and Google Voice support, and “Allo will be associated to one device only, at least at first. Phone with android It will be, eventually, expanded to web and more devices” — meaning Allo will be attached to only one phone number at launch, like WhatsApp.

Android phone reviews 2016 It seems as though based on LTNGNX’s claim, the lack of multi-device syncing is due to issues with Incognito Mode. Android phone uninstall apps Google Voice features, LTNGNX says, will come to Allo and Project Fi, but it may be a while. Android phone hacking software We may also see a web and Chrome OS version of Allo over time, and there is reportedly a tablet version being tested as well.

Users will be able to switch between Allo and Duo within the app to instantly video chat and vice versa, LTNGNX claims. Allo and Duo also may gradually roll out before Android 7.0 Nougat so that Google can get early feedback. With Allo being such a high priority, what happens to Hangouts?

LTNGNX says the video conferencing and messaging app will be “phased out little by little on mobile devices,” but it will still be around because it’s used by businesses. There’s a chance that’s won’t be the case, though.

Com android phone lg A report from Android development forum and blog XDA refutes LTNGNX’s claims. Com android phone apk “Neither Hangout nor Messenger will be going anywhere,” a source told the website. Android phone dock “Allo only supports Allo messages at this time.

Phone android update There is no cross-app messaging, Google Voice or SMS support.” We shouldn’t have to wait too long to see whether any of this information is true — the two apps will debut before summer ends in mid-September. Android phone with best camera We will update this post if we learn more, and when we hear back from Google. Android phone ratings If you want to read more about the Google Assistant-powered Allo messaging app, you can read our post about it here.

Android phone below 3000 For more information about Duo, click here. Article originally published July 2016.

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