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Altaro VM Backup (formerly Altaro Hyper-V Backup) is a hassle-free Virtual Machine backup software for Hyper-V and VMware. Free network backup software The intuitive interface allows you to set up and perform backups and restores easily. Altaro VM Backup is affordably priced (per host and not per socket, CPU or VM) and backed by outstanding support. Samsung data backup software free download Get started for free (forever) for up to 2 VMs per host! More information ( http://www.altaro.

com/vm-backup/?LP=SW-prodpage) – Multi-hypervisor support (Hyper-V & VM… Software backup and restore Full Description » An extremely easy to use product. Best online backup software I ended up rechecking myself as it was so easy it felt unusual. Picture backup software Great product

and clearly a team that thinks and implements while looking at things from a customer point of view also.

Computer backup software free Well done Altaro!! Was on acronis with physical servers and hated it, when we moved our servers to Hyper-V went looking for a better solution. Best backup recovery software Looked at Veeam and a few others but Altaro is the best fit for our SMB setup. Free incremental backup software Still testing with the 2 free vms but everything is great so far. Pc software backup Easy to use interface and testing restores are working well, during install had to manually install on the Hyper-v Host but other than that no problems.

I cannot express enough how much I love and am impressed with this product. Download free backup software After migrating our physical servers to a Hyper-V environment, we had to look as a new backup deployment. External hard drive backup software And after trying Symantec BE, Veeam, and a couple other small fish, I saw an ad for Altaro and decided to give it a try. Backup software free Seriously, no exaggeration here, Altaro was a no-brainer – Better, simpler, faster, cheaper – all the things that just hit the sweet spot for us. We deployed Altaro Hyper-V Backup back in the early v.5 days, and have continued into the latest v.6 series.

Driver backup software free download for windows 7 It just works brilliantly, and if there ever is an issue, we are notified immediately. Best desktop backup software And when there is an issue, 99% of the time it’s a problem on our end, with our network, a loose eSATA cable, or packet loss to our offsite server. Backup and restore software The 1% issue was a very simple fix, and we were able to resolve it in minutes, not hours, due to Altaro’s absolutely stellar support team, whose response time is very, very good.

Good backup software Friendly, too. We have used Altaro Hyper-V Backup to restore mission-critical VMs to host servers that went bad, and in one, very scary incident, we had a massive data failure in-house, and actually had to drive out to our offsite backup location to grab the server (running Hyper-V Offsite Backup), bring it in-house and restore everything from that. Backup software business After 12 hours and much hair-pulling and nail-biting, the restores went perfect. Free incremental backup software Not a stitch of data was lost.

Free file backup software Thank you, Altaro! I give Altaro the highest possible recommendation for anyone running Hyper-V OR VMware, as Altaro now supports VMware as well. Software backup data Also, their latest update for v.6 runs incredibly fast! I wanted to take a few moments to recognize Altaro for the incredible customer support they provided to us today.

I have direct experience providing technical support to Fortune 100/Enterprise customers as a Premier Support engineer for Microsoft Exchange – so my expectations are high. Top backup software 2014 It’s often a challenge to navigate ‘tiers’ of support and find someone who can answer the question or issue at hand.

That is why I was struck by the product knowledge, competence and professionalism I encountered working with Ozzy from the support team. Free image backup software I originally called in to speak with Karine with a pre-sales question – we’re considering alternatives for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, but I needed to know more about how Hyper-V clusters are handled. Best backup software 2016 When the questions I had become more technical, Karine offered to immediately obtain a support engineer and that’s how I reached Ozzy He answered the specific question right away, and within minutes added more value to the call by walking me through a recovery to another unconfigured host, which was another requirement for any solution we consider.

Website backup software He then demonstrated the capability to use an offsite server/cloud and we spoke in both broad terms and specific detail about how Altaro could be used in our scenarios. Not only that, but he knew of another customer who had gone through exactly the same set of steps necessary to accomplish our goals, pulled up the relevant articles and pages in the shared browser for easy reference.

Automatic data backup software To top it off, he made me aware of a feature being tested that will be of enormous value to our company if it makes it into the product. Using Altaro VM Backup software 3 months already, so far everything works perfectly, with new version of software BackUps are made even faster.

Software free backup Our server farm contains only Hyper-V virtualization, never used it for “vmware ESX”. No matter that I’m experienced systems engineer and I don’t really pay attention to GUI difficulty but I noticed that it’s super easy for junior systems administrators to do configuration and make it work. Automatic file backup software Support and troubleshooting is even easier, in the software GUI live chat is integrated, so if you really need a help or have any questions you don’t need to call them or wait for a long time, just open the window and start chatting. I already tried to restore backups to completely separate machine twice to make sure that it works in case I really need it (because I have never used it before), I am satisfied with results, works fast and no problems so far. Best part is for management of companies, licensing for this software is really cheap comparing other famous backup softwares like “Veeam Backup” and etc. I like Altaro for its easy to setup, run and verify the backups. Email backup software The dashboard interface shows every hints that it’s working fine, and can send you an email alert when it comes into a problem.

Samsung data backup software free download The transparent pricing is also a plus for IT managers. Online backup software I hope it could provide a solution to the file-level restore in MS failover file server soon. My experience of using Altaro: We have been using Altaro for hyper v based images for a quit sometime now… Software backup software years in fact and it is a very good product.

Ftp backup software We have had issues in the older versions but over time these have been addressed in newer releases. Free computer backup software We have recently started to use it for esxi 5.0 and 5.1 (with purchased licenses) and again it is stable and to be honest is a great DR or VM backup solution.

Free backup software download Out of princable I can not give if 5 stars but for sure I’d give 4.5 if I could. Software backup free As I can’t it gets 4 from me. Was about to start using Veeam on our internal Hyper-V server for backup, testing and getting familiar with the product so we can resell to some of our clients, it did seem rather expensive and I was pretty sure we wouldn’t need to use all the features that were present in the product and it would come at a cost of around £688 and they offered no NFR product for internal use. I am very glad to have received a phone call from Abigail from Altaro, she informed me that the product was actually excellent and I had been misinformed via the reviews I had been reading. How to backup pc software She informed me that they had a special offer where they could provide me with an NFR key to try the product which is what I did and I must agree, I was sadly mistaken, the product is fantastic, so simple and works just as expected. We have not had time to try many of the features or restore attempts yet but the product looks excellent so far so would strongly recommend anyone not needing all the advanced features of Veeam to have a look at Altaro.

I heared from this Backupsoftware 1 year ago. Backup hard drive software A friend told me it is very easy to use and cheap… Than we tested this Software on HyperV-2008R2 and it seems to be good. After a while an Error occured and another and another error. Software de backup gratuito After 9 Month i have four sessions with Altaro technicans.

Best backup software for servers Mostly they can solve the problems, but not always. Free file backup software Some times the Backuphistory must be deleted and start from the “scratch”(loose all history data) There is no Week we a new ERROR-Surprise with these software and Windows 2008R2-Cluster by the way, if you want a reliable Backupsystem for Hyperv-v2 or vSphere 5.x, dont decide for this one Have had to use it in anger and it was faultless. Best free incremental backup software Built in disaster recovery copies backups to our data centre box too. We have the unlimited version so replicate all VMs to another old server then backup from there.

Backup and disaster recovery software No downtime for backups at all. Local backup software Then those get transferred to our DR server at the data centre via the Altaro Offsite WAN accelerator app. I’ve been using Altaro VM Backup for our hyper-v servers, and it has been a fantastic product so far! It fulfils all our backup needs and I can’t imagine using anything else at the moment. Backup software for linux It is extremely easy to use and set up, I would definitely recommend it. I’ve been using the free version for some time now, and it’s worked great.

Best backup and recovery software With the verification, though I haven’t had to do any restores, I’ve had things running smoothly and don’t fear that if I need file level I could get a license quick and get things moving. Backup software free download Note: You can do a full restore but not file level with the free version. Very easy to use and reliable. Data backup and recovery software free download full version We use the free version to backup 2 VMs on Hyper-V, and last month we had to restore one. Usually backup software is great until you need to restore from it, when you find the backup is corrupt / didn’t work / won’t restore.

Backup utility software No problems here, everything restored brilliantly to a new cloned VM, which could be restarted independently and hadn’t overwritten the existing VM. Easy backup software Once we were happy that it booted and worked, we just copied the VHDX files to their original location and started the dead VM. If we had more than 2 VMs, we’d purchase a licence. One touch backup software But for now the free version does everything we need.

I am working with the Altaro paid version for 1 month now on HYPER-V. Best free automatic backup software It work fast and good both in site and off site. The only thing that I need is to backup to a tape drive option and I have to do it with another software like Backupexec. But for backing up the Hyper-V I use Altaro so is save me a lot of hours of backing up since it backup only the delta from the last backup and then It release my servers to work free.

Auto backup software then I use the offsite to copy it to a Backup server copying it to a tape drive without overloading the network so I can take the backup out from the office each day. Would not look anywhere else for a VM backup tool. Everyday auto backup software free download Great product, great support (rarely needed). Simple Interface, simple restores.

Software backup pc WAN backup integration is also a brilliant feature. Great Managment platform, to streamline our backup processes. I have been using Altaro for a couple of months now. Linux backup software I have two Hyper-V hosts that replicate to a dedicated Hyper-V backup host and then to an offsite dedicated backup host.

Hard disk backup software free download The Altaro software allowed me to have the backup taking place local and sending offsite even though my connection speeds are the greatest. Backup software review 2014 It fit my needs perfectly. Best network backup software My only request is that there be more options for scheduling.

I’ve been using it for several months now and love it. Best free backup and recovery software I started out with the full trial version. Best backup software android I was able to do full VM restores with no problem and also file level restores with ease.

Network backup software free One feature I like is the sandbox restore feature where you can schedule restore jobs. Best free incremental backup software Worked perfectly.

Differential backup software Oh, I did have a couple of minor hiccups and had to contact their tech support. System backup software free I was able to connect with little to no wait and their associates were both polite and knowledgeable. Best free automatic backup software I am now using the free version which is still working like a charm but this is definitely a line item for next years budget!

Altaro VM Backup worked great. Email backup software I carelessly misplaced the authentication info for my VM Server and had to reinstall it completely. Driver backup software I had created my first backup with Altaro a few days earlier. External hard drive backup software After the reinstall I did a restored and everything came back exactly as before and fully functional.

Best free network backup software I recommend it to anyone using VMWare. I’ve been using this to back up half a dozen hyper-v 2012 R2 guests to USB and over WAN to a remote site for a couple of months now. Best incremental backup software I’ve had no problems at all with the software; it’s easy to set up and use, the reports and interface are clear and it’s not had any hiccups at all. Professional backup software Support is always very quick to reply either on the website or the integrated LiveChat, and have always had the answers I’ve needed. There’s a few extra features I’d like to see but nothing that detracts from the basic functionality. Backup free software More detail on current tasks and in reports would be great, as would more flexibility for backup destinations and schedules (each VM can only be backed up to one “local” and one “remote” destination, and high-frequency backups (ie every hour, for example) aren’t catered for yet. At the price I really can’t fault it at all, and even if it were more costly it would still be a compelling option.

We’ve been running Altaro VM Backup in our own environment for a few weeks now, and it’s amazing. Computer backup software free Super easy to use and no weird behavior. Best hard drive backup software We’ve just rolled out a copy to a new client for the “office in a box” VDI setup, and so far it’s doing a great job handling a domain controller, Exchange server, virtual router, vCenter, and 15 virtual desktops. We’ve tested restores, and had no issues at all. Phone backup software The only thing we noticed that we would like is the ability to do file level restores to a file share.

Phone backup software Currently, it’ll only restore to a physical drive. Free scheduled backup software If Altaro is running in it’s own VM, and you want to restore files to the domain controller, you have to first restore to a physical drive on the Altaro VM (hope you have some spare space laying around, if you’re restoring a large amount of data!), then manually copy the data to the shared folder on the domain controller yourself. Software de backup gratuito It’d be nice if it could restore to the original locations, too – it wants to restore into a different folder, with a few automatically created folders inside that folder – so restores to the original location aren’t possible.

Backup pc software Related is that restores do not restore file permissions (of course, since it’s restoring to a machine that may not even be a part of the domain). File backup software If you have explicit permissions on files and folders, expect to redo them after the restore process is complete and you’ve copied your files back to where they belong.

The other thing we noticed is that there is no way to have Altaro back up directly from an ESXi host to storage connected to the ESXi host. What is a backup software You have to back up to storage the Windows box Altaro is installed on can see. Incremental backup software This is in contrast to Veeam, which backs up to storage on the ESXi host itself (a VMFS datastore).

Best backup software windows While this is a minor issue for most, it does make rip-and-replace of Veeam require some changes to how things are set up. Best driver backup software 2015 It also makes something like being able to spin up a VM from the backup more of an operation, since the VM must first be restored to an ESXi host’s storage before it can be spun up – whereas Veeam can spin up backed up VM instances directly from the backup, since the ESXi host can “see” the backed up VMs directly. And one last thing we noticed is that if you’re using the remote console, you can’t do file level restore to your local machine – the restore ends up on the machine Altaro is running on (which is a little confusing at first). Best backup software for servers So, even though you restored the files, you can’t actually get to them from where you are remotely (especially since you can’t restore to a file share that might happen to be on the machine you’re connecting from) – you have to connect to the machine Altaro is on and deal with your restored files from there. Hard disk backup software free download Thus, doing restores from the remote console is pretty much pointless.

Retrospect backup software If Altaro could restore to the local machine, we’d be a step away from a user-level restore capability. All of that being said, it’s still a pretty solid backup solution that we’re really happy with.

Easy backup software We can work around the little things I’ve mentioned by simply adjusting the way we deploy the backup setup (though we’d reeeally like the ability to restore to a share and to the original location to save the secondary manual step of copying data to the final locations after a restore). Best backup and restore software The ability to spin up VMs from backup is minor for us – we’ve never had to do it – and if we did, a few minutes to restore the VM first isn’t going to kill us. We’ve used Veeam a fair bit, and it tends to be hit and miss for us. Backup software free download We have Veeam in use at several sites, and it works great most of the time, but we’ve had instances where Veeam would flip out after months of being happy on a setup that hasn’t changed in the least, and backups would then fail constantly for reasons it shouldn’t. Disk backup software free In the end, we wind up blowing away the backup data and the backup config in Veeam and reseeding the whole mess from scratch to fix it – a brutal, time consuming process both for our techs and for the bandwidth of the affected network and storage setup. Auto data backup software free download About the only environments we’ve had any luck with Veeam is tiny environments where things are dead simple. Free backup software Our larger environments, we’ve had to do the blow-away-and-start-over process more than once.

The last thing I’ll mention is the free version doesn’t do file level restore or Exchange item restore. Best backup software for linux This is perfectly reasonable, but something to keep in mind.

Altaro VM Backup (formerly Altaro Hyper-V Backup) is a hassle-free Virtual Machine backup software for Hyper-V and VMware. Open source backup tools The intuitive interface allows you to set up and perform backups and restores easily. Altaro VM Backup is affordably priced (per host and not per socket, CPU or VM) and backed by outstanding support. Best hard drive backup software Get started for free (forever) for up to 2 VMs per host!

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LP=SW-prodpage) Altaro VM Backup (formerly Altaro Hyper-V Backup) is a hassle-free Virtual Machine backup software for Hyper-V and VMware. Easy backup software The intuitive interface allows you to set up and perform backups and restores easily. Altaro VM Backup is affordably priced (per host and not per socket, CPU or VM) and backed by outstanding support. Software backup pc Get started for free (forever) for up to 2 VMs per host!

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LP=SW-prodpage) We can’t find any pricing information for this product. How to backup pc software Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can request pricing information from our partner vendors for this or similar products. Auto backup software free Request Pricing Site: