Are americans overly cyber-confident_ survey shows majority are naïve to cybersecurity risks and

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. Android apps auf windows phone 10 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Blumberg Capital, a San Francisco based early-stage venture capital firm, today released findings that reveal 60 percent of Americans believe they have never been a victim of cyber hacking or are unaware if they have. For android phone In fact, statistics reveal nearly the opposite is true. On android phone Every day, more than a million people become a victim of cybercrime ( Source). Com android phone htc In fact, in the U.S. Android phone physical keyboard alone, $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million American consumers in 2015 ( Source), prompting the question of why are Americans so overconfident about their cybersecurity knowledge?

A large majority of Americans rate their knowledge of cybersecurity equal to or higher than the likes of Donald Trump (63 percent), Hillary Clinton (62 percent), their employer’s IT departments (57 percent), former FBI director James Comey (44 percent) and former CIA director John Brennan (42 percent).

Fastest android phone processor Yet nearly half (45 percent) of people admitted to not being able to recognize a cyber crime unless contacted by a vendor or law enforcement authorities. Iphone v android The Blumberg Capital 2017 State of Cybersecurity survey, conducted in association with Researchscape, reveals the overconfidence and disconnect between American consumers’ cybersecurity knowledge and concerns with reality.

“Consumers vastly underestimate cybersecurity threats and don’t know how to identify, respond or protect themselves from future attacks,” said David Blumberg, founder and managing partner of Blumberg Capital. Fastest android phone 2015 “Naiveté and arrogance are a really dangerous combination. Android phone 6 inch screen The cybersecurity landscape is complex and ever-evolving. What android phone should i get Bad actors are constantly finding new ways to bypass security measures to infiltrate confidential systems and steal information or sabotage infrastructure. Android to phone Even experts can miscalculate how to mitigate risks and existing security solutions are no longer enough, especially in areas such as IoT or cloud security. What is rooting an android phone At Blumberg Capital, we support companies at the forefront of innovation in cybersecurity. What is an android phone vs smartphone We partner with innovative startups creating new ways to minimize cybersecurity threats and protect personal, business and government information.”

The national survey asked American adults about cybersecurity and their perception of the biggest cybersecurity issues facing consumers, businesses and the United States government. What is an android phone The survey found that Americans believe their cybersecurity knowledge to be superior or equal to American leaders and those with specialized training. Android phone watch reviews Eighty-two percent of those surveyed believe they know more about cybersecurity then their mothers, but the survey did not ask about appetite for risk. Android phone 5000 pesos The majority of people don’t believe they’ve been hacked; although data shows otherwise, and 74 percent believe that a simple password change is ample protection. Com android phone not responding Additionally, the survey revealed:

• About half of respondents don’t believe they have ever been a victim of a cyber-attack (48 percent), while a quarter thought it was possible they had been (24 percent).

• Baby Boomers are more likely to believe they have never been a victim (54 percent), while Millennials are more suspicious that they may have been comprised (32 percent).

• Forty-five percent of people said they would not know if they had been hacked or would only know if contacted by a vendor or legal authority. Phone android track Only 13 percent expressed complete confidence in their own ability to recognize if they have been hacked.

• Less than half (39 percent) of Americans are concerned about potential hacks of their laptop computers and 38 percent are concerned about potential hacks of their IoT devices such as smart appliances and smart phones.

Respondents are concerned about a variety of cybersecurity threats to their personal information and to U.S. L g phone android businesses. Android phone 6000 to 7000 Americans are also very concerned about espionage against the U.S. Android phones applications download Government (72 percent), but are less concerned about hacking for a “cause,” presumably one they favor.

• Forty-four percent listed their social security number as the most important information to keep safe, followed by bank account passwords (27 percent), credit card numbers (22 percent) and personal email passwords (12 percent).

• Fifty-five percent believe the most important cybersecurity problem for businesses is securing customer information. Android phone running slow Thirty-seven percent listed securing employee information as top priority with 17 percent listing data being encrypted by hackers and held for ransom.

• Overwhelmingly, 72 percent rank foreign espionage threats as the biggest cybersecurity problem facing the U.S. S voice android phone apk Government. Android phone reviews Twenty-three percent believe the top government concern is securing confidential intelligence reports and 17 percent feel the top government concern is securing citizen records such as IRS filings. Android phone geeker Only one in 10 believe interfering with elections through propaganda is a serious concern.

Sony Employee Hack or Locky Ransomware ring a bell? Apparently not– Despite those famous cybersecurity attacks, Americans still trust employers and doctors most to protect their personal data. Fastest browser for android phone Most Americans don’t know whom to trust with their online data. About phone android Those surveyed cited their current employers as being most trustworthy (61 percent), followed by their doctors (52 percent) and their banks (45 percent) despite infamous hacks such as the Sony breach and Locky Ransomware attacks on hospitals. Jihosoft android phone recovery reviews When it comes to transferring sensitive information, most Americans reveal a strong distrust in technology and believe that in-person hand delivery is the best method, despite impracticalities.

Ninety-Five percent of adults expressed at least some concern about their personal information being hacked on e-Commerce sites with eleven percent being very concerned. Android phone below 3000 Gen X-ers are the most concerned with 25 percent reporting being “very concerned” compared to 17 percent of all other respondents.

• Thirty-three percent of Americans believe they are more secure online if they don’t save their credit card information. Usb c android phone Others choose to only use PayPal or other payment services they trust (30 percent).

To better understand current cybersecurity attitudes and concerns, Researchscape International surveyed 1,012 U.S. What are android phones adults about their technological devices, cybersecurity knowledge and top concerns. Is this an android phone Respondents were quota-sampled using 32 different cells (gender by age by region) to closely match the overall U.S. Android phone in nokia population.

Blumberg Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm that partners with passionate entrepreneurs to innovate and build successful technology companies. Android phone with best battery life The firm specializes in leading Seed and Series A rounds collaborating with angel investors, other venture capital firms and strategic partners. Android phone compare The Blumberg Capital team are active investors and board members – operating as an extension of the entrepreneurs’ network. Android phone rankings Blumberg Capital is headquartered in San Francisco with team members in Tel Aviv and New York. Samsung android phone reviews For more information, please visit

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