Are you on netflix_ here are 10 tips you must know _ ettech microsoft windows 10 32 bit

Are you on netflix_ here are 10 tips you must know _ ettech microsoft windows 10 32 bit Video streaming service Netflix has made enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows a hassle-free affair. The popularity of the service can be evinced from the fact that there are now memes (example: Netflix and Chill) dedicated to it. And now that Netflix is available in India, it only makes sense that you learn some cool hacks that will help in enhancing your binge-watching experience. Windows 10 update key So here are ten Netflix-related tips and tricks that you should definitely try out. Rate everything you watch for better ‘suggestions/recommendations’ Instead of wasting your time toggling through numerous titles, you might as well consider rating all the movies and shows you’ve watched for better

recommendations. Once you start doing that, Netflix’s algorithms will automatically narrow down the options for you, recommending content based on factors like ratings and interests.

Use an ‘unblocker’ to stream Netflix content from other regions Why restrict yourself to watching Netflix content that’s only available in your region? To get even more variety, download or purchase third-party applications like ‘Hola’ or ‘Media Hint’. These apps trick Netflix into seeing that you’re logged in from a different country, thus allowing you to browse new TV shows and movies.

Adding IMDb links, trailers and Rotten Tomatoes ratings enhances your choices and options quite a lot. Microsoft windows 10 download Get the free Chrome extension – Netflix Enhancer, which allows you to check a movie’s Rotten Tomatoes rating, IMDb links and even watch trailers. Tired of watching the same content again and again?

Done going through hundreds of titles to find the best movie or TV show for your mood? Netflix Roulette is here to the rescue. The useful tool lets you choose the genre and even add details like director, actor and a few other keywords, helping you narrow down your search options further.

So you’re favorite slasher movie is streaming and just as the killer is about to be revealed, the thing starts buffering. That can be immensely annoying. Lenovo yoga 2 windows 10 upgrade Well, this simple hack might just help you get rid of the buffering problem for good. Windows 10 download price When playing a title, just hold down the Shift + Opt (for Mac) or Shift + Alt (Windows) key combinations and left click to open up a ‘hidden’ drop-down menu.

This is called the Stream Manager and has buffering fixes and other streaming options. It’s quite obvious that Netflix would be a bit slow when you try streaming at peak hours. Windows 10 update iso The best way to catch your favorite movies and TV shows in the best quality is to stream them at off-peak timings, when there isn’t much traffic.

Windows 10 release date xbox one So when people are rushing to work in the morning, you can just choose to stay home and ‘Netflix and Chill’. While there are no shortcuts to success, they can surely come handy when you are using Netflix.

Windows 10 release date for lumia in india Here are some of the shortcuts you can use: With the ‘A Better Queue’ third party add-on, you get the best of Netflix as the add-on categorizes the content according to Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings. Windows 10 download free You can also select filters like genre, actor and the year of release. As per default settings, the subtitles are displayed in yellow colour with a black background. Internet explorer 10 download windows 7 64 bit However, this can be changed as you desire.

Windows 10 upgrade xp Navigate to Account Settings > Your Profile > Subtitle Appearance, and a pop-up for background and foreground colour selection will open up. Windows 10 free download for laptop Choose whatever you feel looks the best. You need to keep yourself updated about all the new stuff that is constantly added to Netflix’s vast library of digital content. Windows 10 download for windows 7 There are plenty of apps that can help in keeping up with the latest updates to Netflix’s library. How to remove windows 10 One such app is ‘Instant Watcher,’ which updates your library with new items.