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Avira feedback community – by ideascale _ avira system speedup _ recent ubuntu system tray seit kurzem löscht Speedup bei jedem Lauf die Dateizuordungen. Vc system tray problem Es können zum Beispiel mp3-Dateien nicht mehr mit dem zugeordneten Programm geöffnet werden. Vc system tray wird neu gestartet Das Gleiche gilt für alle Video-Datei-Verknüpfungen. Mit jedem Bereinigen werden Standarteinstellungen von VLC-Player, Adobe Reader und Open Office gelöscht. System tray notification Der Mail-Support verwies auf auf den Telefon-Support.

Ubuntu system tray Dort konnte nicht konkret weitergeholfen werden. System tray icons pixelated Es gab nur den Hinweis per Hand Ausnahmen einzutragen, da man Einträge nicht für jedes Programm berücksichtigen könne.


uninstalled Avira Anti-Virus on my machine, and now the tray icon for Avira Launcher will not disappear. Remove icons from system tray I cannot uninstall that without uninstalling System Speedup, which it will not let me. What’s a system tray This is worse than a virus. I used to use avg pc tuneup and it had a great feature that i think system speedup could utilize to help it expand.

System tray network icon Avgs version you tell it what internet speeds you get and it optimizes your computers and browsers settings. Tray system A feature like that would be awesome, and can grow off of that, like the program can utilize a web program like speedtest.net to do an initial speed test, and check that settings being changed have On the System Speedup Scan page there are 3 lines, Junk Files, Registry errors, and Private data. Vc system tray funktioniert nicht mehr These lines do not have a Byte count, yet the line under the scan circle ‘meter’ does have a total byte count.

What is a system tray on my computer I’d like to see the respective bytes in each of the above. Was ist vc system tray Yes, if I open ‘details’ I can see it and that is individually. Vc system tray funktioniert nicht mehr So the program can easily calculate and display those counts, even as it updates the file Right now, there is no option to completely exit the System Speedup Beta application. Computer system tray Exit closes the app but leaves it running in system tray.

Easy window & system tray icons hider The only option to fully close the application is via Task Manager. It would be handy to have the Power Modes (Energy Saver, Windows Mode, Power Boost) available with a right click on System Tray icon. Vc system tray has stopped working That would enable switching between modes by just right clicking and choosing the power option you wish.

System tray icons windows 7 Currently you have to open the Avira System Speedup program, then choose the Power Modes choice from the left menu, then choose the power mode itself. I just trailed System Speedup. Remove system tray icons There was nothing where you can uncheck certain things that you do not want changed so I thought it would not be invasive. System tray icons too small I was very wrong!

All of my tabs and extensions have been lost in Chrome and will take me a great deal of time to get back. Windows 7 system tray icons missing System restore did not work for them either. How to remove icons from system tray I am not happy at all. When I open ASS from the start screen, go back to the start screen and open ASS again it tells me ASS is already running.

Vc system tray fehlermeldung When I do the same with Avira Antivirus it just opens the already running window. System tray icons missing I request that ASS will do the same. The results are shown as a list with a checkbox available for each item.

Vc system tray werkt niet meer It would be nice to be able to have a “Select All” checkbox available, for the cases where you need an action to affect most items. Vc system tray werkt niet meer That way you can uncheck the few items that don’t need to be affected. Please make it more understandable especially for those who is not much knowledgeable about computer technically for example in the privacy setting what is MRU .. Run application from system tray explain this clearly .

Vc system tray remove or maybe in its first lauch give them a tour/explanation on how this works. Currently System Speedup deletes by default all files with the extension .log. System tray icon manager The user can only keep them by creating an exception rule for that. There should be an option (like e.g. How to remove icons from system tray CCleaner offers it) to keep all log files on the system.

I have a HUGE problem with the latest beta update installing avira launcher without even asking first, not only is that a bit unethical in my opinion, it is also the type of action that gets you flagged in programs like Malwarebytes antimalware for installing software without asking. Vc system tray wird neu gestartet On top of that, Avira Launcher has the same issue that System Speedup does where you cant right click and exit it, you have to go into task Site: https://avira.ideascale.com/a/ideas/recent/campaigns/5847