Best linux podcasts (august, 2016) kernel update linux

Best linux podcasts (august, 2016) kernel update linux Going Linux is a podcast for computer users who just want to use Linux to get things done. Linux check kernel Whether you are new to Linux, moving from Windows to Linux, or thinking about upgrading to Linux, this podcast will provide you with practical, day-to-day advice on how to use Linux and Linux applications. Tech news, social and political commentary, family-friendly humor, and of course bacon await you in this rambling wreck of a show…

Linux check kernel but if you’re not careful, you may accidentally learn something along the way. Two pragmatic geeks talk about the latest news concerning Linux, free and open technology or anything else they deem

noteworthy which may include such absurd things as hockey or bands you never heard of. Linux kernel development This means there’s many a joke and derailed conversation along the way, so don’t come here expecting only Linux or software freedom talk — just sit back and relax, partner. Where Dan requires bluetooth purifying, Nick needs to drink less coffee and they both walk away from the mics happy with a bumper show of nothing.

Linux kernel basics Listen in for special bonus recording hidden inside. Kernel update in linux Don’t watch webcams, listen to #systemau What is “Free Speech?” Aside from “Congress shall make no law…” is there a social contract in America that promises a right to be heard?

By (Mark Cockrell, Seth Anderson, & Chris Neves). Downloads: MP3 format (for Freedom Haters!

) OGG format (for Freedom Lovers!) Total Running Time: Recording from the Podcast Detroit Studios: Contact Us: show (at) smlr.

us or the Contact us page Summary Fresh Looks Taking a look at the DNC Email hack and email securi …… 00:01:03 News 00:35:41 Feedback 00:55:11 FOSS Talk Live Take three Luddites, add some liquid lubrication and an engaged if sceptical audience, and you’ve the perfect recipe for our outing at the first UK FOSS Talk Live event. Check linux kernel Listen on after the news and feedback to see if we managed to convince anyone that the simpler computing technology of y …… Bill completes his move and finds another cloud service. Linux kernel oops We receive a suggestion from Gus, and a correction from Angelo.

Kernel log linux We answer questions on TMP partitions and desktop selections. Linux kernel pdf Steve lets us know about WordPress.

Linux kernel source code tutorial Episode 304 Time Stamps 00:00 Going Linux #304 · Listener Feedback 00:15 Introduction 00:53 Welcome to California 02:28 Gus: Pr …… Downloads: MP3 format (for Freedom Haters!

) OGG format (for Freedom Lovers!) Total Running Time:1:11 Recording from the Podcast Detroit Studios: Contact Us: show (at) smlr.

us or the Contact us page Intro: Tony Bemus, Tom Lawrence, and Mary Tomich Sound bites by Mike …… Where Nick and Dan come to a con-census, Dan loves mobile payments, Nick loves twitter, in a nostalgic way. What is a kernel linux They both discussed fish in purple rivers and save all you subscribers some cash. Compile kernel linux It’s a satisfying fortnight of #systemau.

199 – Linux For The Rest Of Us ******************************************* Free coupons *********************************** DIY Laptop TERES I was the first king of the Odrysian state of Thrace where Plovdiv is also located.

Linux kernel tree The Odrysian state was the first Thracian kingdom that acquired power in the region, by the unifi …… The guys make up for lost time in the news department with a discussion of some interesting stories in the world today. Oracle linux kernel version Spoiler alert: ISPs suck.By geekrant@elementopie.

com (Mark Cockrell, Seth Anderson, & Chris Neves). 00:01:07 News 00:33:34 Filling the Void 00:53:58 Feedback 01:11:15 Finding Solus with Ikey The Free and Open Source Software world is notoriously poor at selling itself to Joe Public. Linux version kernel Why is this, and could an existing organisation fill the outreach void?

Plus, and after all of the news and feedback, we talk with Ikey Doherty, who has a very de …… This week we share a big project that blew up in our face, the technical speed bumps we faced & the ultimate goal to accomplish something a Mac could never do. Embedded linux kernel Plus the big snap sprint that might just push the format over the edge, a quick look at Korora 24 & more!By (Jupiter Broadcasting).

Where Dan is Tinny, Nick is Rusty and they both get back in to swing of things. Linux kernel release dates It’s an episode filled with Tech and a Limrick, not two. Edit linux kernel Listen up for chats about meet ups and Tesla decapitation.

Lts linux kernel It’s a trainwreck that’s already been rerailed. Linux kernel browser It’s #systemau. We review Linux Mint 18 & our experience turns out to be a roller coaster ride from impressed glee to cautious concern. Linux kernel open source We’ve never felt more conflicted over a version of Linux Mint.

Upgrade linux kernel Plus we discuss the Ubuntu Forum hack, a Fedora bug that’s bricking some laptops & why we just can’t quit FreeNAS.By (Jupiter Broadcasting).

This week we take a look at what Noah’s using at Altispeed to provide remote assistance to his clients. Kernel of linux We ponder over what Microsoft might have planned for Skype on Linux, cover why Android’s full disk encryption might not be as secure as you think, Mycroft’s collaboration with Canonical, the picks, your feedback & more!… In the last of their pre-recorded shows, the guys manage to find time to squeeze in one more rant about Facebook before they return to their regular schedule.

By (Mark Cockrell, Seth Anderson, & Chris Neves). 00:03:53 News 01:05:32 Devenir Gris 01:15:11 Feedback 01:32:14 ownCloud/Nextcloud With the initial release of Nextcloud recently dropping, we took the opportunity to spin it up to see whether there were any major differences with the current ownCloud offering.

How to check linux kernel Guess it depends if you count a colour branding change as major… And with one of your ……

Fedora 24 is both a delight & simply frustrating at the same time. Stable linux kernel We share our experiences with one of the most highly anticipated Fedora releases. Linux kernel architecture Plus Canonical makes good on the code, a big hole in Linux & more!By chris@jupiterbroadcasting.

com (Jupiter Broadcasting). Where Dan wins a lamb and headlines reign supreme . How to update kernel in linux Nick ponders landlords in your facebook while Dan gets Paranoid, nearly. Find linux kernel Some great tunes and a spam reading to make your icey heart melt.

How to update kernel linux We’ve done all the Dumb Things. Linux kernel log #systemau Going Linux #301 · Open Source for Online Media Today we discuss Open Source software and services to meet your online media needs. Linux kernel module It may be totally free software or it might be a application running on some service you paid for. Linux kernel c But it all has one thing in common. Linux kernel vger kernel org Everything we discuss is using, in some part, an Open Source application or ser …… We review the ThinkPad x260 with Linux & compare it to the XPS 13. What is a linux kernel Then we discuss Snaps, AppImage, Flatpak & the Universal Package war that’s brewing, what the major downsides are & why we think this concept of universal Linux apps is not going away.

Versione kernel linux Plus our picks of the week, a laptop giveaway & more!… 00:04:38 News 00:54:32 Feedback 01:06:18 Devil’s Advocate 01:18:32 Net Neutrality Feedback Following a spin around the latest news stories and a rummage through our postbag, Paddy played the role of Devil’s Advocate to suggest that maybe some features typical of FOSS development result in lower code quality, and have led to a blind acceptance o …… Site: