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I wrote the Sync tool to work around difficulties I’d experienced with Azure Blob Storage’s Infinite Lease, and limitations in AzCopy. Sql server 2000 tutorial Lately these problems have been made mostly redundant, but the Restore tool remains extremely valuable, and I use it regularly for testing backups.

During the Bellingham session, one of the questions asked was whether the Restore tool could perform a point-in-time restore using the RESTORE … Sql server express edition 2005 STOPAT keyword.

You can now perform a point-in-time restore using the Restore tool, and it will only download the files from the latest backup that it needs, up to and including that point in time.

Note: This feature only works on the latest available backup. Miscrosoft sql server A feature enhancement will be included in a later release to perform a point-in-time restore for any backup, if the requisite files exist. For in sql server 2008 Download Indicator

It’s handy to know how fast a file is downloading, but there aren’t easy ways to do this on a command-line tool, and it can get confusing in a disaster recovery scenario if you don’t know if the download is stuck.

AzureBlobStorageRestore will now show your download progress, using a rotating cursor similar to one I first saw on the MS-DOS version of Doctor Solomon’s Antivirus.

Previously, the Restore tool would download files from smallest to largest, but this could be disconcerting in a disaster recovery scenario as it might look like files are missing.

What if you already keep tape backups, managed by a company that takes your tapes off-site in a fireproof lockbox, and all you need to do is get the files to a network share to be backed up to tape?

More importantly, what if your backup files are already on a local network share and you have a disaster recovery situation. Sql server express 2008 with tools Downloading from Azure Blob Storage will take too long, and you just want to restore the latest backup from a local network share.

Like its older sibling, FileStorageSync synchronises the contents of a local directory with a network share using a UNC path (in the format \servershare). Sql server maintenance You can provide a username and password as well, which is convenient for creating scheduled tasks. Ms sql server free All other features from AzureBlobStorageSync are included. Sql server versions FileStorageRestore

Like its older sibling, FileStorageRestore parses all the files in a UNC share, and downloads only the the latest full, differential and transaction log backup files required to perform a restore of your database.

Note: A future enhancement which restores the latest backup from the UNC network share, without copying the files first, is coming soon. Sql for sql server You will be able to restore your database as fast as possible.

SQL Server, released in 1989, is 27 years old now. Ms sql server 2005 It’s about the same age I was when a career change became necessary. Sql server t sql I became a lecturer, briefly, then a high school teacher, and a tutor on the side, sharing my knowledge, all the while learning how people learn.

Combined with my so-called “train the trainer” learning a decade prior in college and the help desk support job from around the same time, it allowed me to unlock ways to explain technology to people. Sql server 2012 express limits In so doing, I realised that I had a real arrogance about technology. Ms sql server syntax Whereas I wanted people to bend to its ways, I realised that it was technology that had to adapt. Sql server where Now when I build products, the aim is to be as simple as possible.

When I went back into the tech world after teaching (for money, as it turns out—it’s always about the money), I tried to keep this new perspective. Ms sql server 2012 express We need to review our thinking and assumptions more often than we do.

SQL Server, and Azure’s Platform as a Service, have come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Sql server 2008 express r2 Things we had to worry about as little as four years ago are being made much easier by the newest versions. Migrate sql express to sql server Self-tuning databases, the Query Store, In-Memory OLTP, and recent changes to SQL Server 2016’s Service Pack 1 are all things Microsoft has learned and borrowed from competitors and customers alike, to produce probably the best relational database engine currently on the market.

Microsoft challenged their own assumptions. Sql server cost The market required it. Sql server pricing Five years ago it was unheard of, the thought of Azure hosting Linux and Windows equally, with NoSQLs and Red Hats and Oracles and SAP HANAs, oh my! We even have Linux on SQL Server now. Sql server 2000 sp4 I still don’t know what it’s for, but it’s really very clever how they did it.

I’m a technology Luddite. Sql server express 2005 I literally break technology more often than I care to admit, though admittedly not because I think it’s taking my job. I call myself a living edge case and a human beta tester. Sql server tools It’s usually accidental, but if something is going to break, it’ll break around me.

As a result, while I tend to have the latest shiny computers and electronics, I write my important notes in a Moleskine notebook I carry with me. As en sql server It was a gift from my spouse and has Smaug on the cover. Ms sql server 2000 It has no lines on the pages, because sometimes I need to sketch things in meetings. Sql server classes I prefer a resilient hard copy any day of the week, and flipping back the pages of the book has a certain feeling that technology can’t touch.

When SQL Server 2000 was released, Microsoft’s marketing claimed that the database server could look after itself. & in sql server Of course this turned out to be false, and I was still working with 2000-era databases until quite recently. Use database sql server Marketing played nicely into my bank account, thank you.

However, the trend towards not having to manage databases is continuing apace. Sql server 2005 sp2 Azure SQL Database takes much of the administrative burden away so that most people who need a database can get one easily, without concerning themselves about maintenance tasks and how the data drive was formatted. Micro sql server Technology is getting better. Sql server performance tuning It is adapting better to people.

Looking back on 2016, I recognize my only fondness for past eras of computing is borne by nostalgia. Into sql server SQL Server 2016 is the best version of the stand-alone product. Sql server agent Azure SQL Database keeps getting new features so frequently that it obsoletes my blog posts, sometimes only days later.

I am looking forward to the new challenges this brings. Odbc sql server driver I feel overwhelmed sometimes, but I know I’m not alone. Sql server restore There will always be performance issues, and database corruption, and customers not taking or testing their backups. Sql server integration services I’ll find a gap there, and as for all the other stuff, I’ll keep learning.

If you would like to chat about this some more, feel free to contact me. Get sql server I’ve taken a break on Twitter, but you can find me there at @bornsql , and I respond to direct messages.