Businesses on hi-line long for wider highway; traffic numbers don’t bear it out _ state and regional _ mtstandard. com windows 10 download for windows 7

Businesses on hi-line long for wider highway; traffic numbers don’t bear it out _ state and regional _ mtstandard. com windows 10 download for windows 7 HAVRE — When Bob Sivertsen runs an auction, he makes a deal every 43 seconds. Windows 10 upgrade assistant download Over the decades he’s unloaded everything from Western art to 4-H pigs. Windows 10 release notes But there’s one thing he hasn’t quite figured out how to sell, even though he’s devoted more than half his life to it — the expanding of U.S. Windows 10 update file Highway 2 into a modern four-lane highway running the entire 667 miles across the top of the state.

“We have become the bottleneck for trade and free flow of traffic,” Sivertsen said.

Is there a windows 10 “The problem is the Montana Highway 2 is the only segment of the Highway 2 system that is not four lanes, yet we are the connectivity.

” Driving from west to east, the road curves around mountains in northwestern Montana before dropping down into the plains past Glacier National Park and running through a region called the Hi-Line, named after the BNSF Railway track the highway mirrors. Microsoft windows 10 security U.S. Windows 10 download gratis 2 then enters the Bakken oilfields before crossing the border into North Dakota, where it doesn’t take too long for the at-times-bumpy two-lane to split into a smoother, divided highway. Sivertsen thinks a modern four-lane road would bring more truck traffic to the top of the state and promote a robust economy through a part of Montana that is losing businesses and population.

Microsoft 535 windows 10 update He believes it strongly enough he’s spent his golden years doing things like hand-delivering surveys to every business along the road from Bainville to Troy. Sivertsen’s weathered skin, pale blue eyes, and white hair under a worn straw cowboy hat give away his 78 years, many of them spent rodeo-ing and ranching.

Windows 10 upgrade options But age hasn’t slowed him from passionately advocating for the survival of the small towns he grew up around. “The people in Havre never thought they’d have a bad day again,” he said.

Windows 10 wallpaper hd free download But then two interstates, I-90 and I-94, came through Montana in the 1970s. Download ie 10 for windows 7 Havre’s population dropped from 10,740 in the 1960s to 9,310 in 2010. U.S. Windows 10 update install 2 offers a more direct route from Minnesota to Seattle plus connectivity to robust economies in Canada, Sivertsen argues.

Microsoft windows 10 keygen And that survey he personally delivered back in 2002 showed business just don’t want to locate on a two-lane highway. A bill passed in 2001 and sponsored by former state Sen. Windows 10 upgrade dual boot Sam Kitzenberg called for the state to make U.S. Windows 10 downloading updates 0 2 four lanes across the state but did not set aside money. Skype for windows 10 free download It only directed the state to pursue funding and even limited the Department of Transportation to not spend resources on the highway that would jeopardize other highway projects in the state. Daily vehicle counts on the road are nowhere near what they need to be to justify an expansion, according to the DOT. Windows 10 update checker Though the road is four lanes through North Dakota, there it runs through bigger towns with traffic that supported an expansion process that started decades ago. Windows 10 update drivers But Sivertsen says the population won’t grow without a bigger road.

“The return on investment wouldn’t quite meet what we’d have to invest to do it. Microsoft windows 10 mobile I understand, but I just don’t see how turning U.S. Windows 10 free download with crack 2 into a four-lane will really create the economic benefits that folks expect.” One of those in the younger generation Sivertsen talks about is Chris Carpenter.

Windows 10 upgrade 32 bit On a hot Wednesday in July, the 40-year-old Carpenter was catching his breath during a rare slow afternoon at his service station in Chinook. He’s lived in the area since the 1990s and used to build power lines before spending half a million dollars to open his shop two years ago in a town of 1,200 people.

Windows 8 10 “It’s something you chew over for quite a while,” he said of the investment. “I had guys want to come in and work, but I don’t need to be paying someone to stand around for something I could get done,” he said.

Windows 10 update last date That’s not to say business is slow. Microsoft windows 10 exam On this day, he had 11 vehicles in and out the door before noon. Microsoft windows 10 for mac From March to July, he worked on about 485 cars, pickups and SUVs making repairs and installing tires, which he sells daily.

U.S. Windows 10 upgrade loop 2 is part of the national highway system, and improvements to the road are mostly funded by the federal government. Windows 10 download won’t start This fiscal year the state of Montana has about $105 million to spend on all its national highways.

Windows 10 upgrade is it worth it State law says that money must be split between five highway districts; U.S. Windows 10 upgrade 99 percent 2 runs through three of them. It would cost $16 billion to handle all the highway transportation improvements Montana needs over the next decade, according to the DOT. Windows 10 update code And state and federal resources will only generate $4.5 billion.

“It’ll all this,” Smith said, motioning up and down with his hand to signify bumps. Windows 10 download tool not working “And that’s not that old of a highway. Windows 10 ??? This is seeing more and more traffic all the time. Hp windows 10 upgrade problems You see those big loads and traffic backed up for miles.

Windows 10 update how long Some of these loads are huge. Windows 10 release date europe I saw a trailer with 30-some tires.

” “We need to find a happy medium that doesn’t give you everything you want but gets you toward your goal of traffic flow and growth in these communities. Windows 10 download usb It’s the only thing the government is going to fund.” Data kept by the DOT tracks traffic on the road.

Windows 10 download x64 The busiest segment, where U.S. Windows 10 update stuck downloading 2 goes through Kalispell, sees an average of 16,397 vehicles a day. Windows 10 download to usb But the next heaviest-traveled stretch of road sees 56 percent less daily traffic, with 9,149 vehicles running through where U.S. Microsoft windows 10 mobile 87 and Highway 10 meet U.S. Windows 10 upgrade zurucksetzen 2 outside Havre. Windows 10 upgrade for free And other segments of the road, like near Shelby or between Havre and Glasgow, see between 1,300 and 1,800 vehicles a day. “We just don’t have the traffic on that route that makes it such a priority that we’d want to spend that money on it. Windows 10 update for lumia 630 We’re still well below that on any one of the stretches, even with the oilfield traffic. Windows 10 update release date We don’t see the sense in expanding to four lanes when you’re running a quarter of capacity. Windows 10 download upgrade We don’t have that much money, and I better spend it where I need it.” That’s not to say work hasn’t been done on the highway.

Windows 10 upgrade usb Improvements have been made in the Havre area, and in 2019 and 2020, the department will do construction at Lowman east and west for 10 miles to add passing lanes. There’s also an approved but not yet funded $28.5-million project to expand the road in the far eastern corner of the state. Windows 10 update There the highway is part of the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway, a designation made by Congress noting its importance as a trade corridor from Texas to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The corridor includes a bit of U.S. Microsoft windows 10 security 2 from the North Dakota border to Culbertson, before it follows state Highway 16 to Canada.

10 windows The project would expand 8.6 miles of the road to four lanes from Bainville east, creating more segments of the so-called Super 2 — once there’s funding. Sivertsen called out the state Legislature for failing to pass an infrastructure bill for the last three sessions.

Windows 10 upgrade offer Most infrastructure proposals, however, have only looked at road improvements in the Bakken region. “We haven’t been able to get Montana to step up to the plate and adequately fund our infrastructure and highways,” he said. Windows 10 update manual “It’s been five years now the Legislature and the governor have not adequately funded infrastructure.” He also criticizes his own group for not pushing hard enough.

Windows 10 download windows 7 “When you point a finger at the Legislature, you get three pointing back at you. Windows 10 gadgets free download If we go into the Legislature more united, we will get funded.” He thinks money to pay for a new road should come from taxes on oil and gas production in the state. Microsoft windows 10 certification Cities and towns in the western and southern half of the state feel entitled to those funds, he said, but U.S. Windows 10 upgrade disable 2 takes most of the oilfield abuse.

Windows 10 upgrade fresh install But he sees why politicians pander to those regions. Pointing to neighboring North Dakota, Sivertsen said governors there have had more foresight to build a road that meets transportation needs. Microsoft windows 10 forum Over the last four decades, U.S. Windows 10 update location 2 has expanded to four lanes across the whole state.

But the Montana equivalent to North Dakota’s stretch of U.S. Windows 10 upgrade domain 2 isn’t our segment of the same road, Tooley said. Microsoft hyper v windows 10 It’s U.S. Hp windows 10 update 93 on the west side of the state, running from Hamilton to Missoula, Polson, and Kalispell.

“All those communities were seeing the types of traffic there on U.S. Windows 10 download but not install 93 that North Dakota was seeing on U.S. Free windows 10 download 2, so we did expand huge portions of U.S. Mdt 2013 update 1 windows 10 93 to four lanes for that exact reason,” Tooley said. “We just don’t have the population in those areas that’s going to require a four-lane highway anytime soon, but we do watch that,” Tooley said. Windows 10 upgrade update Because of the state law calling for expansion, the road is reviewed frequently, and Tooley meets annually with residents along its route.

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