Cameras of the year_ best entry-level cameras of 2014

The entry-level Canon DSLRs have always provided great bang-for-your-buck in terms of feature set, autofocus performance and image quality at a budget-friendly price point. Software backup and restore With the Canon Rebel T5, the long-awaited update to the Rebel T3, Canon continues this winning formula by updating the imaging sensor, improving HD video resolution, and giving the exterior design a little makeover, with rubberized handgrip a la the T5i.

While other features and specs remain largely unchanged compared to the previous model, the Canon T5 produces very good image quality, with excellent color and hue accuracy and decent performance with fast single-shot cycle times and quick autofocus. Auto pc backup software While it might not be a speed demon at burst shooting and higher ISO performance is not as good as some competitors or higher-end models, the Canon Rebel T5 is nevertheless a comfortable, easy to use camera at a great price.

Data backup and recovery software free download The Canon T5 also serves as an inexpensive entry point into Canon’s vast range of EF and EF-S lenses.

Sony A5100 is another terrific option in the entry-level mirrorless category. External hard drive backup software It’s quite small and lightweight, and has a zoom toggle surrounding the shutter button that will be familiar to most users stepping up from traditional point-and-shoot cameras (the kit lens has “power zoom” capabilities and can therefore be controlled via the camera body). Best personal backup software And with a 180° flip-up screen and a built-in flash, the camera has the basics covered for anyone interested in taking their smartphone or point-and-shoot chops to the next level.

And yet, the A5100 houses the same sensor and image processor as in the extremely popular Sony A6000 ( A6000 vs A5100), with virtually identical overall image quality and ISO performance, making it a more powerful imaging tool than its unassuming body would convey at first glance. Backup software linux This makes it not only a good option for step-up users but also for A6000 shooters looking for a capable back-up for a bit less out of the bank (it retails for $100 less than the A6000, though street prices may vary). Backup and recovery software Add to this both Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities, as well the ability to control the camera remotely from a smart device, and you have quite a capable little shooter indeed.

Samsung clearly wants to make your acquaintance if you’re a cellphone or compact camera user interested in expanding your photography horizons, as it continues to develop products with excellent performance to cost ratios. Free backup software for windows server The NX3000 falls squarely into this category, sporting a large 20.3MP APS-C sensor and yet retailing (with a 16-50mm power zoom kit lens!) for only ~$360 as of this writing. Personal backup software That is a lot of bang for the buck, folks, which made this camera a no-brainer for our value category in these awards as well (shown below).

And if all that isn’t enough to tempt you, this camera also ships with Adobe’s Lightroom 5 in the box! Not only do you get powerful post-processing that would usually run you $139 right out of the gate, but you get a camera easily the equal of models $100 more expensive; that should leave plenty of money to spare for a capable prime lens to go along with this kit. Auto data backup software free download (To see images shot with not only the 16-50mm PZ kit lens but also Samsung’s 45mm f/1.8 and 60mm f/2.8 macro lens, please visit our Samsung NX3000 gallery page!)

While it offers neither the weather resistance nor the super-solid build quality of the Fujifilm S1 (below; detailed comparison: S1 vs P600), and is also rather slow while writing to the SD card after a burst of continuous shots, we felt the overall image quality still trumped the competition enough to merit this award. Best incremental backup software The P600 also not surprisingly took the top honors in our Best Superzoom 2014 competition, one of only three models we put on the “recommended” list (the other cameras included the Fujifilm S1 and Canon’s SX50 HS from 2012).

As we stated in our superzoom shootout summary page: “The difference in image quality between the P600 and some of its competitors is frankly astonishing. Software backup data If you can live with its slow buffer clearing for full-resolution bursts and you don’t need much in the way of weather resistance, there’s no better choice currently on the market.”