Ced kurtz’s techman texts_ free windows 10 upgrade to expire soon _ pittsburgh post-gazette windows 10 upgrade automatic

Ced kurtz’s techman texts_ free windows 10 upgrade to expire soon _ pittsburgh post-gazette windows 10 upgrade automatic If you haven’t taken advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10, you’d better get down with it. Windows 10 upgrade review Microsoft has been saying the deal will expire on the first anniversary of the release of the operating system, which is Friday. P eople have been speculating all along that Microsoft would extend the offer. Windows 10 download for mac They could pull a fast one in the waning days but the company has been saying all along they would not. Although TechMan reported he had trouble with the upgrade, millions have successfully done it. Windows 10 upgrade link Microsoft wanted a billion devices running Windows 10 by 2018,

but has announced it wouldn’t hit that goal.

Microsoft windows 10 mobile It says there are 350 million Windows 10 users so far. Windows 10 has gotten good reviews and most tech pundits (including TechMan) agree that it is an improvement in usability and security over Windows 7 and 8 (they skipped 9). Microsoft windows 10 password reset Information about the upgrade is at microsoft.com/support. Windows 10 update no internet If you decide after Friday that you want Windows 10, it will cost you $120. So unless you have a specific reason not to upgrade, do it by Friday. On Aug. Windows 10 upgrade removal tool 2, Microsoft will release a big, free Anniversary Upgrade for Windows 10 that includes many new features.

Smack my forehead with my palm. Hp stream 7 windows 10 upgrade Sometimes TechMan is a technological idiot. Windows 10 update file For example, my iPhone was sending phone calls directly to voicemail and I didn’t know why. Windows 10 download 64 bit kickass I was near the Apple store so I stopped in to ask about it. Microsoft windows 10 repair tool I didn’t need a genius. Telecharger windows 10 One of the guys on the floor looked at my phone and told me that I had the “do not disturb” feature turned on which will send all calls to voicemail.

Windows 10 upgrade process You turn that feature on and off by swiping up from the bottom to get the control center and pressing the button with a crescent moon. Windows 10 download error Or you do it by mistake.

Windows 10 upgrade download stuck Duh. Windows 10 upgrade review But in my defense smartphones get more and more complicated as features are added and it’s hard to keep track. About time.

Windows 10 upgrade blue screen Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler on Friday sent a letter calling for major U.S. Directx download windows 10 phone companies to make technology that blocks robocalls available to consumers at no charge. The FCC chairman said in a blog post the wants answers from the companies “within 30 days with their concrete, actionable solutions” to the problem of automated pre-recorded telephone calls often from telemarketers or scam artists, Reuters reported. We need a wall and Canada should pay for it. Microsoft windows 10 free trial U.S. Windows 10 update free Border Patrol officials say two Canadian teenagers were briefly apprehended after they accidentally crossed the U.S. Windows 10 upgrade update border into Montana while playing the game “Pokemon Go,” according to the Associated Press, The agents released the children to their mother. Money for churches renting steeples.

Amazon has been awarded a patent for “docking stations” for its delivery drones that will be built on tall structures such as lampposts or churches. Windows 10 update automatic The stations would allow the unmanned machines to recharge and pick up packages, cnbc.com reports. Amazon is trying to get regulation passed that would allow it to deliver parcels by unmanned flying machines.

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