Client hyper-v vs. virtualbox

Desktop hypervisors are a popular technology among technophiles. Network backup software review We have all sorts of reasons to use them. Download free backup software Some of us need to test software that other people wrote to see if it’s any good. Best backup software for pc Some of us need to test software that we wrote to see if it’s any good.

Backup software review Sometimes, we need to restrict activity to a temporary environment. Free backup image software Other times, we just want to keep our primary environment out of the clutches of an invasive installer. Professional backup software Coming up with reasons to use a desktop hypervisor is simple. Best free backup software windows Deciding which desktop hypervisor to use can be trickier. Free file backup software This article will compare and contrast Microsoft’s Client Hyper-V with Oracle’s VirtualBox.

As a rule, I do not tell people which product to use. Backup software review 2014 I believe that you should pick what best suits your needs. Online backup software If nothing is available that aligns perfectly, mix and match until you get as close as you can. Best backup software 2015 I do not like it when people choose their product first and then throw out convenient justifications for that choice. Server backup software free Two common examples are, “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM,” and, “This product is the most popular.” My purpose here is not to dictate which product is superior, but to guide you toward an informed decision. Backup hard drive software That decision might be to use both hypervisors. Best backup software for linux Client Hyper-V and VirtualBox: A Technology Overview

The most obvious difference between the two products is that Client Hyper-V is a type 1 hypervisor and VirtualBox is a type 2 hypervisor. How to backup software Now, every time that I say “Hyper-V is a type 1 hypervisor” and then try to explain what a type 1 hypervisor is, I invariably get at least a few comments that tell me that my description is all wrong and that, “Hyper-V is…,” and then the commenter proceeds to describe Hyper-V as a type 2 hypervisor. Top backup software Either my explanations aren’t very good or people just don’t believe that Hyper-V is a type 1 hypervisor. Hard disk backup software I’m hoping that the biggest part of it is that the line between type 1 and type 2 is not nearly as solid as some people would have you believe, and therefore these commenters just see things differently.

• The physical computer’s boot system (BIOS or UEFI) hands control over to the operating system installed to the hardware. Simple backup software For VirtualBox, that can be Windows, Linux, OSX, or Solaris

There are variances in the way that different type 1 and type 2 hypervisors accomplish their goals, so I can’t just make a few blanket statements and walk away. Computer backup software free We’ll take a look at a few of the generic differences. How to backup pc software The Importance of Type Differences

You can find a great deal of written material on the differences between type 1 and type 2 hypervisors. Best free server backup software In light of the capabilities of modern hardware, virtualization software, and operating systems, most of that material is of questionable value. Backup software free download I’m going to skip the questionable parts and only deal with what we can verify.

For this discussion, the most important distinction between type 1 and 2 is that a type 1 hypervisor is always on. Download backup software The only way to “stop” Client Hyper-V is to turn the computer off or remove the role. Best free backup software for windows 10 Sure, you can stop the “Hyper-V Virtual Machine Management” service, but that’s not Hyper-V. Top 10 free backup software It’s a management service. Data backup software free download I’m guessing that’s why they gave it that particular name. Samsung data backup software free download Stopping it prevents you from managing any of the virtual machines, but it doesn’t affect the virtual machines or the hypervisor. File based backup software You cannot see Hyper-V by poking through the management operating system.

On the other hand, VirtualBox can be opened and closed at will. Picture backup software You can locate the VirtualBox application, its service, and its virtual machines in the management operating system’s Task Manager. Backup software best If you close the main interface, any active virtual machines will continue running because VirtualBox will leave its hypervisor kernel in memory. Backup my pc software If you stop the last VirtualBox virtual machine, then there’s no more VirtualBox. Free backup software reviews You’ll need to start it again to get any virtual machines running.

When I read the complaints about Client Hyper-V, hardware issues jump right to the top of the pile. File backup software for windows 7 Inevitably, comparisons are made to VirtualBox, VMware Workstation/Player, and other type 2 hypervisors. Free software backup Complainants rarely fail to mention how device issues are nearly non-existent in those products. Auto backup software mac The root of the problem sources right to the hypervisor type.

When VirtualBox (or any other type 2 hypervisor) spawns a virtual machine, its container runs inside the management operating system where applications live. Mirror backup software Like other applications, they do not have direct hardware access; they must request device access through the operating system.

I have multiple sound hardware devices and multiple applications. Backup data software free download All hardware access and assignment occurs through the operating system. Best backup software free Note: The above is for illustrative purposes only. Automatic data backup software You do not use Volume Mixer to connect VirtualBox guests to sound hardware.

Now, think about Client Hyper-V. Backup software for pc The management operating system runs in its own partition separate from the guest operating systems. External hard drive backup software free Unlike VirtualBox, Client Hyper-V’s guest operating systems do not have any projection into the management operating system. Open source backup software They can’t just call the API in the management OS the way that VirtualBox guests can because they can’t reach it. Driver backup and restore software There are features in Client Hyper-V that can help you to address this difference, but this is all caused by fundamental differences in hypervisor technologies.

Takeaway from this section: if you want to use USB-attached hardware and external disks with your guest virtual machines, you will have an easier time with VirtualBox. Tape backup software Hyper-V vs. Driver backup software free download for windows 7 VirtualBox: Hardware Presentation

This section connects strongly to the previous section. Automatic data backup software free download If you flip through a virtual machine’s settings tabs in VirtualBox, you’re going to find a lot of things that you won’t see in Hyper-V. Best backup recovery software You must decide between a PIIX3 or an ICH9 chipset. Pc software backup You must choose between an Intel audio controller, an ICH AC97 audio controller, and a SoundBlaster 16 audio controller. Software free backup If you allow a virtual machine to have a USB controller, you must pick from a 1.1, 2.0, or 3.0 device. Best backup software for servers Hyper-V doesn’t ask you to make any choices like that.

The difference here is also related to that whole type 1 vs. Backup schedule software type 2 discussion. Beste backup software Type 2 hypervisors are designed to run in a much wider range of environments, which presents any number of problems. Free server backup software To address those issues, type 2 hypervisors make extensive use of emulation. Best backup image software Emulation is when a software construct mimics the interfaces of a hardware device. Xp backup software VirtualBox emulates all of the things that I listed in the preceding paragraph and more. Data backup and recovery software Client Hyper-V emulates very little — most notable are its IDE controller and the legacy network adapter.

Emulation solves the problems of widespread applicability. Software untuk backup driver As you can imagine, this versatility comes at a cost. Best pc backup software The entire purpose of specialty hardware, such as network cards and video adapters, is that they handle their respective workloads so that the burden doesn’t fall elsewhere. Apps backup software Since they’re built specifically for their tasks, they (presumably) do it better than other components built with other goals in mind. Continuous backup software With emulated hardware, your general purpose CPU takes on all the responsibility of dedicated hardware.

Takeaway from this section: VirtualBox works with a wider range of hardware on a wider range of systems at the expense of performance-impacting overhead. Free backup software for external hard drive Hyper-V vs. Auto backup software windows 7 VirtualBox: Resource Priority

Because VirtualBox only runs within the hardware-installed operating system, it is at the mercy of that operating system’s scheduler. Best free system backup software One of the reasons I skipped any of the typical discussion about CPU rings is that VirtualBox includes this dialog: VirtualBox Acceleration Settings

What that means is that VirtualBox can access the same features that many people only associate with CPU ring -1 and the virtual machine monitor extensions used by “true” type 1 hypervisors.

However, VirtualBox is still bound by restrictions imposed by the hardware-installed operating system. Cd backup software If you’ve got a run-away Flash game soaking up memory and CPU in your hardware-installed OS, the OS can and will cause your VirtualBox virtual machines’ performance to suffer to any degree that it likes. Image backup software If it comes right down to it, you can use Task Manager to kill any VirtualBox process or guest.

In contrast, Client Hyper-V provides the same prioritization controls as its server-based big brother. Usb backup software You can prioritize CPU and memory, enable storage Quality of Service, and set network bandwidth limitations for all of your virtual machines.

Takeaway from this section: Client Hyper-V grants fine-grained control over resource prioritization; VirtualBox does not. Best backup and recovery software Hyper-V vs. Best free backup software VirtualBox: Video Acceleration

This section is a bit different from the preceding discussion because nothing here will be universally true. Software backup I will recount how differences in the two hypervisors influenced my experiences. Scheduled backup software Your mileage may vary.

Both Client Hyper-V and VirtualBox emulate video. Software backup for pc In my experiences, I have been unable to distinguish that one is better than the other when it comes to 2D acceleration. Free backup software for mac I don’t believe that I ask a great deal of 2D acceleration, but I also know that most modern desktop operating systems utilize 2D acceleration in ways that aren’t always obvious until they’re not available. Hard drive backup software free Two prime examples are font smoothing and window animations. Free data backup software With the expressed reservation that your mileage may vary, I do not believe that 2D acceleration should factor strongly in either hypervisor’s favor.

3D acceleration is a different story. Best file backup software 2015 Client Hyper-V offers RemoteFX. File backup software In my experimentation, it works very well within the confines of what it is designed to do. Email backup software RemoteFX does not project the video adapter into the guest operating system, so you cannot access all of its functionality. Backup software pc RemoteFX has also worked on every system that I’ve ever attempted to use it with, as long as it contained the requisite 3D-accelerated WDDM-compliant driver.

3D acceleration in VirtualBox is a completely different story. Data backup software for android I have utterly failed to ever get it to work well enough to even display a basic Windows desktop properly. Free backup software download I never got close to trying any 3D acceleration features. Linux backup software So, I can’t give you any meaningful comparisons between the two.

Takeway from this section: 2D acceleration appears to be a wash between the two. Backup and disaster recovery software 3D acceleration seems more reliable in Client Hyper-V. Laptop backup software Hyper-V Vs. Best home backup software VirtualBox: Virtual Hard Disk Compatibility

You cannot use VHDX with VirtualBox. Local backup software The ability to use another hypervisor’s disk format does not necessarily mean that you’ll be able to smoothly transition a virtual hard disk from one hypervisor to another, either.

Takeaway from this section: this is almost general information, because the ability to use multiple virtual hard disk formats is not as useful as it might seem at first. Driver backup software free download full version If you plan to attempt to move a virtual hard disk from one platform to another without employing a converter, VirtualBox is your best choice. Incremental backup software Hyper-V vs. Free network backup software VirtualBox: Other Video Features

• VirtualBox provides a server mode that allows remote computers to connect to the hardware-installed operating system to view the console of one or more specific guests. System backup software free Each endpoint allows multiple simultaneous remote connections. Software backup free Client Hyper-V provides similar functionality with vmconnect.exe, but it is not as versatile.

• VirtualBox allows you to set a virtual machine to “Seamless” mode. Maxtor backup software Applications that you start in the virtual machine will appear and operate as though they are running in the hardware-installed operating system.

VirtualBox is open source software. Free backup software windows If you don’t like something and believe that you can do better, have at it. Free auto backup software If you just want to know how it works, download the code set and dig in.

Microsoft is gradually warming to the notion of open source and has submitted a great deal of code to the community. Best automatic backup software Windows is notoriously absent. Free incremental backup software As I understand it, the Hyper-V code base is very tightly coupled to Windows. Open source backup software windows 7 I have my doubts that we’ll ever see Hyper-V’s code published.

Client Hyper-V ships as a component of Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise SKUs. Best free backup and recovery software If you’re otherwise licensed to use one of those, then you are licensed to use Client Hyper-V.

Oracle licenses the current core VirtualBox package (versions 5.x+) under GPLv2. Best free network backup software They also provide some “extensions” under a separate license called the “ VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License“. Nas backup software I don’t personally use any of these features, although they do encompass some of the features I spoke of above. Free download backup software I did not dig deeply into the terms of this license, but it appears to be fairly generous. Open source backup tools As always, I recommend that you allow trained legal counsel to field any of your licensing questions.

As far as guest operating system licenses, those are a separate tale. Best desktop backup software Neither Client Hyper-V nor VirtualBox provide for any guest operating system licenses at all. Software backup pc If you install any flavor of Windows or Windows Server into a guest operating system under either hypervisor, you must properly license the hardware.