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I liked the refresher of what we had learnt at the end of each day and at other regular intervals. Sql server 2005 developer edition Kristian (the trainer) seemed to have anticipated questions that we asked and had presentations and knowledge to help answer these questions.

You have a very nice setup! I thought the training was personable yet professional. Sql server what is it I especially felt like my individual needs from the course were well catered for.

The best training I have received professionally.

For en sql server 2008 The trainer explained each technique fully and broke the elements down into smaller parts which we could then try ourselves. Sql server ce It is evident that he is an expert in his subject. Sql server from I am in no doubt that I would recommend him as a trainer to others.

The best training course I’ve done in years: personable trainer, concise information and plenty of opportunities to practise what we’d learnt. Sql express server name Pretty much everything I wanted. Sql server workgroup Thank you!

It was very interactive and more relaxed and informal than expected. Sql server sp2 We covered lots of topics in the time and the trainer was always receptive to talking more in detail or more generally about the topics and how they were related. Sql server 2005 I feel the training has given me the tools to continue learning as opposed to it being a one off session where learning stops once you’ve finished which is very important given the scale and complexity of the topic.

I gained a good overview of the process editors, business rules and BPMS tools landscape. Sql server 2011 I highly recommend the practical BPMN for Business Analysts course, even for experienced analysts, with its excellent process scenarios and modelling practice it will position you a cut above the rest!

I was the only one to attend the course so I was extremely lucky! The course had my pace, the teacher was always ready to answer to my questions or re act to my interruptions.

I appreciate the effort made by NobleProg and the trainer in particular to hold this course, Bernard not only described the features of the product, he also helped me understand how it fits with my project

I like the support of the trainer and the topics. Ms sql server tools I came in with a mindset thinking this will be nothing new that I haven’t done. Sql server date But I was surprised of what all I have learned throughout this course. Sql server books Thank you

The trainer clearly understood the subject matter very well. Sql server tuning He managed to articulate the subject areas well and demonstrated using practicals how to apply that knowledge.

The course was really helpful as the content of the course balanced a strategic approach to css with direct learning about specific elements and both will be really useful to the development of my sit

I thought the pacing was perfect. Latest sql server Good amount of interaction considering it was done over the computer. Sql server 6 Lots of interaction available by connecting to a virtual machine and following along. Ms sql server versions list Thought the project we completed had very clean code and gave me a good idea of how something like this should be compiled. Ms sql server 2014 express Will be able to apply what I learned to the workplace.

He’s an experienced trainer with a real life experience in the topic he was teaching. About sql server 2008 That led the course to cover the most important topics which interests any developer working in the field, and small details would be easily overseen if he was not working in this platform.

Moreover, he was giving the course using the latest versions of iOS and Swift (10 3) and that is a huge advantage to be adapting such new technology in short time.

The course was fantastic and covered the requirements needed for myself to complete my support function. With en sql server Bernard moved the course content to suit my requirements and adapted the exercises accordingly as well. Latest version sql server I thoroughly enjoyed it and will start to use this immediately in my job role as an administrator for Service-Now.

The Trainer was excellent and showed a very professional way in leading this training, we will be glad if we can have another training with the same trainer but in different field, thanks

Very graceful for the answers provided from trainer that not covered in the agenda, and I liked the practical experience that trainer had, and the deep understanding in the training subject

The course was exactly what i was looking for in an introduction to minitab. Ms sql server 2005 express in addition i got a statistics refresher in statistics theory as well. What is database in sql server which was a bonus.

Overall a very good introduction and grounding in the fundamentals of BPM and the associated standards. Or in sql server 2008 Helped to clarify the subject and made the content interesting and informative to aid the understanding to a non-technical audience. In en sql server Excellent 4 days, well worth the investment in time and money.

I passed the exam it wasn’t that hard thanks to you & the materials you have provided me. Local sql server database By passing the exam today I am the first certified OCEB in Jordan and from the first 10 in the middle east as per 😉 Looking forward for the advanced OCEB certificates and thank you again for your fruitful materials.

Kristian was a very good trainer. Versions of sql server He adjusted his training to our levels and explained very clearly and structured. Sql server into The training was very interesting and well organized. Sql server 2012 r2 express I liked the teaching style.

The work flow was very easy to follow. Sql server sql He (The trainer) stayed on topics just long enough for the concepts to sink in, but not so long that I was bored. Sql server download Following along with examples was also extremely helpful.

Covered a wide range of topics – more than I would have expected in a Software Engineering lecture (such as some details on programming, safety critical systems etc.). Sql server express upgrade Kristian was very friendly and easy to ask questions to. Sql server versions wiki I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to others.

Kristian (the trainer) was very well prepared and anticipated potential changes in the course content ( we had varying levels of experience). Download sql server 2005 He also integrated information specific to our company in a professional and dynamic way.

The trainer was excellent, the only reason I have not indicated all sixes was that there were some subjects that I was less interested in but this is just due to personal taste and career path.

Lukasz (the trainer) was very knowlegable and importantly adaptable to the different levels of knoweldge in the room, tailoring help and teaching on an individual level which was great. Sql server manager express Very open and apporachable, being informativite, clear and providing good mechanisms for genuine understanding of the material provided.

The trainer is a great trainer and has very professional tone. Sql server database version I would definitely like to attend a SQL Advanced course in the near future which is hosted by the same trainer.

Having a 1-1 training course was very effective, it meant I was less intimidated as I could stop the trainer to ask questions where I may otherwise have been reluctant to ask.

I really can’t praise this course and the trainers highly enough! They were both extreemly well qualified and made the subject interesting. Sql server 2012 express The pace of the course was excellent and I’ve come away feeling very satisfied with the skills I’ve learned.

It brought me an better understanding of the roles of trunk, branches, and tags, and of the way SVN can help us keep clean development paths along different axes.

I thought the instructor did very well. Sql server reporting The examples were good. Sql server studio express The discussion of ‘real-life’ scenarios was helpful. Sql server express price While the subject matter is, by definition, somewhat dry, the instructor did a good job keeping the students engaged.

Excellent course. Sql server enterprise edition Although our organisation did not select a course that was what we were expecting the content and trainer was excellent and I will be able to immediately put the information learnt to practical use. Sql server web license I would have preferred to have had a printed copy of the documentation so that I could annotate it as I went along but that is only a minor gripe. Where sql server Was great to have a trainer that knew his stuff inside out without any referring to notes.

This was extremely informative and packed with useful information. What is in sql server Fulvios is a very knowledgeable trainer and very patient. Sql server how to I have learnt a huge amount and have a much better idea of insfrastructure. Sql server tutorial In addition, as a former trainer I have to say that the session was very well structured with each topic moving along so logically that even with brand new concepts I did not get lost. Sql server 2005 express edition I have learnt things on this course which I have only had a fuzzy understanding of in the past. What is sql server I am very glad indeed that I made the time for this. Sql server 2012 online Thank you very much Fulvio!

This course was very valuable to me as it balanced learning specific tasks, with understanding potential and context. Sql server and Trainer created a great environment – both relaxed enough and rigorous enough for productive learning.

The explanation way and including tips on the best practices in VBA/Access, encouraging via exercise to think more by ourselves on how to solve the problem rather than giving ready solutions

Abhinav did an excellent job! Within four days he covered all the important concepts that are used in REAL software development. Sql server manager I am so thankful have him as our trainer!

I like the Doctrine concept in Symfony taken by the trainer. Sql server programming The trainer is more energetic and make the sessions more interactive. Sql server help I think it is a great capability of the trainer

I liked the trainer’s communication & knowledge in Symfony 3 and associated technologies. How much is sql server He had taken enough effort to teach and demonstrate with some examples in the respective topics. Sql server enterprise pricing I can say my symfony knowledge and confidence level is gone up after this training.

It was great to learn the basics of WebServices that was taught in a very easy to understand manner. Sql server platform The trainer thoroughly understood his subject and I enjoyed hearing the stories of his previous work history with web services.

I was very lucky to have one-to-one training and it gave me a good grounding in the subject as well as exploring some of my real use-cases that were really complex