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The earlier question about ‘who is the toughest player’ reminds me of the one time I was truly surprised on game day. List of backup software I’m referring to Jason Witten playing in the 2012 regular season opener at New York. What is a backup software Three weeks earlier he suffered a lacerated spleen and internal bleeding during a hit in the preseason opener at Oakland. Good backup software He missed the remainder of preseason and was unable to practice.

Database backup software Leading into the opener at the Giants, he was officially listed as doubtful. Top 10 backup software He went to see a specialist to get medical clearance to play in the opener. Free backup software A team official was dropping heavy hints to me in the hours leading up to kickoff that Witten had been cleared and would likely play in the game.

Frankly, I had a hard time believing this reliable source. Data backup software for windows I was hoping Witten wouldn’t play, mainly because I didn’t want him to suffer further injury; I was scared for him. The best backup software But he received the clearance, starting going through warmups, and I did the reports from Met Life Stadium sideline during during pregame that Witten would indeed play. Best free backup software windows 7 Yes, I was surprised. System backup software Only 24 days earlier he was bleeding internally from a hit by a linebacker, for God’s sake! But that’s what I get for doubting Witten. Backup software free Lesson learned. Image backup software free Never doubt Witten nor his toughness.

What did you think of Lady Gaga’s halftime performance, and how did it compare to halftime shows during Cowboys games you guys have broadcast in past Super Bowls?

Scales: I enjoyed the performance because I think Gaga is super-talented and I enjoy her music. Exchange backup software But I’m concerned that in her exit from the stage — the diving catch — she may not have maintained control of the ball and gotten two feet down. Best hdd backup software Did she complete the catch?

Actually, if I were producing the broadcast for FOX or the league office, I would have tried to have some fun with the final element of the halftime show. Ftp backup software I think it would have been funny if FOX showed slow motion replays of Gaga’s catch from various angles and had Mike Pereira comment as to whether or not she displayed control and completed the catch. Best free backup software 2016 And the league office could have had some fun (and gotten more promotion for the Pepsi-sponsored halftime) by having NFL V.P. Backup files software of officiating Dean Blandino issue a statement (or Tweet) as to whether or not Gaga showed “control, plus two feet, plus time” (those are his words describing a ‘completed catch’…I have them in my notes

As for comparing Lady Gaga to halftime shows we broadcast on Dallas Cowboys Radio, I was the producer for the three Super Bowls in the 1990’s. Best data backup software Nothing compares to Michael Jackson at halftime of Super Bowl XXVII in the Rose Bowl. Corporate backup software Wow, that was spectacular. Free hard drive backup software The next year in the Georgia Dome it was a country music halftime montage featuring The Judds, Clint Black, Tanya Tucker, and Travis Tritt. Driver backup software It was okay, nothing spectacular. Backup pc software Natalie Cole’s national anthem that day, however, was spine-tingling. She performed with a gospel choir as her backup singers. Remote backup software I’ll never forget it.

Super Bowl XXX halftime in Tempe was cool because of the ending. Hdd backup software That was the halftime in which Diana Ross hopped on a helicopter which landed at midfield and then the copter elevated above the stadium before whisking her away as the leaned out the side of the copter, still singing. Best backup software lifehacker I was in the booth as the radio booth producer . Best free backup software 2015 The broadcast booths at Sun Devil Stadium are really, really, really high in the air, above the top level of seating. Software backup and restore You’re way up in the sky and it’s a long way down to the field. Auto pc backup software When the helicopter came up, Diana Ross was eye level with us, then it flew away. Data backup and recovery software free download She was still singing. External hard drive backup software That was one of those where it’s much cooler in-person than watching on television.

Alas, I do not remember the halftime performances from the Cowboys’ two Super Bowl wins in the 1970s. Best personal backup software For Super Bowl VI in New Orleans it was a tribute to Louis Armstrong (featuring trumpet player Al Hirt, Ella Fitzgerald, and Carol Channing). Backup software linux The Super Bowl XII win over the Broncos (also in New Orleans) featured the Tyler Junior College Apache Belles Drill Team and Apache band (along with Al Hirt…again..and clarinet player Pete Fountain).