[deal alert] get a nearly new gsm unlocked galaxy s7 for $430 on ebay r2001 android phone driver

[deal alert] get a nearly new gsm unlocked galaxy s7 for $430 on ebay r2001 android phone driver If you’re looking for a current flagship, desire a smaller phone, and don’t want to spend an astronomical amount of moola, the Galaxy S7’s a pretty decent choice. Android phone reviews comparison It may not be the top dog in Samsung’s lineup, but it’s equipped with a fantastic camera, a beautiful display, and water resistance. 6 inch android phone philippines Now, you can pick one up for a penny under $430 from an eBay seller with 98.8% feedback spread over nearly 116k ratings.

Don’t let the fact that these S7s were originally Sprint models scare you away. Android apps windows phone 10 They’ve been GSM unlocked and can be used with pretty

much any US carrier, save for Verizon. Mt65xx android phone driver download For AT&T and T-Mobile, the SM-G930P’s bands offer great compatibility.

0 android phone There’s even Band 12 LTE for those of you on the Uncarrier. Android phone encryption It’s worth noting that Sprint didn’t put any carrier branding on the exterior, usually pushes updates quickly, and doesn’t bloat the software up too badly. This deal might remind you of one we featured around a month ago; however, these S7s are being sold by a different eBay seller and are available in a shiny, bling-tastic gold.

Android device driver download Like last time, these are in “new other” condition, meaning they’ve been opened, but should have minimal damage, if any. Android phone of micromax In case you’re worried about defects, these come with 6-8 months of warranty left. Android phone driver windows 8 You also may not get an IMEI-matching box. And lastly, while the S7s featured last time included OEM headphones in the box, these don’t. Provided that you don’t care about a non-matching box, the possibility of some blemishes, and the lack of OEM earbuds (trust me, they’re not that good anyway), this is a nice deal. The seller is based in Maryland and will ship the phone to you for free if you’re located in the US. Swees android phone reviews If you live elsewhere in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or Australia, the seller will still ship to you, but you’ll have to pay extra for international shipping. “Please note there may be very minor blemishes or scratches due to handling or unlocking the item.

Swees android phone reviews This is a CARRIER UNLOCKED item and it carries about 6-8 months of warranty left.” They’re the sprint model, but from the forums it seems you can successfully flash the “universal” unlocked firmware to the device if you’re on another carrier.

Best android smartphone The north american models all use the same motherboard anyway, so it’s cool that you can switch this…. Most eBay phone retailers charge 20-25% restocking fees for returns. Android m phone list So they may sell these for a more normal price, like $570, potentially under a different eBay account / company name), and then when some people inevitably return them, they can resell them 20-25% cheaper since they made that amount on the restocking fee. Android phone comparison 2016 That’s why the listing says the boxes may be open, accessories missing, etc. Just a guess, I could be totally.

E ink phone android I’m guessing these are returns to Sprint, that they re-sell wholesale to someone in bulk. Android phone driver download They probably charged a nice restocking fee and probably were getting a nice chunk of profit as well included in that price.

Android phone ratings I’m guessing the Ebayer’s profits are slim, but is selling quite a bit. Android phone in 3000 rs I just bought a barely used G5 for $350. I’m not a big samsung guy, but what’s up with “it may not be the top dog in Samsung’s lineup”? Is it not literally their flagship phone? I mean I guess the Note 7 is coming out but it’s more or less the same specs and directed at a smaller audience. Nope.

Android phone hacker It’s why I cancelled my order from the last deal of these that appeared. Android apps windows phone 10 It’s also missing a single band that could be a big deal. Fastest browser for android phone believe it was band 17 or 19 for 3g? Can’t recall. Find my android phone Seems like a good deal, but you may have signal issues on places that rely heavily on band 19 for 3g. Android l phone (Texts and calls do not come in from the equivalent lte band due to no volte or wifi calling support).

Android phone comparison chart Might be better off waiting for the new US unlocked variant to go on sale in best buy or something. Yeah, I’ve seen those too. Best android phone comparison The issue with those though are that it seems Samsung is not updating them at all. Com android phone has stopped lenovo Or at least they haven’t been updated since launch and are still on the May security patch, unlike the carrier variants that are getting security patches every month or two. Android phone driver htc But if you can root those unlocked models (would assume so since they haven’t been updated and a root method was found a month or two ago), then that may be a good thing too, at least until Nougat launches on all the other S7 variants. Yeah, but these are open box, potentially lightly used, and missing accessories.

Android mobile phone apps free download The current price for a brand new unopened one is still in the $570+ range, which is only about 15% down from the original price. Find a phone android And that’s from Amazon.

Com android phone has stopped unexpectedly The prices of carrier versions haven’t dropped at all. FYI: “Please note there may be very minor blemishes or scratches due to handling or unlocking the item. Android phone driver windows 8 This is a CARRIER UNLOCKED […] item and it carries about 6-8 months of warranty left.” Also, according to some threads on xda forums it seems the Sprint model can be flashed with the universal unlocked firmware (I think that’s 930U): http://forum.

xda-developers.com/sprint-galaxy-s7/help/bloat-free-firmware-930u-tried-t3428974 • Yes, the headphone jack is mostly or totally unimportant to me. • Probably – that kind of sucks, but I would if I really liked the phone otherwise. • Probably not, I would look seriously at other options, specifically those with headphone jacks. Site: http://www.androidpolice.com/2016/08/18/deal-alert-get-gsm-unlocked-galaxy-s7-430/