Download. apk from android phone _ the asp. net forums android phone apps not working

Download. apk from android phone _ the asp. net forums android phone apps not working I create a webpage that will download our APK files to Android Smartphone but when I try to do it on Android, I get HTML instead of download window. Best android phone list But it worked perfectly on my PC. Android phone print screen Heres my code. public static void DownloadFile(string filename, string sContentType, System.Web.UI.Page page) string path = page.

Server.MapPath(filename); //get file object as FileInfo System.IO.FileInfo file = new System.IO.FileInfo(path); //– if the file exists on the server page.

Response.AddHeader(“Content-Disposition”, “attachment; filename=” + file.

Name); page.Response.AddHeader(“Content-Length”, file.


when you say it worked on your pc, do you mean on your pc using an android emulator, or do you mean just going to your website with your browser?

What is your target ADV. Lge android phone driver g3 I am new to android developement but depending on your API level and platform, regulat html will not render the link on your andoid phone. Mtk65xx android phone driver You are going to need to take additional steps. Well, I am also new to Android, its in my website browser but I used Android phone to open the URL and from there downloading our application MyApp.APK. Android phone in nokia Its supposed to work the same as downloading Android application from Android Market or GetJar.

What does com android phone mean I used the code above to download our application but I was not able to do it. Android phone 5000 pesos What additional steps do I need, I would appreciate it if you can share it with me. Tv on phone android Thank you. Hi Remo, thanks for your quick response. Android phone keylogger I am using Android Infuse 4g but this is supposed to work with all Android Phones and the application can be installed with any carriers ATT, Verizon, Tmobile and Sprint. Android phone recommendations Not sure of what the API Level. Com android phone has stopped working I have VS Is the the download window a popup.

Fastest android phone 2016 Is it specifically a modal popup…if it is it won’t work on the android phone.

6 inch android phone below 10000 You are going to need a redirect to a page with the link or you are going to have to use a java applet. Android phone with best camera Do you have an emulator? You could mess around with it and use the emulator to see if it works.

Android phone antivirus apps The other problem you are going to have is that it may work on certain phones and not others. What is the best android phone antivirus That is why the emulator is useful. Com android phone stopped But using an applet will cure all your problems. Android phone keeps turning off That or there might be a java package that has a class that fixes the problem.

Cell phone reviews android You may want to post in the android developer forums. If your Android Application is available in Android Market and you are using Android phone, then you can use the following URL format to link your application in the Android Market. http://market.

q=pname:com.voxmobili.phonebook http://stackoverflow.

com/questions/4699035/how-to-redirect-user-to-a-particular-app-in-market Our application is on our server and I want to download and install it on the Android phone but when I When I tried to download, I get message ‘unknown’ while downloading, after that I received myApp.htm When I Open it, it looked like the mobile site page and when I click again download, nothing happens. When I clicked Version History or FAQ. Phone with android lollipop I got error Web Page not Available.


Phone=7 could not be loaded Well, after some messing around, I was able to install my app.apk on the galaxy tab 10.1 by navigating to the file location and manually installing it. Phone for android tablet I’m not sure why the galaxy tab 7 inch won’t download the file. Android phone watch reviews At this point I’m still thinking it’s IIS 7.5 that’s not allowing it but I have no proof, other than, everything worked fine when I was using IIS 5.1. Android to phone I’m going to make another server on my XP machine to double check. Mt65xx android phone driver windows 7 64 bit Stay tuned.

Android phone emulator for pc ok the problem’s fixed…check out the NEXT post.. OK…everything’s fixed. Android phone to tablet Here’s the problem and the fix. Phone with android lollipop I recently installed Windows 7 and made a web server with IIS 7.5. Android phone emoticons I then made a small android app with a .apk extension.

Com android phone stopped The problem was, when I posted the app at my webserver, my android devices would not download and install the apps. 3 android phones Everything worked fine on my windows xp iis 5.1 so I assumed IIS 7 was the problem.

Android phone deals And it was. Com android phone zostal zatrzymany IIS 7 only creates MIME handlers for common file types. Create a MIME handler in web.config for the apk file by adding this code just under the < configuration > < mimeMap fileExtension = " .apk " mimeType = " application/ " Site: