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Et recommendations_ gadget, game and app – the economic times best voicemail app for iphone 5 Vivosmart HR is Garmin’s cheapest offering with a continuous, wristbased, heart-rate tracker. Best free dating apps for iphone Garmin is one of the few brands that offer many more features than basic activity tracking on their fitness wearables — the Vivosmart HR is no different. Apart from basic step tracking, distance and calories, it also tracks the number of floors climbed using the built-in barometric altimeter.

Best phone apps for iphone Garmin’s signature move-bar reminds you to get up and move around if you are inactive for more than one hour. Best new apps for iphone 4 It continuously

monitors and displays your heart beat and displays your current as well as resting heart rate onscreen for quick view during workouts. Best jailbreak apps for iphone 4 2012 Once you connect it to your smartphone (iOS- and Android-supported), the Vivosmart also shows your incoming notifications (calls, SMS, email, social media), weather conditions and even lets you control music playback. Best free apps for iphone 4 There is an easy-to-use, iconbased onscreen menu to switch between activity modes, set an alarm, initiate Bluetooth pairing, or to access additional settings.

The band itself is comfortable to wear for long durations and is water-proof. Best new apps for iphone 4 However, due to the inclusion of heart-rate tracker, it is slightly fatter than the usual fitness-tracking bands available today.

Best girly apps for iphone 4 On top is a 2-inch monochrome display, which is always on and is easy to read even in direct sunlight. Best flashlight app for iphone 5 no ads A good feature is that you can choose the orientation of the display according to your preference from the Garmin app — horizontal or vertical.

Best diet apps for iphone 5 The touchscreen display lets you swipe left/right to see various counters and swipe up to view detailed sta t s . There is also a hardware button next to the screen that brings up the options menu. Best navigation app for iphone 4 verizon Underneath is the heart-rate tracker and charging pins — it uses a proprietary charging cable that locks on to the band firmly.

Best free driving apps for iphone Battery life on a single charge is up to 5 days, which is great considering it is tracking your heart rate the entire time. Best apps for iphone games Overall, the Vivosmart HR is a great option for fitness enthusiasts who want more than just basic fitness tracking.

Polyforge steers clear of very complicated graphics and instead opts for a soothing palette, aesthetic design and calming atmospheric music and sound effects. The objective is simple: each level has a spinning object with multiple sides (rendered in 3-D) and there’s a spinning arrow as well.

You tap anywhere on the screen to make the arrow strike each side of the object. Game controls can’t get any simpler than this — it’s just a screen tap. Best alarm app for iphone 5s You have to strike each face of the object only once. Best game apps for iphone 3 Hit twice and the level resets. Plus, you have to complete one level to move to the next, which is a more challenging one. Best apps for iphone jailbroken It’s more a test of your timing and reflexes, set to some lovely music.

The developers recommend headphones for the best effect and they truly are needed to appreciate the finer nuances of the audio like the tiny ‘plinks’ on the piano. Some ads will appear from time to time but they are never intrusive. Top 10 best iphone apps If you want to remove the ads forever, pay Rs 60 via in-app purchase. A common issue while travelling is losing touch with news.

Best google apps for iphone 4 Because of government regulations, FM stations cannot broadcast news bulletins. The best apps for iphone This is where the free K habri app proves to be handy. Khabri delivers summarised news as audio clips, recorded by professional voiceover artists, directly to your phone.

5 best apps for iphone 4 The main screen has a quick play button — tap it to instantly start recitation of the latest news. You also have the option to choose between ‘all news’ or a particular category (like India, world, business, technology, sports or entertainment).

If you are worried about using up too much of your mobile data connection, you can download news clips to your device over WiFi for offline use. Best apps for iphone 4s 2015 The app also gives you the link to read the full story — direct from the source. An added advantage is that you don’t need to look at a screen — so you can catch up with the news while doing something else.

We found that the audio quality was impressive and the app worked great on a 3G/4G connection with no buffering. Best free dating apps for iphone Khabri is a unique offering as far as news aggregators go. Site: