Fix iphone 5 charging problems – tidbits

The first indication that my iPhone 5 had a problem was during a car trip. Reparation ecran iphone boulogne billancourt I had plugged the iPhone into the charger while using it for battery-sucking GPS navigation, but it still ran out of power and shut down. Reparation vitre iphone lyon Fiddling with the cable restored the connection, and the iPhone booted back up and charged fine.

Reparation iphone tours Every so often after that, when I plugged the iPhone into a Lightning cable — and it didn’t matter which one — there wouldn’t be a connection, and the iPhone wouldn’t report that it was charging. Reparation iphone evry That it happened at all was concerning enough, but the problem got worse. Iphone reparation amager For the last several weeks, I’ve had to apply firm upward pressure on the Lightning cable to make a connection, and the last few nights, I had to stack

Needless to say, I was worried, since the iPhone 5 is well out of warranty and I don’t want to have to buy a new one. Iphone reparation jonkoping The charging problem had all the indications of some solder joint or internal wire slowly breaking, and the amount of force I had to apply to the Lightning cable felt like it might cause damage on its own.

I was preparing myself for what looked like a rather complex teardown — thanks as always to iFixit — and perhaps $40–$50 in parts and tools, when I did just a bit more research. Reparation iphone hyeres That’s when I came across a discussion in the Apple Support Communities suggesting that the problem might in fact just be lint or other crud in the Lightning port. Iphone reparation vesterbrogade Given that my iPhone lives in my pocket all day long, it would be entirely understandable if a little fuzz had worked its way in there.

No crud was visible in the Lightning port, and a quick blast with a can of compressed air didn’t blow out anything I could see, but even so, it solved the problem. Iphone reparation kobenhavn k Since I cleaned out the port, the iPhone charges properly with any Lightning cable, and with no pressure necessary. Boutique reparation iphone Others have reported using a paperclip or pin to clean out the Lightning port, but the compressed air approach seems safer.

I won’t pretend that pocket lint is the only possible reason an iPhone might not charge, and if you’re experiencing a similar problem, make sure you eliminate all the variables. Iphone reparation billigt A particular Lightning cable might be bad (particularly if it’s not an Apple-branded cable), a USB port or wall charger might have failed, or you might even have a flipped circuit breaker to a particular outlet. Reparation ecran iphone 5c pas cher (I once thought an electric toothbrush had died because it wasn’t charging, and it took quite some time before I realized that particular circuit’s breaker had flipped, since nothing else was plugged into it. Reparation iphone uccle Doh!)

And, of course, it’s entirely possible that my initial worry about the Lightning port connection failing could be true for you, at which point iFixit’s teardown might be necessary. Reparation iphone 5 paris Another discussion thread on the Apple Support Communities runs through all of these possibilities and more, so if my suggestions don’t help, browse through all 18 pages of replies to see if anything else sounds worth trying.

Adam, I literally just had the same problem with my 5S. Reparation iphone lyon I had to charge it by wrapping a rubber band around the end of the lightning connecter and then looping it over the top of the phone so that the rubber band maintained constant upward pressure. Iphone reparation aabenraa New Year’s eve, I made an appointment at the local Apple Genius bar in Norfolk. Reparation ecran iphone 5 lyon While waiting for my appointment, I had to talk to one of the techs to provide the details. Reparation iphone niort He took a look at the phone, took a pick or little screwdriver, dug into the port and pulled out some lint. Reparation ecran iphone lausanne Blew it clear once or twice and like magic, it charged perfectly again. Reparation iphone montpellier I was pretty embarrassed because, like you, I made the assumption that it was a bad connector internally. Reparation ecran iphone 6 pas cher Anyway, valuable lesson learned. Tarif reparation iphone Interesting side note though, I’ve had an iPhone 3G, 4, and 4S prior to this phone, carried all in my pocket and never once had a lint problem. Reparation iphone 5 lille I’ve had the 5S only since late October and already had this lint issue.

I admit that this somewhat amusing to me, because I’ve always found it silly that most people “protect” their device by wrapping it in some kind of body armor that leaves the ports exposed. Reparation ecran iphone 6 plus Of course it has to leave the ports exposed, because you’re supposed to leave the device in the case while you’re using it.

This is why I prefer sleeve-style slip cases. Iphone 6 reparation odense While my device is in my pocket, it is completely enclosed within the case, the only exposed part being the very top edge of the device, which is still recessed behind the opening. Iphone reparation ballerup The ports at the bottom, as well as the screen, camera lens, home button, and side buttons, are all covered and protected.