Gametime – frequently asked questions android phone jailbreak

Gametime – frequently asked questions android phone jailbreak Gametime – Frequently Asked Questions Gametime FAQ Mobile App Is Gametime available for iPhone & Android? Of course! You’ll find us in the App Store and the Google Play Store. Phone with android iOS users will need version 7.1 or later while Android users will need 4.0.3 or later. Android phone rankings Policy Do you guarantee your low prices?

We work around the clock to get you the best prices anywhere. Android phone apps list If you do find a lower price elsewhere we’ll add 110% of the difference between the price you found and our price in Gametime credit to your account.

We just need a screenshot of both sources with a timestamp within five minutes of each other (aka 12:30pm and 12:35pm).

U c browser android phone Also, the prices need to meet these conditions. Utorrent for android phone Learn more here.

Best android phone today What is your policy on event cancellations (rainouts, postponement, etc)? The Gametime Guarantee protects 100% of your purchase and promises that your seats will be valid for the purchased event date. Android phone call apps If the event is cancelled and re-scheduled, your tickets will be valid for the re-scheduled date.

Best 6 android phone If the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you will get a refund. Android phone mac address Please allow 2-4 business days for the refund to fully process with your bank.

Phone for android tablet Why is the face value of the ticket sometimes different than what I paid? The “face value” of tickets is the original price set by the team or event organizers before the start of the event.

G tide android phone Due to market demand for a particular event, the prices of the tickets may be different on secondary markets than the face value. Android phone of samsung We are always working to make sure you are getting the absolute best deals on the market in real time Prices, Payment, & Promos Do you accept all major credit cards, including AMEX and Apple Pay, and Android Pay? Yes, in the United States. Mt65xx android phone driver windows 7 64 bit Please note that all payments are made in USD on Gametime. H t c android phone Payments made outside of the United States are subject to change based on the international currency exchange of your bank.

Android phone apps free download Are all prices for Canadian teams in CAD or USD? All prices on Gametime are in USD. Tv on phone android All events will say “USD” as shown below. Android phone with best camera How do I use the Gametime Promo Code? Gametime encourages sharing your unique promo code with friends.

When a new friend makes their first purchase using your code they receive $5 off their purchase, and you receive $5 in credit. What android phone should i buy Share codes must be redeemed pre-purchase and used directly towards a purchase in order to receive $5 in credit. Best 4 android phone Codes can be redeemed in the main menu under Me > Redeem code.

6 inch android phone under 15000 Why do I get an error using my share code? • You’re trying to redeem a code for first-time customers, but you’ve already used a first-time user code or have already been granted first-time user credits by us (no double-dipping!). Double-check the code and, if you still think it is valid, get in touch with our Fan Happiness team by emailing us at Ccleaner for android phone Sharing Tickets How can I share my ticket with someone else?

Any Gametime ticket has the option to be shared by SMS or email to someone else from the “My Tickets” section of the app. In android phone Just tap “View” tickets and assign the ticket to a contact! My Tickets Where are my tickets? Go to the “My Tickets” section in the app and scan your tickets directly from your phone (please continue reading for the print only event instructions). G tide android phone Why don’t I see my tickets yet? Don’t worry, we will always make sure your tickets are in the “My Tickets” section of your app before the start of the event!

In some situations, there may be a slight delay between when you purchase and when you see the tickets in the app. Android phone 1gb ram Certain teams and performers don’t deliver tickets until closer to the start of the event. Android phone virus symptoms Please see below if your purchase is for a shipping required event.

Android phone of nokia My event requires shipping? Some events and venues only accept hard-copy, physical tickets. Android mobile phone apps free download If your event requires shipping, we will email you the tracking information so you can stay up to date on the tracking of your purchase!

Why is someone else’s name on my tickets? When teams and performers first issue tickets to season ticket holders, the name of that original purchaser is put on those tickets. Android phone apps on tablet If they choose to sell their tickets, their name will still appear on the ticket. Fastest charging android phone Don’t worry, they are your tickets now and you will be going to the event!

I see “Printing Required” on the checkout page. Android phone geeker free download I thought Gametime meant No Printing? Unfortunately, there are events that still require fans to print tickets. Android phone 6000 Printing required events will have a printing icon on the checkout page (as shown below).

We’re doing our best to encourage all events to provide mobile access. Android phone comparison 2016 We hope they will soon provide fans mobile access so printing will no longer be required.

Fastest browser for android phone Here are the two ways to print tickets! • Click the “PDF” link in your emailed receipt. What is rooting an android phone All receipts are emailed to the email used for your Gametime account. • Go to the “My Tickets” section of the app > tap “Share” > type in the email that you would like to receive the tickets.

7 inch tablet phone android Login to your email and click the email from > click the “View” ticket link to > download as a PDF > Print! Teams & Performers Where’s my city?

Where is my team and/or performer? We localize our teams by the city and greater metropolitan area What teams and performers do you support?

Don’t see your favorite team? Email us at feedback@gametime.

co — we’re adding new events and performers every week! Selling What’s the benefit of selling on Gametime?

Gametime offers a fast and efficient way for you to sell your tickets, with market optimized payouts. Android one phone reviews No need to manage your prices or watch it. Android phone manager for pc We do all the hard work!

Do you guarantee my tickets will sell? The secondary ticket market is based on fluctuating demand and can be unpredictable. Android phone without camera Sometimes events have low demand and sometimes even great events don’t sell. Android mobile phone apps While we can’t guarantee that your tickets will sell, we do price tickets optimally to give you the best chance of selling your tickets.

No 1 android phone Can I sell just some tickets from a larger pack of tickets I have? Yes! You can select which individual tickets you would like to sell from a larger group of tickets.

Android phone virus removal Once you select ‘Sell Ticket’ from the selling view, you will be prompted to select which tickets you want to sell. Android phone apps free download If you are selling more than one ticket, the tickets must be next to each other. 7 inch tablet phone android Can I list my ticket on Gametime and on other platforms? If you want to list your tickets elsewhere, you can. Ccleaner for android phone But, we strongly discourage this since tickets could sell on both platforms.

Android phone uses We, therefore, require that you keep your listing valid on Gametime. What android phone should i get We will enforce strict penalties if we identify that your listing was sold elsewhere and you did not immediately remove the listing from Gametime. Com android phone lenovo What if my ticket sells somewhere else first?

If your tickets sell somewhere else first, you need to immediately remove the listing from Gametime. Android phone driver htc Failure to remove your listing from our app will result in strict penalties. Com android phone error fix If your listing sold elsewhere and then also sold on Gametime, please email us at right away.

Android on phone Why am I paid in Gametime credit? Gametime credit makes it fast for us to pay you. Android phone jokes We are working on adding other payment options soon! When will I get paid? You will get paid 48 hours after the event.

Com android phone not working The credit will automatically be applied to your account. What does com android phone mean You can view credit earned in the “Share” section of the app. Android phone 5000 to 7000 Other Questions? Feel free to contact our Fan Happiness team by emailing us at feedback@gametime.

co. Android phone 15000 to 20000 If it is day of your event and you have an urgent situation, you can contact us by phone via the number provided in the app for all purchasers between 6:00am to 9:00pm PST. Site: