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I’ve been doing the Droid exchange route with Verizon because I’ve had totally crappy voice quality with everyone one even after doing the supposed fixes. 9 apps for android phone I’m on my last one before I switch to an Incredible. Android phone apps The last one just came today and I’d like to be able to make a total duplicate of the one I’m sending back to put on the new one. Android phone 4 inch I’ve copied over my entire SD card, used MyBackup Pro, Astro, etc, but I never get an identical image when I restore it. Android phone news I lose my Helix Launcher screens I setup and my iMobster account that is all built up! I heard NandDroid will let you do this kind of backup but here’s my question…

Will doing this method on the phone I want to copy from, not give me my identical copy because doing the rooting will wipe all the save files, etc because to make a identical copy I would have had to already have it rooted and setup like I wanted and then have made the backup I needed with NanDroid?

I followed the instructions, and now I’m having a problem reactivating my phone. Android phone 15000 to 20000 It tells me to make the call to activate it, but then it tells me that it can’t do it at this time. Fastest android phone in the world Should I try to activate it online? It also tells me that I can call from a land line to some number or try again later, but I don’t want to call a Verizon representative because I figure they’ll start asking me why I need to reactivate this phone and I won’t know what to say. Com android phone error fix I know that my phone is on a roaming tower from where I am because I get a triangle in the top bar indicating that I’m roaming.

I would really like to get my phone activated as soon as I can. Mt65xx android phone driver download Does anyone know why I might be having problems reactivating and how I could get it to reactivate without having to tell Verizon that I just voided my warranty?

His concern wasn’t a corrupt ROM, it was a ROM that would feed information back to the dev… Yes, there will be ROMs that will screw with your phone, but that is what Nandroid back-ups are for. Phone android has stopped working But to even CONSIDER that devs will put keystroke loggers, remote radio monitoring programs, or anything like that is just simply paranoia.

Is there a chance that some keyboards may contain keystroke loggers? Of course there is, that is why Android warns you when you install new keyboards at any time. Android phone ringtones However the likelihood of any one of those developers having a computer system powerful enough to keep up will all of that traffic and information is near ridiculous. 6 android phone Same goes for a dev installing anything like that. Mt65xx android phone driver windows 8 64 bit I’m fairly sure Koush’s MacBook Pro is no where near powerful enough to handle thousands of droids sending information to a computer. Virus on phone android These people are smart, not rich. Android phone password reset The chances of them doing something like that is slim to none.

You paranoid people need to worry about the government, the third-party information collecting companies, and Google if they ever decide to change their privacy policy. Android phone keeps freezing Google could literally turn into the premier personal information distributor for background checks if they so pleased with the amount of information millions of people are giving them each day.

So again, if you are worried about security on your Droid, stop using it. Which android phone You know there are cellular signal decoders out there that intercept cellphone transmissions, the underwater telephone lines are tapped by the US Government, everything we do on the internet is tracked by someone (usually a company who can benefit from doing so), and Google stores just about everything.

In the end we live in a world without privacy, so worrying about such things like “can a dev track my cell usage” is a silly worry when you consider what others already know about you. Android phone pc suite The concern is warranted, but useless if you consider that we live in a society that tracks everything. Phone with android 5 Don’t like that? Move to Greece, they have the most privacy of ANY technological nation in the world.

Yes… because it is the DEVS that you need to be concerned with… Not the multimillion (maybe billion?) dollar information collection companies that profit from information they collect on you, legally or not, that sell it whenever a company wants to preform a background check on you. Android on phone Or the government that has a dossier on you, and probably knows your whole life story better than you do.

You know there is reality, which is that the government has a file on you, and third party companies have files on you. Android phone projector Then there is paranoia that some geek in his basement is tracking probably thousands of droids with his computer because of software placed on your droid in a custom rom.

Perhaps you should do what Kellex said and wrap your Droid in tin-foil since that is the only way to ensure that no one is intercepting your information. Android phone nokia Oh and stop going on the internet too, using facebook, myspace, twitter or any other networking sites….