Hide action center taskbar icon in windows 10 anniversary update windows 10 upgrade on domain

Hide action center taskbar icon in windows 10 anniversary update windows 10 upgrade on domain Action Center is a Windows 10 feature which provides users with quick access to common system settings and app notifications. Windows 10 update xbox one By default, the Action Center interface remains hidden until the user clicks the Action Center taskbar icon or, for touch screen devices, swipes in from the right side of the display. Listen to the HDTV & Home Theater Podcast for a chance to win a pair of $750 Audioengine HD6 speakers! With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in August 2016, however, Action Center is now a bit more noticeable. Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 32 The main interface remains hidden until called upon, but the Action Center taskbar icon is now much more prominent.

The icon

has been relocated to the right of the taskbar clock, and it now displays a badge indicating the number of new notifications or alerts. Windows 10 upgrade starting download These changes are welcomed by those who frequently use Action Center, but for users who don’t, they merely create a distraction in the taskbar. Windows 10 upgrade help Thankfully, it’s possible to completely hide Action Center in the taskbar with a quick trip to Settings. Windows 10 upgrade how long Here’s how to do it. First, it’s important to note that the following instructions and screenshots are based on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, version 1607, released in early August 2016.

Windows 10 upgrade path This update includes a number of design and functionality changes, so make sure you’re running at least this version if your own Windows interface doesn’t match our screenshots. Windows 8 auf 10 upgrade Also note that the aforementioned Action Center badge is only visible when using the default taskbar size. Windows 10 update hangs The badge will not be displayed if the user has enabled the “use small taskbar buttons” option.

Hyper v windows 10 download Remove the Action Center Taskbar Icon To remove the Action Center taskbar icon, right-click on an empty space in the taskbar and select Settings. Windows 10 features This will take you directly to the Taskbar section of the Windows 10 Settings app. Surface 3 windows 10 upgrade Alternatively, you can launch Settings directly from the Start Menu and then navigate to Personalization > Taskbar. In Taskbar Settings, scroll down in the list of options on the right until you see Turn system icons on or off. Windows 10 update package Click on this text to view your taskbar icon options.

You’ll see a list of various system icons which can be displayed in your taskbar. Microsoft windows 10 upgrade tool The available options will vary based on the capabilities of your device. Ie 10 for windows 7 32 bit For example, Windows 10 devices without a battery, such as a traditional desktop PC, won’t be able to display power information. Find the option for Action Center and click or tap on the corresponding toggle to turn it off. Windows 10 update frozen The Action Center icon will immediately disappear from your desktop taskbar.

Windows 10 update file location There’s no need to reboot or log off in order to save your change. If you’re satisfied now that the Action Center icon is gone, you can close Settings. Windows 10 update very slow You will still receive notifications and alerts based on your preferences in Settings > System > Notifications & Actions, but you won’t have the Action Center icon cluttering up your taskbar. Windows 10 upgrade walkthrough If you ever wish to re-enable the Action Center icon, just head back to Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Turn System icons on or off and flip the switch back on. Want news and tips from TekRevue delivered directly to your inbox?

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