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How ‘looking’ helped jonathan groff learn to like being gay – the daily beast best iphone apps for iphone 5s Jonathan Groff lights up when he sees my iPhone voice recorder turn on. Best zombie apps for iphone That’s the thing about Jonathan Groff. Best ios 8 apps for iphone 6 He’s very excitable. Best apps for iphone 2013 It’s adorable.

Best free game apps for iphone 2014 It’s charming. Best apps for iphone 5c It’s—at least, it seems—surprisingly genuine. “Literally everything,” it turns out, is largely messages he records as his character Kristoff from the 2013 animated Disney smash Frozen—with cameos from Kristoff’s reindeer sidekick, Sven—and sends to young fans as birthday greetings and, sadly, well wishes for medical treatments.

I don’t even have to ask before he starts playing one, blushing a bit as Kristoff talks to Laila, the granddaughter of one of his father’s co-workers who was about to have surgery as part of cancer treatment.

Best apps for iphone 4 on cydia “Hi Laila, this is Kristoff from Frozen and I’m here with Sven. Best racing apps for iphone 4 Say hi, Sven…” the recording begins.

Best apps for iphone 6s free Encouragement from both man and reindeer to stay strong follows. Groff recorded his lines for Frozen, for example, while shooting the first season of Looking on-location in San Francisco, doing voice takes for his Disney romantic lead on weekends while cruising for hand jobs in a park for an endearingly awkward Looking scene during the week.

“Couldn’t be more different, right?” he says, insisting that “they really informed each other,” with the riffing and collaborating he got to do in Frozen inspiring him to be looser in his performance as Looking’s Patrick, a lovably neurotic video game designer trying to find a sense of himself and his sexuality. He shot Sunday’s film, a consolation prize for the show and its fans after HBO canceled the series following two low-rated, but much-debated seasons, while on hiatus from diva-walking away with his few short scenes in his Tony-nominated role as King George III in the cultural juggernaut Hamilton.

Even now, promoting the TV movie in a Manhattan hotel suite, he’s guzzling coffee, exhausted after performing a one-night-only musical event at New York City Center opposite Tony-winner Sutton Foster, whom he first met as a teenager after standing in the freezing cold at the stage door after a performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Best free apps for iphone 5s 2014 Risking tonal whiplash, they rehearsed on weekends when he wasn’t in Pittsburgh shooting his next role, on David Fincher’s new Netflix series Mindhunter, about the FBI’s elite serial crime unit.

“It all plays on each other,” he says, referencing his various theater and screen projects. Best running apps for iphone 4 But Looking is different. Best photo apps for iphone 5 free Looking is special.

Best workout apps for iphone 5s Looking is personal. Best free recipe apps for iphone “The show has changed me for good,” he says. It’s hard not to absorb one of the best lines from Sunday’s film through the prism of those early responses.

Best apps for iphone 2014 paid “I love when gays argue with other gays about being gay,” Lauren Weedman’s Doris chirps. Best apps for iphone 3gs Looking wasn’t everything for everyone.

Best navigation app for iphone 4 india It was a hyper-specific, almost diarist look at a group of gay men in San Francisco dealing with their friendships, love lives, and sex lives. Best apps for iphone free Looking was just Looking.

So when season two finished airing a year later and HBO made the decision to cancel the series, tying things up with a TV movie, the reaction was completely different. The best apps for iphone “It was an outpouring of love!

” Groff says, almost still in shock himself. But it was more than that. Best app locker for iphone 5s It was a sadness, a eulogizing of a show that, finally, brought to TV some of the nuanced, organic, everyday conversations and concerns of the gay community. Best apps for iphone 2015 Now it would be gone.

For his part, Groff found himself suddenly a de facto mouthpiece for those conversations and issues, discussing everything from HIV panic, PrEP, and topping vs. Best utility apps for iphone 4 bottoming to his own experience coming out and dating. Best shopping apps for iphone 4 It’s a role he rose to admirably even if, as he explains to me, it took him a while to be comfortable doing so. There’s one scene from the Looking film in particular that struck him. Best free driving apps for iphone It’s that aforementioned analingus scene—which, get your DVRs ready, makes that groundbreaking How to Get Away With Murder one look rated G. Best apps for iphone ever Rather, it’s what happens after that scene, when Patrick discovers that his one-night stand, who is 22, has been out and having serious relationships since he was 16 years old. “I love that scene because I have that with young people I meet now, even at the stage door,” he says.

Best free navigation apps for iphone 4s “Even like visiting my high school there were kids who were out. Best apps for iphone 4s camera I was like ‘What!?’ I couldn’t even wrap my mind around it. Best lifestyle apps for iphone 4 That someone would go to prom with a guy is crazy to me. Best free apps for iphone 5 s It’s amazing to me but I couldn’t even believe that was a possibility.” When he was 3, for example, he dressed as Mary Poppins for Halloween. Best coupon apps for iphone 4 “I had a carpet bag and everything,” he says.

Best free apps for iphone 5 uk His family raised goats on its farm. Best apps for yoga iphone Later, after co-starring with her in Spring Awakening and then on Glee, he named one after Lea Michele. Top 100 best apps for iphone 4 A few years ago, Lea Michele gave birth to twins.

Groff remained in the closet all through his run in Spring Awakening, from when he was 19 to when he was 23. Best apple apps for iphone 4 He had a boyfriend whom he lived with that entire time. Best iphone 5s apps Laughing as he admits it, Groff called him his “roommate.

” He even thanked him in his Playbill biography. It was in stark contrast to his own life: “I was closeted, living with this guy. Best productivity apps for iphone 4 I’m such a people pleaser, in every sense. Best free book apps for iphone The idea that if I came out and was gay and it made people feel uncomfortable, I would never want that.” When he left Spring Awakening, he says, he realized “I had cultivated this side of myself and now I had nothing to do with it but put it into my real life.

” He came out. Best apps for iphone 4 uk He broke up with his boyfriend. Best ios 8 apps for iphone 6 He started to evolve. “I said, ‘I’m gay, but I’m not going to be in a parade or anything,’” Groff remembers, shaking his head as he laughs at the memory. Best apps for iphone 4 games Cut to 2014, when he was asked to be the Grand Marshall of New York Gay Pride Parade.

Best free apps for an iphone Cautiously, he said yes. Best ringtone app for iphone 5 without itunes He was still uncomfortable. “Doing the gay pride parade, I really realized that I was proud to be gay. Best hotspot app for iphone 4 It’s one thing to be out and it’s another to be proud of it. Best apps for iphone for music I think when I first came out it was like OK I’m gay, but if I could not be gay I’d not be gay, but I’m gay. Best free educational apps for iphone That’s how it was when I first came out. Best spy apps for iphone 4 But Looking really was an experience that changed all of that for me.” He had already been publicly out for years by the time Looking came along, and was steadily and successfully working in Hollywood. Best apps for iphone jailbroken He became a household name on Glee. Best apps for iphone 4 free download An indie darling in Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock.

Best free apps for iphone 4 australia A sex object, thanks to a nude scene in C.O.G. Best video app for iphone 5 free He and actor Gavin Creel were, at one point, Broadway’s cutest couple. Best running apps for iphone 4 (They broke up in 2010.) Then he and actor Zachary Quinto were TV’s cutest couple. Best vpn app for iphone 4 (They broke up in 2013.

) Some gay men like to joke that one of the reasons coming out is hard for parents and parental figures to take is because it forces them to picture you having sex with dudes, and that makes them uncomfortable. The best free apps for iphone 6 Groff sort of upped the ante on that. Best tech apps for iphone He was literally, as he just said, “fucking guys on TV.” And that’s precisely why his parents didn’t watch Looking, he says, recalling one particular horror story. Best apps for iphone all time In the middle of season two, he told his parents that he’d put together a few sex-free clips from Looking to show them.

Best free apps for iphone 3 Perhaps thinking he was being proactive, Groff’s father beat him to the punch, flipping on a season two episode one night that happened to be on HBO. “In season two I have like one sex scene with Russell Tovey. Top ten best apps for iphone It was the one where I fuck him, the top to bottom episode.” His father called and relayed the horror. Best apps to buy for iphone “He was like, ‘I turned to the channel and I saw this British guy and you were both naked and I saw him go for a condom.

’ And I’m like, ‘I’m sorry, I can’t watch it.’” Groff and I joke about the ass-eating scene that you will certainly be talking about come Sunday night. Best free apps for iphone uk “I love doing those scenes!” he insists, possibly the first actor to perform that and not deliver the rote “it’s always awkward and robotic…” line, as instructed in the Actor’s Bible.

Best free filter apps for iphone But the scene, in all its graphicness—stark realness, actually—means much more than that. “I think [ Looking creator] Andrew Haigh does a really good job capturing the reality of sex instead of just the salaciousness of sex,” he says.

Best hiking apps for iphone 5 “So the sex scenes can be sexy but they also feel like real sex. Best app killer for iphone 4 It’s not like you’re watching perfectly shined, groomed bodies banging in soft lighting. Best free weather apps for iphone You’re seeing what’s real. Best apps for iphone 6 plus 2015 It’s a little awkward. Best apps for iphone uk Kind of hot. List of best free apps for iphone You know?

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