How to backup android in 5 easy steps

Now just click and drag anything and everything to a folder on your computer or laptop. Auto backup software windows 7 For photos you’ll be heading to Android > DCIM or Camera > and dragging all of your photos and video to back them up on your PC. Best free system backup software This is always a great thing to do anyways, and once a month wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy device or another Android phone with a micro-SD card, you can always remove that from under the battery door, insert this into the computer, and copy over files that way for additional protection. Cd backup software Text (SMS) and Call Log Backup

Another thing many consumers hate to lose when they get a new phone is all those important text messages.

Image backup software Not to mention the call log, although that’s never a concern of mine. Usb backup software If you want to save those precious or funny text and picture messages, we can do that in minutes.

My app of choice is SMS Backup & Restore, simply because it’s easy and straight forward. Best backup and recovery software This app will quickly backup all of your SMS text messages, and the entire call log to the cloud. Best free backup software Or you can save them right in Gmail or Dropbox. Software backup You can do it manually, set weekly or bi-weekly backups and more. Scheduled backup software Another good option is SMS Backup+. Software backup for pc All-In-One Backup

Finally, there are a few all in one solutions that will allow you to backup nearly anything and everything. Free backup software for mac These usually have limits, or cost money, but are an excellent way to fully ensure you have everything from your device. Hard drive backup software free Not only that, but it does almost all of the work. Free data backup software Apps like MyBackup Pro have been around forever, simply because it works. Best file backup software 2015 Root is not required, but helps, so the average user can buy the $4.99 pro version, set it, and forget it. File backup software Essentially.

MyBackup Pro does everything mentioned above all in one app. Email backup software It saves it all to a secure cloud, or to your SD and computer, and can all be restored in a few clicks. Backup software pc This means it will automatically (and even on set schedules) backup every aspect of your device, and be ready to restore to a new phone should that be required.

If you’re looking to save apps, or even backup an app we can do that. Data backup software for android I backup a lot of apps like Textra so if a developer updates it I can roll-back to what I like. Free backup software download While this isn’t ideal, it works great. Linux backup software Whether you’re doing the same, or just want to save every application, try App Backup & Restore. Backup and disaster recovery software It’s easy and free.

Helium is an Android enthusiast favorite, and another excellent all in one backup solution. Laptop backup software Remember, both of these may take some initial setup or work, but once done, you’re set. Best home backup software Helium even offers Android to Android sync, so you can copy anything and everything you want from device to device, or from a phone to a tablet.

If you’re a Samsung user the company has a few great tools that does literally everything for you. Local backup software It’s called SmartSwitch and it will transfer 100% of your old Galaxy S6 to that new Galaxy S7 Edge. Driver backup software free download full version It works amazingly well with a cable or even WiFi transfer. Incremental backup software Here are more details and a full guide. Free network backup software Should You Do This?

It’s a sad fact, but these days smartphones are the most important thing many people have. System backup software free I’d be lost without mine, not to mention my case is my wallet, but you get the idea. Software backup free Having a smartphone that gets stolen, lost, or broken is a frustrating experience. Maxtor backup software It doesn’t have to be though.

Taking the steps above will make getting new phone and transferring all your old and important data over a breeze, and something that won’t be so daunting. Free backup software windows Let Google do all the heavy lifting, buy MyBackup Pro, and be prepared in case of an accident or theft. Free auto backup software These work even if you lose a device, as most of the content is usually stored elsewhere. Best automatic backup software That or it can be transferred to an SD card or the computer.

Even if you don’t do many of these steps signing into your Gmail account on a new device is almost all you need. Free incremental backup software It doesn’t do texts, but does the rest. Open source backup software windows 7 The link above is a video showing a feature in Android 5.0 and above called Tap & Go restore. Best free backup and recovery software Tap a new phone to an old one and it transfers everything, or lets you manually go through a list and select which accounts, apps and more, then restores it all in minutes using Bluetooth and WiFi. Best free network backup software It’s pretty amazing when it works right, so give it a try next time you get a new smartphone or tablet.