How to send gif images on whatsapp_ send now! android phone 7

How to send gif images on whatsapp_ send now! android phone 7 Animated GIFs have become a common way of sharing. Android phone print screen Many social networks such as Facebook and Twitter now allow people to send or share GIF Images. Screenshot on phone android Sending GIFs on WhatsApp isn’t officially available, but a Twitter account called @WaBetaInfo has come up with a way, through which rooted android smartphone users can send GIF on WhatsApp.

The best thing about this GIF support on WhatsApp is, you’ll see live GIFs and it won’t be in the format of a Video. Android phone driver for windows 7 Usually, when we share GIFs directly from sites like Giphy, the GIF gets converted into a video and then is sent and the recipient gets a video which has to download to view. Well, the feature

is about to come on WhatsApp, but currently, it isn’t officially available.

Android vs windows phone comparison To use this feature, you’ll have to root your android device. 6 android phone In case you haven’t rooted your android phone and don’t know much about rooting, then, you shall read the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android. Android phone games free download apk Disclaimer: We at Droidmen won’t be responsible for anything such as damage to your android device, ban of WhatsApp account and other problems that can take place. Android phone 6 inch screen But in case of any problems, you shall contact us and We will guide you at our best!

Pre-Requisites Before downloading these, make sure that your android device is already rooted. What android phone should i buy Because this tutorial won’t work if your device isn’t rooted. Android phone under 15000 The WhatsApp 2.16.230 is the latest beta version of WhatsApp and WaTweaks 1.2 is the latest version of the app which modifies the “WhatsApp Preferences File” which has all the WhatsApp Preferences.

What does com android phone mean Step 2: Uninstall Existing WhatsApp & Install WhatsApp 2.16.230 and WaTweaks 1.2 If you want to keep the chats, then you will have to take the backup of your chats. Android phone under 7000 Once you’ve taken the backup, Uninstall existing WhatsApp and Install the WhatsApp Beta 2.16.230 and WaTweaks. L g android phone price While installing both WhatsApp Beta 2.16.230 and WaTweaks, you’ll be prompted to allow to install apps from unknown sources. Com android phone error fix Allow, downloading from Unknown sources.

Android phone below 3000 Step 3: Setup WhatsApp by entering your details & Force Close Once you’ve set it up. Since you’ve installed the beta version of WhatsApp and uninstalled the existing WhatsApp, you will have to enter your details again and set it up. Android phone 10000 to 15000 Once you’ve set it up and have it functioning. Oppo r1001 android phone driver Open Settings > Apps > WhatsApp and Force close the app. Android phone 5000 to 10000 Step 4: Open WaTweaks 1.2 and Enable All (or the features you want) The WaTweaks is just an android app which edits the WhatsApp Preferences file. Android about phone However, it requires access to root. Android device manager reviews On opening the app, and enabling the features you want, you will be prompted with a popup asking “Whether you want to give access to root”.

Best android smartphone Grant access the root. Android phone price in bangladesh Once you’ve enabled all the features which you want, you will see a ‘Toast Message’ saying, “DONE” and some other messages as well.

If you specifically looking for the GIFs Feature only, then you shall click on “ Enable GIFs“. Android phone youtube downloader Once done, you will see a message saying Done. Android phone virus protection That’s it, you’ve successfully enabled the GIFs sharing feature on your phone’s WhatsApp. Android phone under 7000 Step 5: Open WhatsApp Chat > Open Gallery and You Will See GIF Tab besides Photo and Videos on clicking Gallery.

Once you’ve enabled the GIF on WATweaks, you shall open the WhatsApp app and open some chat of yours and click on the attachments icon > gallery and you will see a new GIF Tab. Phone android marshmallow This GIF Tab will have all the GIFs which are there on your android device. In case you aren’t able to see the GIF Tab, then there can be chances that you didn’t follow the steps in proper sequence.

Com android phone apk Try following the steps again, and you will be able to send GIFs. Even after trying for many times, if you aren’t able to see the GIF tab and aren’t able to send GIF Images on WhatsApp, then you shall contact us or get in touch on Twitter or Facebook and we shall guide you with steps again. Subham Bapna is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief at Droidmen, He is the person who tries to motivate the people to work, looks after the servers and maintains the content quality on the site. Com android phone not working He is known for rooting the devices as soon as he gets them and covers Android News, App Reviews, Mobile Reviews and Android How-to’s at Droidmen.

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