How to visualize database schema with erd with dataedo [tutorial]

This is a quick tutorial on how to visualize SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL database schema with Entity Relationship Diagrams with Dataedo tool in just a couple of minutes. Ms sql server view Tutorial plan

Module is an object defined only in Dataedo repository (it doesn’t exist in your database) that helps you document and organize large databases. Sql server 2005 reporting services To each module you can assign a list of database objects – tables, views, functions and procedures. Sql server use database Module should be used to break down large complex databases into smaller comprehensible parts and describe one subject area or topic.

In simplest case – a small database – there would be just one module titled as your database or application. & sql server But most databases have many tables and cover many functional areas that are best split into smaller topics. Sql server enterprise manager This is were Dataedo modules come in handy.

Let’s start with first module that will document projects, activities, roles etc and let’s call it simply “Projects”. Sql server where or Other modules will focus on organization (departments, people) and costs.

Right panel shows a list of available entities – tables and views imported from the database we are documenting. Where in sql server Let’s add our first table to the diagram: PROJECTS. What is sql server 2005 To do this double click or drag & drop selected table to the diagram pane.

You will notice that the list on the right updated and some elements are now in bold. Sql server 2014 express Those entities are the one you should probably focus on – those are entities related to the entities you already added to your diagram, plus entities you added to your module (this functionality is not discussed here).

If your list doesn’t include any entities in bold then it means that there are no foreign keys defined that link this table to other tables imported from your database. Sql server 2005 express edition with advanced services Don’t worry, we will discuss such cases soon.

Let’s add a few more entities. Sql server server Now you noticed that entities are connected with links. Free sql server Those are relationships (defined as foreign keys) imported from database schema.

It is not advised to try to put many elements into one diagram. Sql server mssql Purpose of diagrams is to communicate ideas in a simple form as possible. Ms sql server latest version ERD is not a specification of tables and their relationships – this is what Data Dictionary is for (Dataedo supports that too).

You probably noticed that entities you added have only one column – primary key. Database sql server This is a feature, not a bug. Sql express server 2012 You may add more columns to the diagram but we we want to encourage you to create small and meaningful diagrams that communicate idea, not overwhelm with details.

You may also show column types, but we don’t advise to do so. Sql server express database Detailed specification of all columns and types are available in the data dictionary part of the documentation.

We noticed that ACTIVITIES and WBS tables are not linked and we know that each activity is attached to a WBS element. Sql server with tools This is because database architect or DBA didn’t define foreign key in the database engine.

No worries, we can add such a missing relation in our diagram. Sql server products This relation would be available for other diagrams and it will be available in detailed documentation (data dictionary) of both entities. Sql server 2008 developer No foreign key or any other changes will be made to the source database.

A form will show where you will be able to define join conditions. Ms sql server wiki Just provide pairs of columns (at least one) that describe how tables are joined together and click OK when finished.

New relation will be added to the diagram. Sql server licensing Relations that are defined only in Dataedo repository, that were not imported from documented database, are displayed with dotted line.

Relation was added not only to the diagram, but do a data dictionary and is visible on both tables. Ms sql server cost Icon with blue person symbolizes Dataedo user-defined relations.

Quite often data in databases is supposed to be accessed with views. Online sql server It is therefore important to understand what are relationships between tables and views. Sql server client In Dataedo you can include database views in ERDs the same way as tables. Sql server express with advanced services You can choose columns and add relations.

I want to add three more tables to the diagram: PROJECT_ROLES, PEOPLE and DEPARTMENTS. Sql server 2014 buy Unfortunately, people and departments are heavily linked with other entities and our diagram got obscured.

To emphasize different character of entities or different meaning you can use different colors. Sql server r2 To change entity color right-click it, choose Color menu and then a color.

Congratulations, if everything went according to plan, at this point you have completed a neat and useful ER diagram that you can share with other team members or save for future reference.

Now you can repeat steps 2 to 9 to document rest of your database with more diagrams. Sql server 2005 download No rush though. Sql server developers You can extend documentation as you learn or extend your database.

To export documentation click Export documentation button in the ribbon. Sql server driver You can find more about this in this tutorial: PDF, HTML. Sql server data Exported documentation includes detailed specification of tables and their columns – a data dictionary.