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What were the top three most used phones in 2013? The iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4, according to an Actix study that tracked communications between mobile devices and carriers’ mobile networks.

But Samsung is the clear rival: its Galaxy S3, S2, and S4 claimed the fourth, fifth, and sixth places, respectively, according to figures that Actix, which sells software to track such usage, shared with CNET. What is android mobile phone Samsung also had a significant presence in the rankings with a handful of lower-end models such as the Galaxy S3 Mini and Galaxy Ace.

The iPhone 4S had an average of 20,608 users per hour compared to 20,529 for the iPhone 5, 17,880 for the iPhone 4, 7,973 for the Galaxy S3, 4,603 for the Galaxy S2, and 3,118 for the Galaxy S4.

Actix picked busy times in busy places for its measurements, but it used the same sampling from one period to the next.

Android phone not connecting to wifi The figures are based on average hourly usage data collected over the course of 2013, so newer phones such as the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, which haven’t had as much time to penetrate the market, rank lower.

Although market-share statistics consistently show Android phones outselling iOS phones, network operators and programmers have to deal with a different reality: the number of different phones actually in use. Using an android phone The Actix data shows that for the European and North American markets at least, the iPhone holds a strongly prominent position.

Across all of 2013, the iPhone 5’s hourly usage was by far the biggest burden on carrier networks, when factoring in both the number of users and the amount of usage. Android phone s Click to enlarge.

Viewed from a carrier perspective, the data reveals which phones are taxing the network the most — not just by tallying subscribers but also revealing how usage patterns vary from one phone to the next. Windows phone v android Actix’s statistics show how phones differ in data consumption and in the number of “sessions” — how often they check into the network to handle calls and data transmission.

• Newer phones have a much higher appetite for data. What is rooting an android phone mean That could be because they use newer, faster networks such as LTE, because they tend to come with higher-resolution screens, and because people use them more and run more apps on them.

• Big-screen phones download a lot more data — perhaps because of higher-resolution images and video. Android phone 4gb ram However, their relative scarcity means they aren’t as much of a burden on networks as high-end smaller phones.

• As manufacturers such as Apple broaden their product lines with more family members, it’s rarer for a single model to rank highly in network usage. Android phone virus removal The iPad 2, for example, is in the top-25 list from Actix, but no other iPad is. Android tablet and phone (The third-generation iPad was replaced by the fourth-gen model only a few months later.)

Judged by device, the iPad 2 sucked the most data per hour off carrier networks. Lge android phone driver not found Among phones, though, the iPhone 5 was tops. Android phone on safe mode The data reflects real-world usage for the full 2013 calendar year, so newer phones don’t rank as highly as those that were used year round. What is a android phone Click to enlarge.

Actix pinned down just how much total data consumption is rising. Best android phone “Growth was low initially but is now 40 percent year on year, so we are seeing increased growth in a shorter time and no signs of slowing,” the company said.

The usage data only is for 2G, 3G and 4G mobile networks. Android phone geeker reviews It excludes Wi-Fi connections common at home, work, and other places people regularly use their mobile devices.

Actix said the company doesn’t have enough data yet to say anything conclusive about Apple’s current flagship iPhone 5S. 7 inch tablet phone android “Initial data suggests it will track similar to previous iPhones,” the company said.

Carriers had to grapple with about 1.11 million iPhone 4S sessions each hour compared with about 1.08 million for the iPhone 5, 832,000 for the iPhone 4, 360,000 for the Galaxy S3, 382,000 for the Galaxy S2, 130,000 for the iPhone 3GS, 129,000 for the HTC One X, 104,000 for the BlackBerry 9900, and 100,000 for the Galaxy S4.

The number of sessions per hour, averaged across several different hours during 2013 in different locations, show iPhones are the most actively used smartphones on mobile networks. Android smartphone Click to enlarge.

Breaking down the data by individual use shows the increasing data appetite by phone. Android phone apps download On average, each iPhone 3GS user consumed 2.1MB per hour, an iPhone 4 user 4.5MB per hour, an iPhone 4S user 6.4MB, and an iPhone 5 user 8.8MB. Moto e android phone Those phones were released in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, respectively.

Newer Samsung phones also consume more data, but the increase is a step behind Apple models, according to the Actix figures. Google for android phone Galaxy S users consumed 2.79MB per hour compared to 3.9MB for the Galaxy S2, 5.5MB for the Galaxy S3, and 6.6MB for the Galaxy S4. Android phone flashing software Those phones were released in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, respectively.