It’s always better to make a clean install than just updating, that’s for sure. does it mean, that each time when a bigger update comes..i have to make a new clean install_ _ windows10 windows 10 update automatic

It’s always better to make a clean install than just updating, that’s for sure. does it mean, that each time when a bigger update comes..i have to make a new clean install_ _ windows10 windows 10 update automatic Subreddit theme is disabled, let us know why so we can improve it, message us. • Keep it civil and on topic. Samsung ativ s windows 10 update Comments or posts that are disrespectful or encourage harassment of others (including witch-hunts of any kind) are not allowed. • Blogspam, mobile links and URL shorteners (such as tinyurl or are not allowed.

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Excel – dedicated to Excel, powerful program of Office suite. Windows 10 upgrade backup This subreddit is suitable for both Office warriors and newbies. Windows 10 upgrade cd Mobile Since Win 10 came out, I had done 3 Clean Installs, because everytime something wasn’t OK or not like it should be. First Time: Upgrading Win 8 to 10 , I must made a clean install because of some buggy things.

Second Time: After Threshold Version 1511 , I also was safer after a new Installation. Now & for the Third Time: After Anniversary Update. Windows 10 upgrade support Windows runs now like a charm, but only after again a new clean Installation.

Does it mean now for the future, that I have to be everytime prepared? It’s sickY!! I also always just upgrade the laptop from my father, because he doesn’t care about dead datatrash in some folders and I save time.

Windows 10 update clean install He just want a good functionable laptop and for him a Upgrade is also enough. Windows 10 release date uk But for me I wanna have a clean fresh system and control about every folder with modified date and for sure a clean install is still better. Windows 10 upgrade assistant download A Laptop User like you would also feel that your Laptop will be smoover with a fresh install, I can’t believe that it runs exactly the same like with just the Windows Online Update. Windows 10 update command line You will kill Datatrash which you never used.

That you know of. Windows 10 upgrade removal What if the performance impact is relatively minor, like 5-10 less FPS in most games. Microsoft windows 10 requirements Would you notice this? Probably not unless you constantly monitor your framerate, and even if you did notice you might not attribute it to the upgrade process, but instead assume it’s your imagination or a game update that did it. Windows 10 download keeps failing And this is assuming you stick to the same games, there’s no way you’ll ever notice it on games you haven’t played before the upgrade.

I once updated my graphics driver through geforce experience and the only difference I noticed was 10 less FPS in BF4, and the only reason why I noticed was because the update promised improvements in BF4, so I decided to see them for myself and compared the performance before and after. Windows 10 upgrade worth it Removing the driver completely, and reinstalling it gave me back the 10 FPS. Windows 10 update 0x80240fff Obviously it’s not entirely the same thing, but it’s similar, and if reinstalling my OS isn’t that big of a deal anyway then I might as well stick to clean installs so I won’t have to wonder if problem X is related to the upgrade or not. I wouldn’t mind doing a fresh install if it wasn’t for the fact of having to reinstall the monolith softwares that are Visual Studio and Android Studio.

I did an upgrade from 8.1 to 10 and had no issues. Windows 10 release date wiki I recently got my laptop back from service and UEFI suddenly decided to not want to boot Windows so I had to nuke it. Windows 10 upgrade 32 bit Spent the better part of a day reinstalling both of those so I really am in no hurry to go through that again. Upgrade (from one OS to another, such as 8 to 10), clean install every time.

Update (from one patch level to another, such as Anniversary Update), just let it install the update and only reinstall if needed. I back up anyway, but the hassle of a clean install, all my programs, all my settings, all my local data, all my little tweaks every time there’s a major update (which could be approximately twice a year) just isn’t realistic. As far as I’m aware, the major updates are full upgrades that uninstall your current version of Windows 10 and install the new version, migrating (most) of the settings and data over.

The updates probably are more similar to each other than to previous full versions of Windows, though, so I assume the migrations are much less damaging. I used Windows 10 Upgrade assistant. Windows 10 upgrade process Regular updates sometimes caused problems.

Windows 10 update broken This method is easy and simple. Windows 10 release date for pc Just download the program connect to the internet and update.

Windows 10 free download for windows 8 users No problems so far. Themes for windows 10 download Updated to 1151 and Anniversary update(s) didn’t cause any issues This is what I did. Windows 10 download offline I clicked “Learn More” in Windows Update, it took me to the MS site with a direct download to the AU updater. Windows 10 update frozen Downloaded and ran that, ran disk cleanup after it finished, and all has been great since.

My old PC has gone from Vista to 7 to 8 to 8.1 to 10 10240 then finally 1511 all with upgrades. Windows 10 download tool not working PC was retired and parted out few months ago so it isn’t getting 1607. Windows 10 update icon missing If I recall correctly sometime during the Win8 timeframe I did a refresh to fix some problems, but not the full clean install factory reset.

Under normal circumstances you shouldn’t need to do a clean install after each upgrade. Actually, most issues are more related to the actual auto upgrade process itself.

If you download the iso, double click on it and run setup.exe, the upgrade is usually smoother. Windows 10 upgrade dual boot On several pcs, I have gone 7/8 to 10240, 10586 and now 14393 without ever having to do a clean install. Even as an Insider, I always wait until the install.

esd file is downloaded, and convert that to an iso and upgrade with the iso rather thas auto upgrading. On one pc, I had to clean install – this is the exception that the rule. However, one thing that people are often unaware of is you can do a repair upgrade ie upgrade the version you are using with the SAME version keeping everything. Microsoft windows 10 home vs pro This often sorts niggling issues.

I’d say just try the upgrade first, if that fails restart the process with a clean installation. Windows 10 upgrade options Though i agree, it sucks that i need to re-install everything just because of an update. I normally download the .iso and do it that way, but even then the upgrades rarely seem to work that well.

^ What I’ve done for the last two major updates is refresh my install first. Windows 10 update notification It’s quicker than doing a clean install and it’s left me with perfectly working upgrades on all machines I’ve used it on so far. The list of uninstalled programs and driver packages it leaves behind is a nice little QoL feature, too. I would have thought after so many years Microsoft would have figured out how to update an OS. Microsoft windows 10 home Turns out apparently not. Microsoft windows 10 manual There’s so many problems after the upgrade that my current OS install is basically ruined. Windows 10 upgrade or not Planning to do a clean reinstall soon, although even the clean install I just did on a different computer is actually having some problems too. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy (updated). Windows 10 upgrade guide © 2016 reddit inc. Windows 10 update history All rights reserved.

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