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Starting around May of last year, I posted a short series of articles built around the concept of ‘less is more’. Best free apps for iphone 6 plus 2015 The underlying idea here was not a new one but, if you are the kind of person who gets easily distracted by the geeky side of music technology and, as a consequence, sometimes finds it difficult to actually produce any music (which is kind of the point of owning the technology in the first place), then perhaps those articles will have resonated?

Partly because I’m one of those easily distracted geeks, and partly because running the Music App Blog means I get exposed to lots of new iOS music apps on a regular basis, my own app collection is…. Best apps for iphone free games well, ‘extensive’ is a polite way of describing it. Best apps for iphone 4s jailbroken These apps are all great to own, and fun to dip into on occasions when the need or mood strikes, but I know I own far more apps than I really need… and certainly more than I could ever hope to master in a single lifetime.

So, in order to get productive, is there a case to be made for streamlining your app collection? Are you more likely to be productive if, having tried lots of apps, you can identify those that really are the ‘keepers’ and that, with a modest number of these, build a ‘core set’ of apps that you can (a) get 95% of your music creation done with and (b) because it is a modest number, actually learn how to get the best from each of them without feeling you are just skimming the surface? The case for the prosecution

I laid out the crux of the argument in the earlier articles linked to above…. Best free apps for iphone 5s 2015 but the basic idea bears repeating.

Best apps for iphone 4s in india There are lots of musical examples where successful artists have made brilliant music using only a limited range of equipment or under some other sort of workflow constraints. Good free apps for iphone 4s The bottom line is that access to shed-loads of ‘gear’ is not what limits musical creativity for most of us; it’s our skill level in using that available gear and, of course, our musical skills themselves (playing, singing, writing, arranging, etc.)….

I was impressed with DM2 on release but this is also an app that has continued to grow on me. Best hiking apps for iphone 5 For some users, I’m sure Elastic Drums would their preferred choice here. Best bike app for iphone 4 It is a brilliant app and, in some ways, it is a more sophisticated drum synth with deeper programming options and now includes sample-based sounds also. Best free dating apps for iphone 2014 However, given that I’m no expert sound programmer (give me a break… I’m a guitarist after all!), I find the more streamlined approach adopted by DM2 goes far enough for me most (not all) of the time. Best new free apps for iphone 5 The UI is great, the sounds impressive and, with Ableton Link support included, it is easy to sync with Patterning for some genuinely wonderful rhythmic experiments.

I’ve definitely seen some changes in my ‘go to’ synth selections over the last 9 months or so and, while this is perhaps the hardest category to slim down given just how many stellar synths you can find on the App Store, I’ve gone with three pretty modest choices (by synth standards). Best ios 8 apps for iphone 6 plus Again, this perhaps tells you more about me (that guitar player again) rather than those synths I have not included….

I’ve retained SynthMaster Player in my core set. Best apps for iphone 5s 2013 OK, so I know the synth purists amongst you are now spitting your coffee over your touchscreens but, as I’m really a guitar player, then cut me a little slack. In my case, SynthMaster, while it can most certainly be seen as glorified preset machine, also offers a huge range of sounds and, for my needs, just enough programmability to make things interesting but without me getting bogged down. Best apps for iphone health It works nicely via IAA within Cubasis, although AU support would be good to see at some stage. Best apps for jailbroken iphone 5 The SynthMaster environment is one I’m also familiar with as I use the desktop version as well and its great for EDM type sounds….

My recording experience has been built on using conventional DAWs such as Logic and Cubase. Best free apps for iphone 3 Cubasis is, therefore, a concept that is familiar to me and offers a similar way of working. Best vpn app for iphone 4 However, just as the original version of Reason on the desktop was, essentially, a MIDI-only sequencing environment, we have a number of electronic music production environments available under iOS that offer brilliant and creative options for music creation. Best iphone apps free Given that my ‘core set’ of apps is now aimed at music creation duties as well as recording, I’ve drafted in a couple of selections here also; Gadget and Oscilab… and both are great for getting some electronic ideas started (or even nearly finished) before handing off the results to Cubasis.

I’ve included Gadget simply because I think Korg have created something that just works on the iPad platform so well. Best free writing apps for iphone The visual design is great and the feature set strikes (for me at least) the perfect balance between ‘enough’ and ‘not too much’. List of best apps for iphone 5 And, with a really interesting set of ‘gadgets’, access to the sounds within Module (a bit of a bonus), and a great MIDI sequencing system, this is hard to beat. Best organization apps for iphone 5 It is a hugely creative platform for sketching out ideas and, as it looks like audio recording might be coming to Gadget soon, this might even challenge Cubasis for some recording tasks.

ReSlice is very much a new kid on the block. Best free rpg apps for iphone In some ways, it is ‘old’ technology in that it allows you to take an audio file, automatically slice it based upon transient detection and then maps those slices to MIDI notes for playback. Best apple apps for iphone 4 However, VirSyn have added a couple of very considerable twists. Best new apps for iphone 4 First, they have given the app a rather brilliant step sequencer/arpeggiator function so you can create all sorts of instant rhythmic effects from even the most bland of original loops. List of best apps for iphone 5s Second, they have then taken that step sequencer concept to another level by giving it multiple playheads each with the option for different playback speeds and step lengths. Best free book apps for iphone Polyrhythms anyone? The results can be magical… and the app is a doddle to use once you have got your head around the basic concepts.

Incidentally, the other app I’d consider adding here would be the (also brilliant) Sector. Best free entertainment apps for iphone This still remains a favourite but it is perhaps a much deeper app than, for example, ReSlice and takes a little more mastering. Best apps for iphone 6 2014 It is still an app that I return to on a regular basis but, like many of the other apps that have made it into this modest selection, ReSlice is perhaps a little more immediate and accessible. Best apps for iphone six plus Maybe there is a bit of ‘novelty value’ in my selection at this stage given that ReSlice is so new? Time will tell but Sector is still awesome. Best free educational apps for iphone Effect me

Cubasis comes with a respectable set of basic effects processing options so, for routine compression, EQ and modulation, I’ll most certainly get by and, as I added the two IAP effects packs some time ago, I’ve got access to most of what I need. List of best apps for iphone 4s That said, iOS does offer a huge number of brilliant audio effects options….

…. Best apps for apple iphone but, if I’m going to stick to my ‘less is more’ principles here, I need to constrain my picks within this category. Best free game apps for iphone 2014 In the end – and given the slight shift in purpose for the overall selections, I’ve included just one dedicated effects apps here. Best apps for iphone se Moved aside are my previous picks of Auto-Tune for iOS, Stereo Designer, AltiSpace and Turnado (all great at what they do) and in comes an app that I thing manages to combine both routine processing tasks and more creative ‘notice me’ options; DFX.

This is a great article, John, and should be helpful for a lot of people. Best organization apps for iphone 4 I have three iOS devices but my main iOS music making hardware is a iPad mini-2 with only 32GB of storage, so I have to keep it trimmed of excess apps and files. Best golf apps for iphone 4 I’ve had to take the less iOS more approach just to keep a stable platform, but it has helped me to concentrate on a certain number of apps and over time, be able to master them.

Cubasis is also my DAW of choice, and I’ve come to really like Gadget quite a bit. Best barcode app for iphone 4 For large sized apps (used as sound modules) I have Module, iSymphonic and SynthMaster Player. Best email apps for iphone 4 After all of those I don’t have a lot of room left but luckily most of the synth and EFX apps are small in size. Best useful iphone apps AniMoog, Thor, Magellan, and iM1 are my regular synths but for AU’s I use iSem, and Viking. Best apps for your iphone I have nearly a dozen AU effects apps, along with the Aufx series, Altispace, Holderness apps and Igor’s Audio Mastering. Best apps for iphone all time MIDI control and monitoring apps are also small in size and I have a bunch of those (it’s probably time to clean some of those out). Best apps for iphone 5 2013 But most important to me are AudioBus, and AudioShare, without those, I don’t know how much music I would actually get completed.

At a quick count I’ve got over 50 music related apps on the mini2, way over the 16 that John mentions, but for me this is a much reduced set of apps over what my 64GB ipad4 houses.

I like Chordion for quickly sketching out song ideas, MidiSTEPs for programming a few sequences with AU, and for whole songs I prefer Genome (for midi) with AUM (for AU). Top 100 best apps for iphone 4 I really prefer AU over standalone apps because your AU settings are automatically stored as part of the workspace, which is not something you get when using standalone synth apps. Best apps for iphone security My biggest frustration right now is that there’s no AU synth with a time-synced arpeggiator (or sequencer) that works in AU mode. Top ten best apps for iphone Enkl is my favorite AU synth app, with Poison-202 as a close second (it had time-synced LFOs!). Best apps for iphone 4 free The Ruismaker drum apps are both pretty good AU drum apps. 10 best free apps for iphone 6 I want to like iSEM (since it is also AU), but it takes a long time to load on my iPad mini 2 and doesn’t time sync anything in AU.