Lg g3 review

There’s also a feature that lets LG G3 users insert selfies into scenes. Samsung pc auto backup software download In dual camera mode both the front and rear cameras are activated, allowing users to snap a photo of the scenery and of themselves at the same time. Get data backup software To capture the above photo I simply held the LG G3 in front of my wife and son as he screamed for the Giants to come out of the dugout.

Software de backup gratuito We’ve seen this feature in phones such as the Galaxy S5, but it’s sorely lacking from the standard iPhone camera app.

The front-facing camera has a beauty slider that applies a soft blur to smooth skin and help hide flaws. Software auto backup I didn’t really care for this effect, as it made skin look to soft, but I can see how a vain person wanting to put their best image forward would appreciate the ability to apply digital makeup instantly.

Tapping at the three dots in the top-left corner exposes the photo and video capture buttons, a shortcut to the camera gallery and a settings bar. Backup software for servers Tapping on Mode exposes the four modes: Auto, Magic focus, Panorama and Dual. Best backup and restore software I’ve already explained Dual mode above in the section about selfies. What is the best backup software Panorama mode lets users capture panoramic photos by sweeping the LG G3 from side to side in either landscape or portrait mode. Free system backup software Magic focus mode allows the user to snap a photo and refocus it.

Magic focus sounds cool in theory, but it isn’t all that magical since once you select the focal point and save it you’re stuck with it. Backup software business There’s no way to refocus if you change your mind. Free tape backup software It also takes too much effort to take a Magic focus shot… and of course you need to know up front that you actually want to refocus, switch to Magic focus, stabilize the LG G3, wait for it to take multiple photos and finally make the focus adjustment. Free backup software for windows 7 HTC does a much better job of allowing refocusing thanks to its Duo Lens feature that allows refocusing on all photos. Best backup software for windows 10 Above is a video demonstration of the LG G3’s Magic focus feature.

The LG G3 can of course shoot video and it does so in up to 4K resolution. Free backup software windows 7 That’s the standard that’s just starting to trickle out to high-end televisions and computer displays. Best free backup software for windows 7 64 bit Videos shot with the LG G3 look fantastic on the device itself, but most people won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of the extra resolution until they buy a 4K HDTV or 4K computer display. Pc backup software free download Shooting in 4K with the LG G3 does offer a bit of future proofing of your memories, though, since 4K will be the new standard within the next few years.

Above is a sample video shot in 4K in downtown San Francisco. The best free backup software The drummer’s claim to fame is being featured in the Will Smith movie The Pursuit of Happyness. Backup driver software The video also shows some buildings and cars driving buy. Auto backup software free The video is crisp and sharp, even when viewed on standard displays in HD.

The camera settings pane allows users to throttle down from 4K resolution (UHD) to Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) or 720p (1280 x 720 pixels). Program backup software There’s also a slow-motion setting that shoots at 120 frames per second. Server backup software review The slow motion camera feature is fun to use, but unfortunately exporting the videos to online services like YouTube doesn’t work properly, with video speeding back up to real time.

I shot the above video at AT&T Park in 4K with the LG G3 review unit. Free backup and restore software This phone isn’t going to win any cinematic prizes for its low-light performance, but I was surprised by how much detail was captured and how the LG G3 dealt with near darkness. Best backup software for android to pc LG G3 Software

Like most Android phones, the LG G3 has its own take on Android. Free disk backup software Starting with KitKat, LG’s added its own customizations, including a flat user interface, a number of apps and other enhancements. Best backup software for mac The LG G3’s user interface has a more mature appearance compared to Samsung’s more capricious interface. Best local backup software Overall, the LG G3 feels less cluttered than the Galaxy S5 and it is indeed simpler, as LG promises.

The LG G3’s stock keyboard isn’t the best Android keyboard available, but it does have some nice features. Automatic file backup software One thing I really like about it is that you can resize the keyboard on the fly, giving people with bigger fingers more freedom to type. Win 7 backup software This also allows users to scale down the keyboard when they need to see more of the text-entry area, such as forms in apps or websites. Top free backup software Above is a quick video demo of the keyboard resizing and how easy it is to select word suggestions. Easy backup software The video also shows that you can scrub back and forth on the space bar to put the cursor exactly where you need it.

Like other flagship phones, the LG G3 comes with an fitness app. Best free data backup software Simply called LG Health, the app is pretty basic. Sql backup software Punch in your gender, height, weight and age and the phone is all set to track how many steps you take and estimate how many calories you burn. List of backup software Activity is tracked over time and routes can be recorded via GPS. What is a backup software Your activity can be viewed at a glance through the QuickCircle case while you’re on the go. Good backup software This app feels like it’s simply there so LG can check off a box rather than providing something that can really help keep users fit. Database backup software If you want to stay in shape with the help of the LG G3 your best bet is to download a more robust app like RunKeeper or buy a fitness band like a FitBit that comes with a more comprehensive app.

While we’re expecting the iPhone 6 in September or October, the iPhone 5s is the best Apple has to offer right now. Top 10 backup software The iPhone 5s is arguably the best smartphone available period. Free backup software Yes, the LG G3 and other Android phones have NFC, higher resolution cameras and bigger displays, but the iPhone 5s has something that no other manufacturer has: the best smartphone ecosystem.

There are a lot of reasons why I recommend the iPhone 5s over the LG G3 or any other Android phone to friends and family. Data backup software for windows But the most important one is customer support. The best backup software Apple has an unrivaled network of retail stores that are able to swap out broken and faulty devices at a moment’s notice. Best free backup software windows 7 Apple also has excellent support via its call centers. System backup software AppleCare+ extends the iPhone’s warranty to two years and includes damage insurance. Backup software free With the LG G3, users are going to be at the mercy of their local wireless retailer or LG’s call centers for support. Image backup software free The problem with bringing a buggy LG G3 phone to your wireless retailer is that the representative helping you likely won’t be using an LG G3 regularly or be able to solve a lot of problems on the fly. Exchange backup software Swapping faulty devices with wireless carriers or with companies like LG can take several days by UPS or FedEx, which means users can be left without working phones until a replacement arrives.

The other glaring reason why I generally recommend iPhones over Android phones is that the App Store is much more robust than Google’s Play Store. Best hdd backup software App developers consistently launch high quality apps on the App Store before making them available to Android users, if at all. Ftp backup software It’s difficult to develop for hundreds of Android devices compared to a handful of iOS devices. Best free backup software 2016 It’s also more profitable to develop for iPhones since iOS users simply spend more money on apps and in-app purchases. Backup files software While the gap between the two app marketplaces isn’t as bad as it was a couple of years ago, there are still glaring holes. Best data backup software If having the latest and greatest apps is important to you, you’re going to want to stay away from the LG G3, or any other Android phone for that matter, and go with the iPhone 5s or wait until the iPhone 6 launches.

If you use a lot of Google services or value flexibility, then the LG G3 might be the better choice. Corporate backup software While Google does offer an iOS version of just about every app it makes, Android puts your Google account at the core of your phone. Free hard drive backup software If you have to manage a second Google account for work there’s even more reason to go with Android.

The biggest advantage the LG G3 has over the iPhone 5s is its massive display. Driver backup software It’s really tough to go from watching Netflix movies on the LG G3’s glorious display to the iPhone 5s’s small screen. Backup pc software The LG G3’s display is also better for playing games, so long as you don’t mind the extra bulk.

As I mentioned before, I started using the LGG 3 to take pictures more than my iPhone 5s as time went on. Remote backup software The iPhone 5s seems more reliable for taking OK pictures in most situations. Hdd backup software Where the LG G3 really shines is in taking photos that are superior to those that the iPhone 5s can shoot in nice bright conditions.

As much as I like the HTC One M8’s build quality, its camera simply cannot compete with the LG G3’s camera in terms of image quality. Best backup software lifehacker If you want nice big printable photos from your phone, then the LG G3 is the way to go. Best free backup software 2015 But as I mentioned up above in the camera section of the LG G3 review, the phone’s camera app doesn’t have much to it. Software backup and restore On the other hand, the HTC One’s camera app can help anyone tell a story and do more with their photos. Auto pc backup software HTC’s UFocus is a really nice feature that lets HTC One M8 users select focus points after shooting and blur out distractions.

The HTC One has the best speakers in the smartphone business, but putting them on the front of the phone means there’s not as much space to stretch out the display. Data backup and recovery software free download If a bigger screen means more to you than bigger sound, then that’s another reason to lean towards the LG G3. External hard drive backup software The LG G3’s 5.5″ display looks a lot more than half an inch bigger than the HTC One’s 5″ display side by side.

While HTC doesn’t have anywhere near the same level of support as Apple does for its mobile devices, the complimentary HTC Advantage program offers a free screen replacement program for the first 90 days. Best personal backup software When I broke my screen a couple of days after buying my HTC One M8 I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the company’s representatives helped solve the problem by phone. Backup software linux LG doesn’t have a program to match HTC’s.

While I wasn’t blown away by LG’s QuickCircle case, it’s a heck of a lot better than HTC’s flawed Dot View case. Backup and recovery software Like the QuickCircle case, the Dot View case gives users quick access to information and the ability to answer calls without flipping back a cover. Free backup software for windows server The problem with the the Dot View case, however, is that the darn thing won’t stay open. Personal backup software The cover snaps shut unless you hold it down, making it virtually impossible to use the HTC One M8 with one hand.