Linux installation and administration – vmware frequently asked questions – pdf

1 Linux Installation and Administration – VMware Frequently Asked Questions Excercise 2: DNS Server Q: What is the sign on the zone configuration file? refers to the zone origin. Best backup software for pc Perhaps you should omit it for clarity. Backup software review Pls refer to the BIND documentation.

Free backup image software Q: What mandatory data is needed on a zone file? A: Each zone file must include TTL time and a SOA and NS record. Professional backup software BIND checks these items during startup, and will not be started if one is missing. Best free backup software windows This will be written in the log file as well. Free file backup software Q: After editing the named.conf and restarting the named, the name resolution doesn’t still work. Backup software review 2014 Service status does show additional zones, but they don’t return any information. Online backup software What might be the problem? A: This may be dependent on missing, misspelled or misplaced zone files. Best backup software 2015 You should check the log for additional details. Server backup software free Q: After creating the zone files in /var/named, the log shows a line “File not found”. Backup hard drive software I already double checked the spelling! How to proceed? A: Please see the long listing on directory /var/named Q: What is this chroot directory under /var/named for? A: For security reasons, BIND may be configured to be insulatedint a limited set of directories, called a chroot jail! If the software is compromised, it cannot access files or directories outside this jail. Best backup software for linux The /var/named/chroot/ is the origin (a pseudoroot) of this limited filespace. How to backup software VANHA MAANTIE 6 LINUX INSTALLATION AND ADMINISTRATION 1

2 Q: Funny DNS names, like Top backup software are returned by the reverse pointer? How come? A: Please pay special attention to the trailing dots (.) on the configuration files. Hard disk backup software A DNS name without a trailing dot is interpreted as a relative name, and the file origin is automatically amended at the end of it. Simple backup software Q: My BIND is running and properly configured, but the host test just returns: “Host not found”. Computer backup software free What did I miss? A: Did you specify the DNS server on your host test? Please check the host manual for details. How to backup pc software Q: What is the meaning of Serial in the SOA data? A: That is the serial number of your zone file version. Best free server backup software It will have a central role in zone transfers, for the backup server to determine it it’s copy is up-to-date. Backup software free download The recommended format is 10 digits of format yyyymmddss, not the dual digit flat number, found on the default file. Download backup software Q: My DNS server returned correct answers, but after a change I get funny results. Best free backup software for windows 10 What went wrong? A: I could figure out two reasons: first please check the spelling and especially that the trailing dots are in correct places. Top 10 free backup software Secondly, it is safe to restart named after every change. Data backup software free download Q: My BIND works fine with the local zone, but after reconfigurating my resolver, I cannot access the Internet any more. Samsung data backup software free download Is there a way to use both local and global DNS data? A: For security reasons, we omitted the configurations for higher hiearachy level DNS server on our BIND. File based backup software But you can specify multiple NAMESERVERs on your resolv.conf file, and they will be queried in order. Picture backup software I believe this will do the trick as well. Backup software best VANHA MAANTIE 6 LINUX INSTALLATION AND ADMINISTRATION 2

3 Q: Zone transfer copied the zone files correctly to the secondary server, but when I make a change, it is not propagated to the secondary. Backup my pc software Should’t it? A: Yes, it should. Free backup software reviews Secondary data is kept up-to-date, and zone transfers are based on the serial number and DNS Notifications. File backup software for windows 7 The secondary server only gets a copy of the zone file, if the serial number of the file in primary is higher than its local serial, so you must increment the serial on every change. Free software backup The primary server sends a Notify message only to the name servers, which are listed with an NS record (or implicitly configured with an also-notify line), so you should include a NS record for the secondary DNS server on the zone file. Auto backup software mac Q: What kind of configurations would be needed on the firewall for DNS? A: The firewall is not on by default on our VMware virtual machines, so you don’t need to touch the firewall. Mirror backup software In case you are interested or enabled the firewall yourself, a DNS server listens both UDP and TCP on port 53. Backup data software free download The connection oriented TCP is used for zone transfers and queries or answers larger than 512 bytes. Best backup software free Your server must be able to send DNS queries as well, for recursion. Automatic data backup software On BIND 8 and above, DNS queries are sent from a random free high-order UDP/TCP port, by default. Backup software for pc Q: What is the number in the MX record? A: This gives the mail exchanger priority. External hard drive backup software free The lowest priority mail server will be tried first by the sending server. Open source backup software The number must be between 0 and Q: Our /24 network is actually a private network inside a NAT firewall, and NATed adresses are used by many organisations for hiding the internal network infrastructure. Driver backup and restore software How could I set up a DNS system, which would return the NATed addresses for internal services to internal workstations only, and public addresses for public services? A: This kind of arrangement is often used. Tape backup software One method is to use two different DNS servers, one for internal services behind the firewall and another outside the firewall for public services. Driver backup software free download for windows 7 The internal DNS server will forward all queries for public services to the outside server. Automatic data backup software free download Another possiblility is to use a single server with different zones for internal and public services, and limit the access to the internal services zone to internal NATed clients only with an access list. Best backup recovery software With BIND 9, this is accomplished with views. Pc software backup Please see the BIND documentation for details. Software free backup VANHA MAANTIE 6 LINUX INSTALLATION AND ADMINISTRATION 3

4 Excercise 3: Apache Web Server Q: My Apache works with the Telnet test, but not with a Lynx browser. Best backup software for servers What makes the difference? A: The reason for using Telnet for the initial test, is that an HTTP request with Telnet is the simplest client, without any client specific configurations or features, like proxy or local cacheing. Backup schedule software One potential reason for your problem is the proxy settings for the browser. Beste backup software General proxy settings are controlled by environmental variables http_proxy and no_proxy. Free server backup software See for example for details. Best backup image software Q: My configuration for the user authentication only works with one username, authough I configured two. Xp backup software What should I change? A: Did you use the -c argument on both of your htpasswd commands? With -c the command creates a new hashed password file. Data backup and recovery software You should create the file on the first time, but amend new users on the file the next time. Software untuk backup driver Please check, that the file contains all your Apacke users. Best pc backup software If this is not the case, make sure that both users are listed in the httpd.conf file, and you gave the correct passwords. Apps backup software The Apache error log will provide information about the cause of the fault. Continuous backup software Q: I recompiled and restarted Apache to include authentication modules, but now my configuration doesn’t take effect any more. Free backup software for external hard drive What is the problem? Should I be able to compile Apache from the source code multiple times, shoudn’t I? A: Yes, you should, but with different prefixes. Auto backup software windows 7 First, please make sure that you are configuring and starting the correct version. Best free system backup software Secondly, make sure that you run make clean between compilations. Cd backup software This will remove unused compilation results. Image backup software VANHA MAANTIE 6 LINUX INSTALLATION AND ADMINISTRATION 4

5 Excercise 4: Postfix Mail Server Q: Where can I find the Postfix rpm package? A: You are looking for file postfix rh9.rpm or a newer one, which will propably be found on the same directory. Usb backup software Use a search engine, or you can have a version from tht CentOS CD3. Best backup and recovery software Q: How does yum work? A: Yum is a system for installing and updating binary rpm software packages automatically. Best free backup software Please see yum manual for details. Software backup You don’t have to use yum on this excercise, it will be easy to install Postfix and dependencies from rpm packages as well. Scheduled backup software Q: The Postfix rpm reports of a missing dependency for the package, but when trying to install that package, rpm reports, that a newer version already exists on the host. Software backup for pc Should’t the newer version work as well? A: Postfix seems to be a bit piggy with the versions. Free backup software for mac Pls check that the new version is not needed by some other package and update it to the older one. Hard drive backup software free Use (the) force (Luke) to install the older version. Free data backup software Q: Does Dovecot IMAPd need any configurations? A: No, it should work with the default settings right after installation. Best file backup software 2015 Q: I cannot send mail. File backup software Why? A: Have a look at the maillog. Email backup software You should find the reason there. Backup software pc Q: According to the log, my mail is send from a different host than the one, that I specified in MAIL FROM:. Data backup software for android What is this? A: Have a look at your Free backup software download Your mydestination directive should include $mydomain VANHA MAANTIE 6 LINUX INSTALLATION AND ADMINISTRATION 5

6 Excercise 5: Samba File Services for Windows Q: Which version of Samba should I use? A: Basically, you will need v3 Samba for the PDC functionality. Linux backup software The latest.tar.gz from the Samba Web site will do fine. Backup and disaster recovery software When decompressed, it will create a folder, which indicates the Samba version in details. Laptop backup software Q: No INSTALL document was found on the Samba package. Best home backup software How to compile and install it? A: Please study the How to Compile Samba and How to Install documents. Local backup software Although not mentionned, it is a good practice to do make clean after installation. Driver backup software free download full version Q: How long will the installation take? A: Compilation seems to be quite CPU intensive, and the exact time is dependent on other processes that use the physical CPUs. Incremental backup software For me, without other users, it took few miniutes to configure and nine minutes to install. Free network backup software So no time for a lunch break yet! Q: Where is the configuration file? A: Do sbin/smbd -b to find out the place of the configuration file. System backup software free But, you should start with a blanc file! Q: testparm returns different results than smbclient -L What is this? A: Do smbd -b on your installation directory. Software backup free This will give you the current CONFIGFILE. Maxtor backup software Please specify the configuration file when running testparm Q: Where can I find the log files for Samba? A: Do sbin/smbd -b This will return the LOGFILEBASE VANHA MAANTIE 6 LINUX INSTALLATION AND ADMINISTRATION 6

7 Q: I cannot list server data with smbclient -L from the localhost. Free backup software windows Shouldn’t loopback be a safe interface? A: It is treated as a safe interface for Samba, only if you allow SMB connections from it. Free auto backup software When you use localhost for a Samba destination, the packets will be send from the loopback interface. Best automatic backup software Q: I cannot add samba users. Free incremental backup software smbpasswd returns “Failed to modify password entry for user test”. Open source backup software windows 7 What should I do differently? A: Please check /etc/passwd A Samba user must have a valid UNIX user account as well. Best free backup and recovery software Q: How to add the project group? A: See manual for groupadd Q: How to add a user to the project group? A: You can edit the /etc/group file manually, or you can use the usermod command. Best free network backup software Pls have a look at the manual page. Nas backup software Q: Only minimal log entries about daemon startups are found on the var/log.smbd Where can I find the useful error messages? A: You were looking from the right place, but you should set the log level on the global section different to the default value of 0, and restart the daemon. Free download backup software Q: What determines the access rights for Samba shares? A: Both the local rwx rights and remote share rights must apply, when accessing a file from a Samba client. Open source backup tools There is no single correct answer for combining these two, but on simple cases, my advise is to keep the access control simple. Best desktop backup software VANHA MAANTIE 6 LINUX INSTALLATION AND ADMINISTRATION 7

8 Q: I cannot use net view from a Windows host, but I can map remote drives with net use, if I specify a Samba account with the /USER option. Software backup pc Who am I when running net view? A: net view on Windows doesn’t provide a possibility to change the username for the command, so a trial to log on with your current Windows username and password is made. Best free computer backup software If your current Windows identity is admin, you should create an new username with limited local rights on the Windows host as well. Best software backup This will be useful later when using domain logons. Best backup software mac Q: My Samba server was working fine as a stand-alone server, but I cannot add the Windows host on the NT DOMAIN. Samsung data backup software What went wrong? A: The most propable cause is user authentication. Top 5 backup software Please check, that your admin users is listed in the tdbsam database (pdbedit or smbclient -L as roor). Seagate autobackup software Correct any faults. Differential backup software Then make sure, that root is listed in the admin users directive in the netlogon share. Best backup software windows Q: User authentication was working fine in the standalone server, but not any more as the PDC. Free local backup software What is the difference? A: As a PDC, Samba must use tdbsam user authentication. Backup software list The smbpasswd users are not converted as tdbsam entries automatically. Software para backup You must rebuild the database, or, propably the easier approach is to re-enter the Samba users and their passwords. Incremental backup software free VANHA MAANTIE 6 LINUX INSTALLATION AND ADMINISTRATION 8