Mpow swift bluetooth 4.0 headphones review

The MPOW Swift Bluetooth Headphones are sporty looking and a bit larger that your typical earphones. Android phone on safe mode They are made of a strong shiny black plastic that seems rugged enough. What is a android phone Even though I tend to like my gadgets in black (and sometimes white), when it comes to exercise accessories, I do like splashes of color and thus I liked the chartreuse accents of these earphones.

Best android phone According the the website, they are also sweatproof.

The right earphone accommodates all the controls. Android phone geeker reviews The Multifunction button (or MPOW button since it is labeled MPOW) is the Power, Pause/Play, and Answer/End/Reject Call/Mute/Redial button. 7 inch tablet phone android The Multifunction button also functions as the status LED. Android smartphone Along the front edge of the right earphone are the Volume Up/Next Track and Volume Down/Previous Track buttons. Android phone apps download Below these, you can see the microphone for calling features.

The left earphone contains the micro USB charging port. Moto e android phone It is covered by a small rubber insert that can be quite difficult to remove even with fingernails. Google for android phone When it’s removed, the cover must be held away from the port when plugging in the cable or it can easily get in the way.

It takes about two hours to fully charge the MPOW Swift earphones according to the manual. Android phone flashing software While charging, the MPOW LED status light shines red then finally blue when finished.

To power up MPOW Swift earphones, you must press the Multifunction button for about three seconds until the earphones say “Power On”, and to turn them off you press it for another three seconds until they say “Power Off”. Phone android price However, if you are pairing them you must press the button for five seconds until the LED starts flashing red and blue and they say “Pairing” (make sure that Bluetooth is on), after which you go into your Bluetooth settings and select “MPOW Swift”. Android phone pics The earphones then say “Connected” and flash blue once every five seconds while connected. Mt65xx android phone driver windows 8 I paired this with my Nexus 6 phone, HTC One X, and iPod Touch 5G without issues. Android phone apps list These earphones do not have NFC pairing, but this is not an issue for me.

I also tested the Bluetooth connectivity. Android usb device driver installing in xp It appeared to maintain connectivity for up to 49 feet unimpeded and was able to maintain this even between two walls, albeit at a shorter distance.

The MPOW earphones were more comfortable and remained in place better than either my Philips or iClever earphones. Android l phone With all the different sizes of stabilizers and eartips, it was possible to find the right combination for an optimal fit for my ears. M horse android phone The medium eartips and the smallest stabilizers shown in the photos above were the best in helping to prevent the earphones from falling out while exercising but the stabilizers did start to make my ears a little sore after about one hour. Android phone email setup The eartips provide a good seal which tends to block out most ambient noise (I don’t recommend using these when exercising outdoors) and allows you to get the most out of these when listening to music or a caller.

These earphones do have a very long flat cable (22 inches) but I was able to remedy that by pinning them just under my pony tail when exercising which worked out very well. Mt65xx android phone driver Tucking them under a baseball cap might do just as well.

The music controls include the Volume Up button which you short press to increase volume or long press for two seconds to skip to the next track, the Volume Down button which you short press to decrease volume or long press for two seconds to go back to the previous track, and the Multifunction button which you short press to pause or play music. Moto g phone android Using the controls worked well on my iPod whenever I listened to locally stored music, Pandora, Spotify, and Amazon Music. Android phone antivirus software reviews For the most part this was also the case when listening to music on my Nexus 6 except when using Pandora. Android phone japan In this case, just like the iClever earphones, I was not able to use the controls while it was the active screen. Android phone of micromax If I ran Pandora in the background, I was able to use the controls. Android apps auf windows phone 10 This was determined to be an issue with my phone (the functions worked well on an HTC One X phone even when Pandora was the active app).

When listening to music, the Swift earphones seemed to provide a stronger and lower frequency response than the iClever making bass heavy music sound more complete. For android phone They had a frequency response as low as 20 Hz (as determined by using the Audio Test Tone Generator Android app), which is the lowest that the human ear can detect. On android phone My Philips pair still seemed to provide even stronger bass than the MPOW but the mid and upper frequencies are not quite as clear as either the iClever or MPOW earphones. Com android phone htc The Swift earphones also worked well when watching Netflix from my Nexus phone. Android phone physical keyboard There was no discernible lag and the audio was clear.

The Swift earphones are equipped with aptX (a compression algorithm used over Bluetooth), which is supposed to improve Bluetooth sound but only if both the headphones and phone are equipped (Apple devices are apparently not equipped, the HTC One X is, and the Nexus 6 may or may not be equipped). Fastest android phone processor When listening to music using my iPod and the HTC phone to determine if aptX seemed to affect the sound quality, I could not tell much if any differences in most music which included “Now We are Free” from the Gladiator soundtrack which contain strong vocals, a myriad of percussion and some bass drum or “I Am A Man of Constant Sorrow” from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack which contains mostly vocals, banjo, and bass. Iphone v android There might have been a slight difference in the strength of the bass in the Knife’s “Silent Shout” (slightly more bass on the HTC One X equipped with aptX), which is a bass heavy song. Fastest android phone 2015 Of course it could be that I just don’t have a trained ear.

There were a couple of pleasant surprises when using the Swift earphones. Android phone 6 inch screen One of the treats was being able to connect them to two devices at the same time. What android phone should i get Another was listening to almost seven hours of music/movies even though the manual states that the Swift earphones are capable of five hours of talk/playing time. Android to phone In addition, when the battery was completely depleted, they charged in 1.5 hours which is also less time than that reported in the manual.

The MPOW Swift earphones also provide basic calling functions like answering a call (single pressing the Multifunction button), ending a call (single pressing the Multifunction button), rejecting a call (double pressing the Multifunction button), redialing the last number (double pressing the Multifunction button), and muting and unmuting a call (double pressing the Multifunction button while on the call). What is rooting an android phone These were all tried with success. What is an android phone vs smartphone When speaking to someone using the Swift earphones, they noticed that my voice was clear but quieter than when I was on the phone and did not notice as much background noise as with the iClever earphones when moving around.

Some people have reported in other reviews that the buttons are too small. What is an android phone I did not feel that way. Android phone watch reviews I liked them and found them easy to find and use when necessary. Android phone 5000 pesos I actually prefer having the controls on the earphones rather that the in-line style that hangs from the earphone. Com android phone not responding When the controls are hanging, I find that I fumble around more trying to find the right controls, which is especially frustrating during a workout.

These are currently my favorite earphones of those that I own (but remember, I’ve never spent more that $40 on earphones). Phone android track They are inexpensive, remained in my ears without falling out during exercising, connected to two devices at the same time, provided almost seven hours of listening time, charged in less than two hours, and they sounded wonderful and provided strong enough bass for me to eagerly replace my wired Philips pair. L g phone android The basic calling features also worked well and are all I really need. Android phone 6000 to 7000 Updates 07/25/16

I absolutely love these earphones! My review pair did finally quit on me – the left speaker started to pop and eventually, very little sound could be heard from it. Android phones applications download Even so, I purchased two more pairs and love them. Android phone running slow Note: when I ordered replacements, I was sent a couple of MPOWs that were defective and had to be returned – but when they work, they have fantastic audio quality and are wonderfully affordable!

What laptop do you have (and just to verify – it is running Windows 7)? Have you verified that your laptop supports Bluetooth 4.0? Have you successfully paired other Bluetooth 4.0 devices to your laptop? If not, you may want to try this to determine if there is a problem with your laptop’s Bluetooth. S voice android phone apk Have you also successfully paired your MPOW Swift headphones to other devices? If so, then your headphones are probably fine.

Have you also tried removing the earphones from the list of devices located in the Devices and Printers section, rebooting your laptop, putting the headphones into pairing mode, then repeating the pairing process?

The very last suggestion I have is more of a hail Mary. Android phone reviews I have in the past downloaded and installed Windows Mobile Device Center ( which “offers device management and data synchronization between a Windows Mobile-based device and a computer.” However, it states specifically on the Microsoft website that this is for Windows Vista and works with Windows Mobile-based devices. Android phone geeker Even though it was developed to sync files on Windows mobile devices with a computer, it comes with a driver that may or may not work. Fastest browser for android phone You could download and install it to see if it does anything. About phone android I may be way off base here because I really don’t know that much about Windows Mobile Device Center.

So you do not hear the “Power on” voice prompt? Are you able to get the headphones into pairing mode (with the headphones off, press and hold the button until the voice prompt says “Pairing” and the MPOW light flashes blue and red)?

If you do not hear the “Power on” voice prompt when turning the MPOW headphones on and they will not go into pairing mode after being charged and they are not working with your device after having successfully paired them to the device in the past, I would guess that you headphones are faulty. Jihosoft android phone recovery reviews Contact MPOW support at (or whomever you purchased them from) for a replacement.

I had just purchased a pair of these headphones and spent about 2 hours watching a number of videos on YouTube trying to figure out how to charge them to no avail. Android phone below 3000 They all show themselves unpacking them and the extras that come in the package but not one showed where I was supposed to plug into the headphone to charge them.

Note to the guys – you could learn something from Kathleen. Usb c android phone When reviewing a product that does NOT come with instructions on how to charge them and it is not really intuitive (I had been trying to pull off a different part to try to find the USB connection), showing how to get them up and running would be really useful. What are android phones This was not as obvious as – lady, is your fridge plugged in??