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Nexus sailfish images confirm metal and glass design, fingerprint sensor – android authority mt65xx android phone driver xp download Update: The Twitter user that posted the first blurry 2016 Nexus photo has posted another one from a different angle, which you can see below. Original post: The last few days have been quite eventful for Nexus fans waiting to hear more about Google’s upcoming device in 2016. Android phone 10000 to 15000 After all the excitement generated by its leaked specs, features, and renders surfacing over the past several weeks, eager fans yesterday got to see the smartphone in the flesh for the first time. G tide android phone A blurred close-up image claiming to be that

of the 2016 HTC Nexus featuring a glass and a fingerprint sensor on the rear was posted on an anonymous Twitter account.

Now, more new images of the device have surfaced online, courtesy of Android Police, confirming its previously leaked metal and glass design and suggesting that it could be the smaller of the two Nexus devices, Sailfish slated for launch this year. The image of a purported 2016 Nexus that appeared on Twitter matched its previous descriptions and mockups, showing the device with a glass and metal body, and a rear fingerprint sensor.

Android apps windows phone 10 In the image, a camera and flash were visible in the top left corner, along with a headphone port on the top right edge of the handset. The latest leaked images now confirm the glass panel and fingerprint sensor on the back, and the same camera and sensor layout, though the device appears to be much thinner in comparison to the previous image on Twitter. Android phone hacker The “G” logo on the rear bottom is also missing, but is likely to feature on the final device when it arrives in the market.

There’s no official word yet on when the 2016 Nexus will arrive, but rumors point to an October 4 launch. Android apps windows phone 10 With the number of leaks only increasing of late, what we can certainly confirm is that an official announcement should be forthcoming very soon. Are you excited about the upcoming Nexus 2016? Hit the comments below to let us know!

I hope that these are just concepts and that the final product will have front facing speakers. I am with you… I have had smartphones since the Palm Treo days and have listened to music on it’s speakers pretty much zero.

What is an android mobile phone When playing MP3’s when out and about I use headphones, when in car and at home I use Bluetooth. What is the best android phone antivirus I cant imagine losing bezel space to have speakers facing me that I will never utilize… Still, for those that use it, it sucks if you don’t have it… But those people should get used to it and find alternatives, because its about heading for extinction. ” its about heading for extinction.

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Anyhow, with HTC and now likely Nexus there really arent alot of phones left with FFS. 9 apps for android phone Some budget phones and some off brands. Android phone how to There arent any flagships at all now that have it except apparently Sony. Moto e android phone Which hardly sells at all. What is an android phone vs smartphone They are good phones though, so if sales for the Xperia’s skyrocket, other makers may follow suit, but the fact it the opposite is currently happening. Android phone to tablet Phones with FFS arent selling well at all and therefore OEM’s are dropping it. Cell phone reviews android You can rant and rave all you want it doesn’t change facts.

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Is this phone an android Where’s the fallacy in it? A lot of comments here argue for FFS. Android phone comparison 2016 Attributing FFS to the weak sales of some phone models is just retarded. M horse android phone Weak sale results from a combination of many factors. Android phone comparison chart Besides many consumers, including Android users, just gobble down what the OEM dish out. Fastest android phone 2016 Just saying…

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Android phone ringtones How’s your Glass doing? Selling off the shelves like hot bread, right?

I know it’s hard for you to follow but I go slowly for you: Speak up for what you want. Android phone news Just don’t gobble what OEMS shove down your throat. 7 inch phone android But hey, be a sheep if you choose. How do you know for a fact that only a minority wants FFS? What if the majority wants it but decides to be silent and fork out the dough?

Huawei should produce their own “nexus-like” phone and sell it. Lge android phone driver windows 7 x64 Huawei phone refresh with stock Android would be awesome. Android phone memory full Give the same support as a Nexus would receive and I would be all over it. Android phone 4 inch They could even throw in some cool hardware features that they couldn’t get approved from Google with the 6p. I have the flexibility to do both. Android device manager reviews My scenario is a wireless charging pad on my desk at work and one on the nightstand at home.

Fastest browser for android phone I come in to the office and plop my phone down without any extra steps to plug in. Fastest android phone 2016 I have a computer and a land line at my desk but I still get the occasional call on my cell. Jihosoft android phone recovery review When I leave for home my phone is always at 100%. Android phone dock At night when going to bed there’s no fumbling of wires in the dark.. Android phone under 7000 I just set it on the pad and go to sleep. Android phone news If I get a call in the night there’s no messing with cords..

Android phone 4 Just pick the phone up and set it back down when done. Com android phone zostal zatrzymany It’s just convenient, takes up next to no space and adds so little bulk to the phone that you wouldn’t be able to tell if a phone had it or not. Unfortunately com android phone has stopped It’s a simple technology that costs very little to implement and it’s inexcusable that any phone today would launch without it. I don’t see how it can with a metal back.. Android phone driver asus I guess the charging loop could be up under the glass but that seems like a weird place to put it… Supposedly the Iphone is finally going to have because they are going to use a ceramic back instead of metal.

I like 5.5 inches but just hate how we don’t have much options. Android phone on safe mode the note series is pretty awesome BUT to me, I feel like you can just get a S7 edge used and get a really good discount. Android phone geeker reviews The screens are almost identical, and almost the same size.

Android phone emulator for windows I say get a note 7, only if you can’t live without the awesome s-pen, or the new awesosme gif maker lol It looks like they are doing the same thing as they did with the HTC 10. Android phone keeps restarting Bass speaker on the bottom, and treble speaker is the earpiece. Android phone under 10000 Not quite as good as the old setup, but still better than most everything out there. Android phone very slow My question is, why would you ever use speakers on a phone, anyway? Headphones or one of the many awesome bluetooth speakers out there seem like a better option by a significant margin, even applying that to the old dual front facing design.

Android phone youtube downloader I never really saw the need. Android phone apps free download Physics tells us that tiny speakers will sound pretty bad, most of the time, regardless of which direction they face. Unfortunately they seem to be a dying breed, much like removable batteries.

What android phone should i buy I already decided on the Axon 7, though the new Nexus looks decent, even if it looks ugly as shit. Site: