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Possible virus alert in all cheap chinese phones – android based phones – china-devices. com what is android phone If you have had recent problems with unwanted apps (mostly porn and “sexy pics”) and you thought it was you that happened to download a virus, then I think I know why. Late on Friday 29th July (GMT time zone approx 21::00hrs) My Swees X534 started going “NUTS!” At first I thought I’d been fooled into clicking on something nasty, either on my phone or in Playstore while on my tablet.

Best reviewed android phone I worked at it for two full days before I thought I fixed it. Android phone tracker app That’s when my sister told me that her phone had started to download LOTS of “sexy pics” and nither her or her grandchildren

(young adults) could fix it. edited…..I forgot to say: I bought her phone, Swees X534, from the same Ebay seller I bought my phone from. So for me the penny has dropped…… On an android phone MULTIPLE VIRUSES built into the firmware!

Changing several of the settings including “Allow From Unknown Sources” Sending texts (You do not know it does this-but you started getting cold calls shortly after buying your cheap Chinese phone.) Downloading installing running and updating unwanted apps and browsers The list goes on but its after 02:00hrs and I’m getting sleepy so I believe that’s the main covered.

I’m in touch with my Ebay seller “Z…. O…..” who say they are in touch with their seller and have assured me that things will be sorted. I’ll keep you posted as to how things go there.

9 apps for android phone In the mean time if you do have similar problems please leave a comment with the make and modle of your phone. this is a common problem with these unknown china brands that people buy…they tend to come loaded with malware/spyware/virus etc,this usually happends after the manufacturer has sold the unit on to the seller who either adds all this crap onto the stock rom before selling it onto to the buyer….

this is why we always strongly advise here that you either find a reputable seller or shop from which to make a purchase…or better yet buy from the larger manufacturers like xaiomi,ZTE.lenovo etc and their official sellers….just randomly buying from an ebay seller is never a good idea no matter their rep there as ebay is rife with sellers of disrepute it’s almost as bad as aliexpress for rip off merchants my advice to anyone wanting to purchase a cheaper chinese alternative is to first do their research and ask around in the forums and spend a significant ammount of time on google finding out more about the seller and the product youtube is also a great place to find westerners who have reviewed the units and if it has not been reviewed then it’s almost not worth looking at in your situation i would send all units that you purchased back to the seller and demand a full refund…and as i explained do some research before purchasing a device from china,below i will link you to a great price comparisson site where you can see the best of the devices worth buying and they also provide links to the sellers as well….

not all the listed prices are 100% acurate but they are near enough to not be a problem also below is a site where you can check if the device you are thinking of buying will work in your country/carrier….again this is not always 100% acurate but i suspect this is because of wrrongly listed specs by some manufacturers/sellers and not the site itself Can you upload a screenshot of all your apps in settings ?

Maybe you installed something jerky, is unknown sources on ? Yes thats a problem, but i´ve seen it mostly on cheap replicas from iphone or samsung. Www android phone Anyway you can install Please login or register to see this link. and run it, maybe its a easy to detect one, also a antivirus app sometimes will detect it. Android handset usb driver Identifying the service or app can be hard and even when you remove it, you are not quite sure what else it does in the background (sending your data etc) Founded in 2014, China-Devices now became the largest forums about chinese devices. 1 android phone We cover everything like Android hardware and app reviews, news and advice.

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