Remains of the day_ microsoft aiming for two big windows 10 updates in 2017 _ life hacker india windows 10 update s

Remains of the day_ microsoft aiming for two big windows 10 updates in 2017 _ life hacker india windows 10 update s With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update rolling out to users this week, Microsoft is already planning future developments for the OS. Windows 10 cloud They’re aiming to release two significant feature updates in 2017. • In a blog post detailing how the new features might affect IT professionals, Microsoft’s Nathan Mercer revealed that the recent Anniversary update will be the last feature update in 2016, but two more are expected next year. Windows 10 download drivers No word on what new features the next update might have.

10 windows [Microsoft via The Verge] • In other news,

Facebook is testing a Snapchat-like interface that opens directly to your camera instead of the News Feed. Avast for windows 10 free download They’re trying it out in Brazil and Canada with no immediate intentions of bringing the interface to the US, but the reception will affect future designs. Microsoft windows 10 free trial In 2013, Facebook offered to acquire Snapchat for $3 billion; they declined. Microsoft windows 10 pro upgrade [Buzzfeed] • Popular torrent search engine Torrentz.

eu has abruptly ceased operation. Windows 10 update zurucksetzen The site is currently still live but the search engine no longer functions, and there’s a terse goodbye message with no explanation given.

Windows 10 upgrade xp Another one bytes the dust. Windows 10 upgrade questions [TorrentFreak] • Gizmodo takes a look at the Xim4 , a USB hub that lets you use a keyboard and mouse with a PS4 or Xbox One so you can properly play first person shooters.

Windows 10 upgrade issues [Gizmodo] Only exercising is not enough, a proper diet needs to be followed. Microsoft windows 10 installation Most of you are not even aware of how much you are eating. Keep a track of what you eat; you can maintain a chart or a diary. Windows 10 upgrade restart loop Set targets and mark yourself.

Windows 10 download stuck at 0 You will know if you are lagging. Microsoft windows 10 antivirus And diet does not mean starving yourself, what is important is a healthy diet and not just diet. Studies show that people underestimate their calorie intake by a substantial percentage. Windows 10 upgrade icon missing This could be a major hurdle in your weight loss process.

Keep a check on your calorie intake for a while and then see the results. Apart from strict diets and exercises, you need to sleep well too. Microsoft windows 10 tech support You will be surprised to know that one of the biggest reasons behind obesity is lack of sleep.

Studies show that adults with poor sleep have a 55% higher risk of becoming obese and children have an 89% higher risk. Microsoft windows 10 student So, to lose weight, sleep well!

Did you know that alcohol has about 7 calories per gram? Moderate drinking is fine, but drinking too much can make you fat. If you wish to lose the inches, avoid high calorie drinks like beer and wine.

Drinking enough water speeds up the digestion process and even boosts the amount of calories burned. Windows 10 release date germany Also, drink water before your meal, it makes you feel satiated and in turn you end up eating less. Keeping a control on your junk food may be difficult if you’re addicted to it. Windows 10 upgrade popup To lose weight you won’t only have to avoid fast food, but give up on it completely for at least a while. Windows 10 update automatic Cutting down a little of junk every day can help.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat boring food. Latest windows 10 Try experimenting with fruits, salads and make your food more exciting. You may be having a health condition that is not allowing you to lose weight. Microsoft windows 10 store These include polycystic ovarian syndrome, sleep apnea and hypothyroidism.

Windows 10 upgrade usb Check with your doctor for these. You cannot lose weight instantly. Windows 10 upgrade review It requires patience and dedication. Windows 10 upgrade not downloading You will feel de-motivated if your targets are not achieved.

Windows 10 upgrade preparing for installation So, set targets that are manageable. Windows 10 upgrade offer Once you see yourself nearing the goal, you will get the drive to lose more weight.

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