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At a time when people are storing more data than ever before and more households have multiple computers (and networked devices) in them there is a growing need for connected storage. Best backup software for android to pc Something like a network-attached storage (NAS) device is the ideal tool for sharing data with multiple computers as well as backing up those same systems. Free disk backup software Most of these devices aren’t limited to working with your computer either, they can share files with things like an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows Media Extender, connected television, and others.

Best backup software for mac In fact, they are more useful than you might think, especially once you factor in features like remote access. Best local backup software So while external USB hard drives (direct-attached storage devices) are useful, the move to a networked device is something that more and more people should be considering.

With that in mind Western Digital has released a new version of their My Book World Edition. Automatic file backup software The networked My Book has been around for some time and even though this release marks a major overhaul the name was not changed (so keep in mind that we are working with model WD10000H1NC, not the older WDG1NC10000). Win 7 backup software The new one-terabyte World Edition has revamped the internals, making for a device that has faster transfer speeds than previous models as well as slight changes to the exterior. Top free backup software The capacities have obviously increased as well–we’ll be testing out a 1TB model and the 2TB one will be arriving shortly. Easy backup software If you haven’t used a My Book World Edition in some time, you’ll also notice that features like MioNet (for easy remote access) have seen big upgrades from older versions.

The Western Digital My Book World Edition 1TB is essentially a single disk version of the company’s ShareSpace. Best free data backup software Where the ShareSpace has four drives the My Book has only one, but the software and feature sets are practically identical so we’ll be keeping this article brief. Sql backup software Pretty much everything you can do with the ShareSpace you can do with the My Book, though you obviously lose the benefits of RAID 0/1/5 and there is only a single USB slot (for adding external storage). List of backup software Another change at this point is that the My Book has a new firmware that is said to improve transfer performance greatly. What is a backup software This was a problem many people had with the ShareSpace though the firmware for that is on its way (we’ll be doing a follow-up article).

On the hardware side the My Book World Edition is a white plastic enclosure about the size of a hardcover book. Good backup software The front and sides are a glossy and the top, bottom, and rear are a vented plastic. Database backup software It is clearly designed to be placed on a bookshelf or desktop as the design is not stackable and there are no feet included for placing the drive on its side. Top 10 backup software The front has a white LED strip that flashes up and down to indicate drive activity. Free backup software It also acts as a capacity gauge that shows how much space you have left on the drive. Data backup software for windows On the back the My Book has a power button and three connections: gigabit ethernet, USB, and power. The best backup software The NAS is fanless and it is not user serviceable.

The software for the My Book, just like the ShareSpace, is all web-based. Best free backup software windows 7 This means that users only access the drive through their browser (probably which means that the drive is platform-agnostic and it will work with your Mac just as well as it will with your Windows system. System backup software You will just have to map a network drive, which is very easy using any network discovery tool (but, just to be safe, WD includes one). Backup software free This means that once the drive is on your network and powered up you will have access to it under a minute. Image backup software free WD’s setup can be as simple as setting a password or it can be quite in-depth, with email alerts, remote access, user accounts, group permissions, and so on.

The online controls that will be accessed through the browser are very easy to use so long as you have a basic understanding of networking and storage. Exchange backup software There is a Basic mode for people who are new to networked storage, but the Advanced mode is easy enough to use that almost any NAS user will feel comfortable with it. Best hdd backup software Through six tabs (System, Network, Storage, Media, Users, and Status) you can control all the NAS’ functions, from your login password to creating user accounts and all the other functions you would expect. Ftp backup software A quick look through this area will make it clear that the the My Book World Edition is for home users, not businesses, as many business features (Active Directory, etc.) are not present. Best free backup software 2016 The My Book has an iTunes server as well as UPNP support and DLNA 1.5 certification so your media can be streamed all over. Backup files software One example of this is playing 1080p video on your television through your Xbox 360.

In my testing the My Book World Edition up to my network, just like I would any NAS device. Best data backup software It was connected to a switch and through that to a Linksys WRT610N router. Corporate backup software The device was instantly recognized and accessible through Firefox. Free hard drive backup software Windows Vista also recognized it which means that I could see it through Network discovery (Start > Network) or by mapping a drive. Driver backup software Once the drive was setup on my network it was fully accessible from all my computers and I was able to map it to a drive letter for easy access through my Vista system.

The My Book World Edition is a consumer product so performance was not a top priority. Backup pc software This was also the case with the ShareSpace, which was faulted by many people for it’s slow (often under 10MBps) transfer speeds. Remote backup software Taking that into account WD has promised faster speeds with the My Book and they didn’t disappoint. Hdd backup software Initial real-world testing from a PC (with a wired connection) to the My Book moved along at about 16-17MBps when transferring a 1GB file to the NAS. Best backup software lifehacker Transferring the same file from NAS to a PC took place at 11MBps. Best free backup software 2015 This means that you don’t get the speed of something like eSATA but transfers move along good enough pace. Software backup and restore Transfer speeds mark a clear distinction between the My Book and higher-end NAS devices that hit much greater speeds.

{ad}As far as usage goes, the My Book has a few main applications. Auto pc backup software First, obviously enough, there is networked storage. Data backup and recovery software free download After that the other two big ones are remote access and automatic backups. External hard drive backup software Remote access is handled through MioNet and you get a free account with the drive so there are no subscription charges to worry about. Best personal backup software MioNet includes a third party in your information transfers but it greatly simplifies the setup and makes sharing with friends and coworkers effortless. Backup software linux WD handles backup with Anywhere Backup which does both one-click and continuous (incremental) backups of your computer. Backup and recovery software It is not the most robust backup solution, but it works easily enough and it will allow users to backup their systems as well as retrieve deleted files.

One interesting angle WD has played up with the World Edition is it’s green friendliness. Free backup software for windows server This may not be something you consider when buying a storage device, but WD points out that leaving on a NAS 24/7 consumes much less power than leaving on a PC to store/share the same data. Personal backup software Aside from low power consumption it also uses one of WD’s Green Power drives which consume up to one-third less power than a typical 3.5-inch disk.

Western Digital’s My Book World Edition, despite having the same name as the previous product, is a solid continuation of the company’s overall strategy. Auto data backup software free download They are delivering easy-to-use, consumer-focused storage devices that place price above performance, don’t bog down users with unnecessary features, and at $229.99 (1TB) and $449.99 (2TB) are priced appropriately for the intended users. Best incremental backup software This My Book World Edition is effectively version 2.0 of the product which means better performance and an easier setup so it’s worth considering even if you didn’t love your previous My Book. Software backup data While the World Edition will satisfy most people looking for simple connected storage it will be best for home users who are looking for a basic solution and don’t need business features or redundancy.

I don’t know about you guys but it seems to me this device is for me is just fine. Iomega backup software There are times the share is not accessible for some reason but i have read these are the common problems in NAS of any brand. Software backup driver As far as i can remember it only happened to me thrice in almost 2 yrs i have this. File backup software free I keep the firmware up to date. Open source backup software for windows I stopped Mionet for a while but when i heard you can use wd photos app on your ipod/phone/ipad i turned it back on. Backup restore software Wd photos is really good but as of now zoom is not yet supported but im sure they will add that soon. What is backup software If you have problems with the device try unplugging and plug back the power supply, or reset by using the reset button the one in between the power supply jack and ethernet jack for around 4 seconds if led starts to flash up and buttom alternately then you can release the reset button. Offsite backup software The firmware is in the hard drive so do not reformat or your screwed. Best free backup software for mac It isbm better to have the unit with 2 drives for firmware and data will be safer. Driver backup software free download If those guys have a problem accessing it could be the drive because you are using a single drive unit, ip address of the nas is set to static and maybe in the different subnet. Software backup programs Try my suggestions first and see if it works if not let us know.