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Running a python app on windows 10 _ softbank robotics community themes for windows 10 download I am trying to run a pyhon app to remote control my Nao from a Windows tablet. Windows 10 update from windows 8 The app works fine on a Windows 7, 64 bits, but refuses to work on Windows 10 (I tested on 32 bit and 64 bit machines). File “C:\SampleTkinter\”, line 3, in from naoqi import ALProxy File “C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\”, line 7, in import qi File “C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\qi__init__.

py”, line 72, in from _qi import Application as _Application ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found. For info, I created an specific project having only ” from naoqi import ALProxy” and the error message remains the same. Windows 10 release

date 2015 All the relevant libraries seem to be correctly included in c:\python27\lib\site-packages (qi.dll, qic, qimessaging, qipython….. I have installed Python 2.7.11, 32 bit on all computers, pynaoqi 2.1.4 for win 32, exactly the same installation sequence, includding adding c:\python, c:\python27\scripts on the windows environment variables.

I even manage to pack all the libraries using py2exe and managed to run the app on a Windows 7,32 bits (without having python installed), but the same package refused to work on Windows 10. I suspect that there may be an issue with the register of the pynaoqi libraries on Windows 10. Windows 10 upgrade fresh install Does anyone know any possible workaround for solving the problem (manual installation)? According to the documentation, Windows 8 is the latest one supported, I know that. Windows 10 download for vista However, maybe some people at Aldebaran could give some guidelines on what to look at, so that I can carry on investigating.

Windows 10 download utility At the moment I am stuck.. Is there any modification on the following libraries that would help me to solve the problem?

The problem is that, in many cases, new computers or portable devices do include Windows 10 preinstaled (exactly the same happens with the Mac devices, which upgrade their O.S.). Windows 10 download updates Most companies are not happy with the idea of keeping old OS on some of the computers. Download directx 10 for windows xp Virtualization could be a temporary workaround, but it is going to be too heavy on a tablet having an Intel Atom chipset I recently helped some other colleague to run Choregraphe on Windows 10 (by just excluding especial characters in the path), so adapting Pynaoqi to Windows 10 should not be that difficult.

Windows 10 release date nederland Has Aldebaran got any plans for a proper adaptation in the near future? Yes, I have tried launching IDLE on Windows 7 compatibility mode. Windows 10 for windows 7 No success.

I also tried reinstalling the pynaoqi library using the “Run as administrator” option, then I tried adding the site-packages foder to the windows environment variable list…;no success at all…. You can definetely run a python app from Windows 10. Microsoft windows 10 license I’ve written all the code from my app https://github.

com/lushdog/NaoController on Windows 10 using IDLE. Perhaps if you sent me your code i could try it on my machine and let you know what happens? Thanks for the answer, but there is no need to send code for this: unfortunately, it is enough to type from naoqi import ALProxy to raise the error: dll’s are not found… As I explained to Nicolas, I tend to think that the issue may be related with the installaton (character set??). Windows 8 upgraden naar 10 The fact that it works on your computer is a clear sign that the modification to be made should be really simple.

Is there any special procedure that you may have performed in order to install python or pynaoqi? I tried import sys and it worked. Microsoft surface 2 windows 10 It is an specific problem of naoqi not finding/managing to access the libraries.

The last thing I tried is to assign full permisions to every folder in the system to the default user, I uninstalled and reinstalled python27 and pynaoqi again… Windows 10 release date for pc failure..

I think that I will try to dump the contents of the python folder from Windows 7 to Windows 10, just in case some file has been corrupted during the installation for some reason… I am not familiar with “mock”, so I have not tried to install it. Windows 10 update for lumia 535 After a quick “googling”, I can see that this module does pose import errors in some windows OS. Windows 10 download cnet I will take a look at it to see if the problem is similar and/or happens as well on my Win10 device and let you know. Windows 10 upgrade usb Thanks for the hint.

I suggested trying it because it’s an addition to the base python 2.7 modules. Upgrade to windows 10 If it doesn’t work then you have an issue with all additional modules and not just naoqi which changes the problem you are trying to solve. The choregraphe and python SDK are working “fine” on Windows 10 (just some crash from choregraphe every now and then).

The trick, as I posted in another thread ( has to do with the version of Python you are using. For the Windows versions, you need ABSOLUTLY to use the 2.7.0 version of Python, and NOT any other versions : i know that to you (and was also for me), it is the “same” to use 2.7.0 or 2.7.x “bove”, however it is not the same as there is couple of libraries that are linked to that particular 2.7.0 version.

So, make sure you have the 2.7.0 version of Python ( and let us know if this fixes your problem. Windows 10 update prompt It sure solved mine.

Just to summarize: I manage to solve the problem just by installing Visual C++ 2010 redistributable libraries, as easy and simple as that!! It seems that those libraries are not encapsulated inside PyNaoqi. Windows 10 upgrade time limit I suggest Aldebaran to add a small text at the download section indicating the need for installing them in addition to PyNaoqi for Windows. I had previously uninstalled Python 2.7.11 and reinstalled 2.7.0, following a suggestion from Pierre-yves B. Windows 10 date sortie I would like to inform that was NOT the solution.

Windows 10 release date deutschland PyNaoqi for windows seems to work with any sub-version of Python 2.7, at least under Windows environment. Site: