Smarts for less_ the 10 best cheap smart watches 2016 best hiking apps for iphone 5

Smarts for less_ the 10 best cheap smart watches 2016 best hiking apps for iphone 5 What makes a great cheap smart watch? High functionality is key, of course, but design is also important. Best vpn app for iphone 4 The best cheap smart watches needs to look sleek, better than a fitness tracker yet less pretentious than something you need to call a “time piece” but does nothing more than display the time of day on an analog face. Best apps for an iphone 4 Effortless smartphone sync is a must, activity tracing is necessary, and lots of available apps for complete customisation is essential as well.

Sure, the Apple Watch may be the undisputed king of the smart watch sector, but cheap smart watches are having an increasingly

large impact on the market. Best secret apps for iphone 4 According to Gartner, Inc., 2016 is expected to be a huge year for smart watches, and it’s not all coming from Apple. Best apps for iphone 5 photography Consumers are expected to spend $11.5 billion USD on the wearables, and unit sales are projected to be over 50 million. Best app for iphone 4 to download free music With Apple Watch sales down significantly in 2016, other, cheap smart watches are selling more.

Best app for iphone 5 to watch movies Affordable Intelligence – Cheap Smart Watches may initially seem like looking for a product that probably doesn’t exist: can it be good and cheap? The answer is yes. Best astronomy apps for iphone 5 You don’t have to drop £259 or more (lots more) on an Apple Watch — you can get a much cheaper smart watch, and yes, it will have apps and tracking and good design and everything else you want.

Best apps for iphone 6 free Here are our picks for the best cheap smart watches, from most expensive to cheapest. Best apps for iphone without internet 1. Best apps for iphone productivity Motorola Moto 360 Priced at £199, the Motorola Moto 360 may not exactly be a cheap smart watch, but it’s certainly more affordable than Apple’s offerings. Best free apps on iphone This one is a strong example of form over function, as it’s a truly beautiful device, with a smooth, round, metal face covered with Gorilla Glass 3 and held together with a leather band.

Best apps for iphone 4 in cydia It boasts a touch screen that looks really sharp and not at all like a sports watch. The best apps for iphone 5s Plus, it comes in men’s and women’s sizes — that is, larger and smaller.

The Moto 360 has a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and runs Android wear; it’s powered by names you know and trust. Best free apps for my iphone 4s There’s an activity tracker with optical heart rate monitoring, as well as smart notifications and full voice control. Iphone 4s best apps It has an ambient light sensor, which can keep the screen dim instead of shutting it off completely; it’s a nice feature, but it does decrease battery life.

Best apps for iphone 3gs free download Speaking of the battery, it should last about two days, and the watch charges in a cool wireless charging cradle. You can’t actually make phone calls on the Moto 360, which is a surprising omission in a device like this. Best apps for iphone 4 uk It does have wifi and BlueTooth connectivity, and it works with both Android and iOS. Best free apps download iphone 4s It’s dust and water resistant, though not fully waterproof. Best apps for iphone 5s 2015 And yes, it’s £199, but you know that you’re getting a big name watch and not a ridiculously cheap product from a company you’ve never heard of. Best apps for iphone 4s ios 8 It’s the most expensive of the cheap smart watches, but it looks great and performs well.

The best apps for iphone 4 2. Best voice apps for iphone 4 Sony Smartwatch 3 Sony’s latest iteration of their smart watch retails for £189.95 but can often be found for half that. Iphone best apps It’s an Android wear watch that’s mostly geared toward athletes and fitness enthusiasts, mostly because it has built in GPS. Best free apps in iphone This all-important and often omitted feature allows you to use your watch for tracking route and distance information when you run or walk.

Apple iphone best apps Plus, thanks to 4GB of storage space, you can keep some tunes on the Smartwatch 3. Best barcode app for iphone 4 Pair up some BlueTooth enabled headphones, and you can go for a run and leave your phone at home. The Smartwatch 3 is also an all day tracker, plus it has smart notifications, voice control, and is totally waterproof.

Best free wallpaper apps for iphone Battery life is about a day; charge it every night and you shouldn’t have to worry about running out of juice during the day. Best apps for iphone 4 jailbreak A big feature that it’s missing, though, is heart rate monitoring. Best texting apps for iphone 4 However, if the Smartwatch 3 is truly aimed at athletes, then the intended audience will know that the most accurate heart rate numbers don’t come from wrist-based monitors anyway. It looks like a sports watch, with its rubbery wristband and ordinary squarish face; the default band can be swapped out for a stainless steel or leather one if you want an upgrade. Best free utility apps for iphone 4 The colour on the 1.6 inch touchscreen display is a bit lackluster, but it gets the job done.

Best iphone only apps The Sony Smartwatch 3 is the best cheap watch for serious runners, and it’s your best bet if you want your take on the cheap smart watches with built in GPS. Relevant: Sony Smartwatch 4: Features, Release Date, Price, Review 3. Best apps for iphone health Pebble Time Pebble made its name as the first real viable smart watch option when it debuted on Kickstarter in 2012. Best apps for iphone list It was initially an expensive choice, but now it’s one of the best cheap smart watches on the market.

Best apps for iphone 6 camera The Pebble Time, which sells for £149.99, differs from other, less expensive Pebble models in that it has a colour reflective screen instead of just a monochrome epaper display. Best apps for iphone 4s siri What’s more, it’s always on, and you might think that its battery life would suffer as a result, but you’d be wrong: it lasts about four days and charges via Pebble’s proprietary contact cable. There’s no touchscreen on the Pebble Time; it’s controlled via side buttons. Best free pregnancy apps for iphone The face is covered with Gorilla Glass, however.

Best ereader app for iphone The overall design is somewhat utilitarian and definitely less sleek than some other models, and its oblong face is not especially fancy but definitely not ugly either. As for OS, the Pebble Time runs its own Pebble OS, and it can run quite a few apps. Best apps for iphone 5s ios 8 It comes with its own Health app, but there are games and more. Best ios 8 apps for iphone 6 The device can also give you smart notifications and a useful calendar timeline.

Best apps for unlocked iphone 4 It’s compatible with both Android and iOS. Best free apps for iphone 4s 2015 And while the Pebble Steel and the original Pebble watches are cheaper than the Pebble Time, we like the Time for its full colour display. Best free music apps for iphone 5 It feels more like a real smart watch and less like a strange wearable gadget. Best alarm app for iphone 5s It’s not the fanciest choice, but it’s still one of the best cheap smart watches. Best apps for iphone 4 free download 4. Best apps for iphone 6s 3d touch Samsung Gear Fit2 At £149, the Samsung Gear Fit2 straddles the line between smart watch and fitness tracker.

Best apps for iphone 5 screen If your motivation for buying a smart watch is to keep tabs on things like heart rate and daily steps, though, the Fit2 is one you’ll want to seriously consider. Best apps for iphone 2014 paid It boasts heart rate monitoring, onboard GPS, and even automatic exercise detection. Best apps for iphone 4s 2015 It also has advanced fitness tracking that can keep tabs on all sorts of exercises, including cycling, running outdoors or on a treadmill and just about anything you might do at the gym. The 4GB of onboard storage means you can put some tunes on the Fit2, pair it with some BlueTooth headphones, and exercise without your phone nearby. Best barcode app for iphone 5 That is, unless you want to use Spotify; the Fit2 integrates with the music service, but only if your phone is within range.

Best free apps for iphone 6 Battery life isn’t bad at just over two days, especially considering that GPS and heart rate monitoring need a lot of power. The design of the Fit2 is a big standout. 5 best apps for iphone 4 It’s stunning, with a full colour, always on AMOLED touchscreen display that’s curved so it fits around your wrist rather than sitting on top of it. The best apps on iphone The screen isn’t narrow, but its 216×432 dimensions make it feel that way, so a lot of swiping is necessary to see all of your data points. The biggest downsides of the Fit2 are that it works only with Android phones, and it won’t run any apps besides the built in fitness widgets.

Best girly apps for iphone 4 Still, it’s one of the best cheap smart watches out there — that is, if you consider it a smart watch. Best free apps for iphone 2014 (We do.) Relevant: Best Samsung Smart Watches: From Gear 2 to Gear S2 5. Best t shirt design app for iphone Asus ZenWatch 2 It’s easy to mistake the Asus ZenWatch 2 for an Apple Watch. Best apps for iphone 6 ios 8 It has the same chunky square face with rounded corners, the same premium band (your choice of metal links or leather), and the same side button — or digital crown, if you will.

Best panorama apps for iphone 4 But of course, it’s not an Apple Watch. Best free apps for iphone 4 ios 7 This is a ZenWatch 2, and it costs just £109.95. Obviously, this is a cheap smart watch that looks amazing, but it can do a lot too. Best useful iphone apps It runs Android wear and has a built in mic and speaker, so you can take and make calls from the wrist. Best hotspot app for iphone 4 It’s easy to send and receive text messages, and it delivers smart notifications as well.

Best apps for iphone 2g It can do fitness tracking; there’s no GPS or heart rate monitoring, but it can handle the basics. The ZenWatch 2 is powered by a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor and has 4GB of onboard storage. 10 best free apps for iphone 4s Battery life maxes out at two days, and it charges via proprietary magnetic charger. Best apps for iphone 4 cydia If you’re on the lookout for a device that looks like an Apple Watch but isn’t even half as costly, the Asus ZenWatch 2 may be the best cheap smart watch you can buy. Relevant: The Best Android Wearable: Sony Smartwatch 3 vs. Best secret apps for iphone 4 Asus ZenWatch 6. Best apple apps for iphone LG W100 G Watch Unassuming and simple, the LG W100 G Watch can be found for just under £100. Best apps for iphone and ipad It looks good, like a slimmer and lower profile Apple Watch, and its rubbery strap can easily be swapped for other G Watch straps from LG. Best apps for iphone 3gs 2013 The display is full colour and fully touchscreen; there are no buttons!

What’s more, it’s an always-on display if you want it to be. Another Android Wear smart watch, the G Watch has 4GB of storage for a good number of apps, an onboard mic and speaker for making and taking calls, and great “OK Google” integration; just ask a question, and you’ll get the right response. Best ereader app for iphone It can deliver smart notifications, and is water and dust resistant. Best apps for iphone 4 ever Battery life is over one day but less than two, so you’ll pretty much need to charge it every night with its micro USB cable.

The drawback of the G Watch is that it works with Android phones only. Best poker apps for iphone 4 Otherwise, it’s a good cheap smart watch from a respected company.

Best apps for iphone 6s plus 2016 It comes in under the £100 threshold and is worth a look. Best apps for iphone 6 7. Best apps for iphone 2g PowerLead Pwah PL-G3 Now we’re getting to the bargain basement of cheap smart watches; we’ve descended well below the £100 mark, and the first of those ultra cheap smart watches on our list is the PowerLead Pwah Pl-G3. The best apps for iphone 4 Priced at £79.99, it looks like a lesser Moto 360 (which it sort of is), with its round, full colour touchscreen display. Best free apps for iphone 2014 It works with both Android and iOS, but since capabilities are limited with iOS devices, we recommend it for Android users only.

Despite its low price, the PL-G3 has a heart rate monitor to go along with its fitness and health tracking functions. Best apps for your iphone 4 There’s also a built-in speaker and mic, and in fact, if you have a SIM card for it, you can even use it as a standalone 2G phone. Best free educational apps for iphone The battery should last a few days and charges via magnetic cable.

Is the PL-G3 the best smart watch out there? Not by a long shot. Best apps for iphone 4 s Still, for the price, it’s an affordable one that can handle the basics and more. 100 best free apps for iphone 8. Best apps for iphone free games No. Best free apps for iphone 2015 1 G2 The name sounds remarkably like an Apple Computer, but never mind that — this is a cheap smart watch, and a fairly decent one at that.

Best photo apps for iphone 5 free Available for £64, the G2 is aesthetically a lot like the Apple Watch, with a square face with rounded corners and a sporty band. Best apps for iphone 4s ios 8 Surprisingly, it’s covered in premium sapphire glass, a material you typically find on the more expensive smart watches. Best apps for iphone 5s ios 8 The display is a bright, full colour 240×240 touchscreen. The manufacturer of the G2 claims that it’s compatible with 99% of the smartphones on the market today, so syncing should not be an issue.

Best alarm app for iphone 5s It comes with a few basic apps, and you can add more. Best apps for iphone of all time There’s a built-in speaker and mic, so you can take and place calls, and there’s also fitness tracking with built in heart rate monitoring. Best audiobook apps for iphone 5 The G2 even has an infrared sensor that works as an intelligent remote so you can control any smart devices in your home.

There is actually a built-in camera on the G2, though it’s just two megapixels and the image quality isn’t great. Best sports apps for iphone 4 It’s water and dust resistant, and while it has BlueTooth connectivity, there’s no wifi. Best cydia apps for iphone 4 free At just £64, the G2 is certainly affordable, even among other cheap smart watches.

Best apps for iphone free games It’s worthy of consideration because it can do a fair amount, and it looks pretty good to boot. Best apps iphone 4s 9. Best free bible apps for iphone StarryBay Smart Watch GT08 The GT08 is another Apple Watch look alike, and while it technically works with both Android and iOS, the manufacturer warns that it is “more suitable for Android phones than iPhone” due to limited functionality with call sync, music control, and a few other functions. It costs around £40, which is a remarkable price given all it can do and how tasteful it looks. Best apps for iphone 4s ios 8 It features a full colour 1.54 inch square touch screen display with a side button like Apple’s digital crown.

Best 911 app for iphone You get surprisingly good sound quality from the speaker, and there’s a built-in microphone for making and taking calls. Best apps for iphone 5 australia In fact, if you insert a SIM card, the GT08 is a fully functioning phone. Top 10 best apps for iphone 4 There’s also a built-in video camera, though as you might expect, the quality is iffy at best. You also get an activity and sleep tracker on the GT08, and like some advanced fitness trackers, it can remind you to move if it detects you’ve been sitting too long.

Best free apps for iphone 6 plus 2015 There’s no wifi connectivity, but it does have BlueTooth. Best free running apps for iphone There’s nothing especially noteworthy about it, but then again, there’s nothing especially bad about it either. Best apps for iphone 5s 2014 The GT08 is one of the cheapest smart watches you can buy, and while there are definitely better options, its £40 price tag will get a smart watch on your wrist without totally emptying your wallet. Good free apps for iphone 4s 10. Best apps for iphone 6 camera Aipker Touch Screen Smart Watch The Aipker is a ridiculously cheap smart watch, selling for as little as £12.99. Best apps for iphone ever At that price, it’s worth buying just to see if you like having the thing around your wrist; department store bracelets often cost more, and they don’t do anything.

Best apps for iphone 4 free The Aipker definitely looks like a poor man’s Apple Watch: the attempt at copying the design is apparent, but ultimately, it looks like something you’d pull out of a two pound claw machine. Best nav app for iphone 4 Still, this cheapest smart watch on our list does have some abilities, so let’s take a look.

First of all, the Aipker works with Android phones only. 10 best apps for iphone 5s It has a full colour 240×240 touchscreen, and it comes with a 16GB SD card for storing music, apps, and more. Best running apps for iphone 4 (It can support an SD card up to 32GB.) It does have a built-in camera, though calling it a camera is generous, as the resolution of the photos it takes is not even a full megapixel.

It does have fitness and sleep tracking capabilities, it can make and take phone calls, it can play music and record audio, and it can sync with social media platforms and most apps. Best apps for iphone 6s 3d touch It’s not waterproof, though, and battery life is a little over a day. Best apps in iphone Again, the Aipker is not the best cheap smart watch option by a long shot; its price is the most appealing thing about it. Best free apps for iphone for toddlers If you want a smart watch on your wrist but have just a few quid in your pocket? The Aipker might be the one for you. Best apple iphone apps Coming Soon: Another Contender Xiaomi is a Chinese tech company that’s famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) for making the Mi Band, a fully functional fitness tracker that sells for under £20. Iphone best apps list Its successor, the Mi Band 2, is also available for just over £30. Best apps for iphone 4g Clearly, Xiaomi has found a way to make functional technology highly affordable.

Best apps for iphone 4g So recently, when the company announced its upcoming Smart Watch, the industry was abuzz. It’s all but a given that the Xiaomi Smart Watch shake up the field of cheap smart watches, and there’s lots of speculation on its features, design, and price. Apple iphone best apps The release date of the Xiaomi Smart Watch is unclear; many expect it to launch by fall 2016, and it should certainly be out by the end of the year. The best apps for iphone 5 Since we haven’t had a chance to evaluate it, we can’t say for sure if it belongs on this list.

Apps best iphone However, chances are it does. Best free driving apps for iphone If you’re planning to wait a month or two before picking up a cheap smart watch, keep an eye out for Xiaomi’s contribution to the field. Best new apps for iphone 5s Spend Less, Get Smart It would be wonderful if we could all afford a beautiful new Apple Watch, but with Apple’s prices notoriously higher than the competition, it’s just not possible.

Best apps to have on iphone Fortunately, there are many less expensive smart watch options, and many of them are quite good. Best astronomy apps for iphone 5 The best one for you will depend on what you want your smart watch to do, how much of a premium you place on good design, and of course, how much you can spend.

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