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Softpedia – free downloads encyclopedia windows 10 update download Enough with the iPhone and iPad. Windows 10 update doesn’t work Apple needs to apply all that knowledge to the Mac as soon as possible The Retina MacBook Pro has been the same since May 2015. Latest windows 10 The same design, the same hardware, and it only got some incremental software updates with OS X every year.

The iMac has not received anything new since October of 2015. Windows 10 release candidate download I don’t even want to mention the MacBook Air, the Mac Mini or the Mac Pro. Windows 10 release date aus To have the same hardware and design for more than 3 years in a row feels un-Apple-like.In the meantime, the iPhone was changed every year, and the iPad has a bigger


Windows 10 upgrade period The guys over at Cupertino have a few excuses, but do they really hold water?Software doesn’t make it new, especially … Remember the floppy drive? The 1.44MB storage device was too small in capacity and too big in size for a modern computer.

Telecharger windows 10 Apple decided to remove it, and the world went on fire. Internet explorer 10 download windows 8 The CD and DVD were the future.

Remember Flash? Steve Jobs didn’t even want to consider it for his mobile devices, and everyone called him an arrogant old man. Microsoft windows 10 compatibility Apple has always followed in the footsteps of ice skater Wayne Gretzky: “Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” And they were (most of the times) right.Quality versus convenienceThe most recent debate in the Apple world is all about…

Siri vs. Windows 10 update 0x80240fff Google Assistant – The Virtual Assistants Battle Is All About Privacy How much are you willing to pay in order for the virtual assistant on your mobile phone to become smarter? Everybody admits it: the next battle will be all about virtual assistants and virtual reality.

Windows xp 10 The other one is pretty simple: good graphics, lighter headsets, and better integration with the mobile ecosystem. Problems with windows 10 upgrade The first one, however, is the one giving headaches to the user and even more problems to the developers.

Every virtual assistant on the market (and I am thinking of Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo, and other small ones) has a server side in order to process the information it gives to the user, a voice recognition side, and an interface to present the data (voice or screen). Windows 10 download time The way th… CFAA Amendment Would Make the Life of a Security Researcher Even Tougher US senators try to pass the same sneaky amendments that didn’t pass in CISA, now hidden inside the Email Privacy Act Two US senators have proposed an amendment to the CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act) that would criminalize the work of security researchers and grant new surveillance powers to local US authorities, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) warns.Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island) and Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) have submitted an amendment to the CFAA law, which the EFF is saying they may try to sneak past voters as part of the Email Privacy Act that’s up for voting in the coming weeks.The two used the same tactic last year, when they tried to slip the same amendment as part of the Cy… I’m an Apple fan, but not a fanboy.

Скачать windows 10 I like and own many of their products, I understand their strategies, and I admire them for many things, but in the last couple of years, I’ve started to get annoyed by their vanity and lack of action. Windows 10 free download microsoft They seem to be stuck with the same direction of development imposed by the stock market goals and multi-year product development.Meanwhile, the actual devices market changes pretty quickly and they seem to be afraid to make any bold moves.

Now the stock market has finally made the move and everyone in the media rejoices at every chance they get to throw … Go ahead and look for an app in AppStore. Windows 8 auf 10 updaten You’ll be amazed to notice that, even if you type its exact name, you will get dozens of similar-looking or similarly dubbed apps.

Windows 10 upgrade problems That is not helpful in any way, and if you combine that with the fact that iTunes on the Mac is a bloated everything store, you come to realize that something needs to change right away.The good old iPod timesApple is working on the AppStore on a trial and error basis. Microsoft windows 10 pro download Services like Ping (the Apple social network) and other stuff that was part of the iTunes app and the AppStore are long gone.

Windows 10 update manager However, Apple has never really man… The best choice would be iPhone, iPhone Pro, iPhone Plus, and apply that to iPad and Macs for the current lineup A few years ago, it was easy: you could have gotten the new iPhone, iPad or MacBook Pro and run with it. Windows 10 update xbox one It was the best, the most current, with the latest iOS or OS X and all the bells and whistles. Fast forward to 2016 and you have five different models of iPhone in two or four different colors, with two or three different capacities, and running on two chips.

The newest iPhone (iPhone SE) is not the best out there, it doesn’t have the best screen, the best camera or the highest battery. Windows 10 release date us It doesn’t even support 3D Touch and lacks a sensor and some other internals. Yes, I am ta… Site: