Sql alwayson fci in azure iaas cloud with starwind virtual san solution –

This article explains how to deploy an SQL AlwaysOn FCI in Azure IaaS Cloud in SAN-less mode (without Shared Storage like SAN, NAS …) with StarWind Virtual SAN solution.

StarWind Virtual SAN allows to present Shared Volume to a WSFC Cluster from two or more nodes without physical shared storage solution (SAN, NAS …). Computer backup software free The DAS Storage (Physical or Virtual) of each node is used to create clustered volume managed by VirtualS AN. How to backup pc software It can be used for Hyper-V clusters, SQL Cluster, VMware cluster …

For SQL, the advantage of this solution is that it is possible to deploy a SQL AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instance (which requires only SQL Server Standard version licenses) instead of a SQL AlwaysOn AAG cluster (which requires SQL Enterprise licenses => more expansive).

On each node a Virtual SAN volume is created (file extension: SWDSK), Virtual SAN will replicate this volume between the two nodes (Synchronous replication). Best free server backup software The Virtual SAN Volume will be presented to cluster nodes through iSCSI protocol with the use of MPIO.

Note about Cache: There is different Cache mode configuration applicable on a Virtual SAN Volume, this part is not covered in this article, but for example you can configured cache on SSD disk on each node to accelerate your IOPS.

In this article, each SQL VM will be configured with two VHDX (one for system and one to host Virtual SAN Volumes). Backup software free download I will configure two Virtual SAN volumes: 1x dedicated for the cluster quorum and one dedicated for the SQL FC Instance Data (DB + LOG).

Repeat the procedure for the second path of the Quorum disk. Download backup software Set the Initiator IP to the local IP of the Server and the Target Portal IP to the IP of the other SQL Serve:

Repeat the procedure for the second iSCSI target (SQL-Data Disk). Best free backup software for windows 10 The first path on the local server and the second path on the other Server. Top 10 free backup software At the end all the targets status must be “Connected”:

This is “normal” on Azure, this issue is due to the DHCP mode for the Cluster IP, the Cluster retrieves the same IP as the node where the cluster is created, so there is an IP Conflict.

This is normal, in Azure you cannot connect directly to a cluster, you have to configure an ILB (Internal Load Balancer). Data backup software free download To access the SQL Cluster Instance clients must connect to the ILB instead of the Cluster IP. Samsung data backup software free download 10 – Create an Internal Load Balancer (ILB)

Get-AzureVM -Name “l1-sqlfci-1” -ServiceName “tc-lab1-cs-sqlsrv” -Verbose:$false | Get-AzureEndpoint | ft Name,protocol,port,localport,ProbeProtocol,ProbePort, ProbeIntervalInSeconds,InternalLoadBalancerName -AutoSize

Get-AzureVM -ServiceName $CloudServiceSQL -Name “l1-sqlfci-1” | Add-AzureEndpoint -Name “SQL” -LBSetName $LBSetName -Protocol “TCP” -LocalPort 1433 -PublicPort 1433 -ProbePort 31433 -ProbeProtocol tcp -ProbeIntervalInSeconds 10 –DirectServerReturn $true -InternalLoadBalancerName $SQLClusterName | Update-AzureVM

Get-AzureVM -ServiceName $CloudServiceSQL -Name “l1-sqlfci-2” | Add-AzureEndpoint -Name “SQL” -LBSetName $LBSetName -Protocol “TCP” -LocalPort 1433 -PublicPort 1433 -ProbePort 31433 -ProbeProtocol tcp -ProbeIntervalInSeconds 10 –DirectServerReturn $true -InternalLoadBalancerName $SQLClusterName | Update-AzureVM

For reminder, during the SQL setup, I set a static IP Address on the SQL Server instance role and I configure the ILB with the same IP. File based backup software The last step is to add the probe port defined in the ILB to the SQL IP resource cluster.

Get-ClusterResource “SQL IP Address 1 (sqlfci-1)” | Set-ClusterParameter -Multiple @{Address=”″;ProbePort=”31433″;SubnetMask=”″;Network=”Cluster Network – PROD”;OverrideAddressMatch=1;EnableDhcp=0}

Note: Probe port’s job is to find out which is the active node that hosts the IP Address (SQL Role) in the Cluster. Picture backup software Load Balancer sends the probe pings over TCP port 31433 to every node in the cluster (by default every 10 seconds)

For more information about ILB and Probe Port configuration, read this excellent article: http://blogs.technet.com/b/askcore/archive/2015/06/24/building-windows-server-failover-cluster-on-azure-iaas-vm-part-2-network.aspx