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Testing_ windows 10 anniversary update for pc – tested windows 10 download cnet Featured Testing: Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update (PC) By Daniel Falconer on Aug. Windows 10 upgrade restart 1, 2016 at 1 a.m. I’ve been running Insider builds of this update for about a month, and Microsoft sent out the final version to Insiders a week and a half before everyone else gets it, for free, beginning August 2nd. Windows 10 was released this time last year, and unlike previous versions of Windows, it’s frequently updated, thanks in no small part to crucial, open feedback from users. Windows 10 upgrade for vista Windows is essentially a service now. Windows 10 download not showing up But while you’ll likely never see the words “service

pack” ever again, Microsoft isn’t shying away from major updates. Microsoft windows 10 user guide The Anniversary Update is the biggest one yet and includes new features and UI tweaks.

Windows 10 update zurucksetzen I’ve been running Insider builds of this update for about a month, and Microsoft sent out the final version to Insiders a week and a half before everyone else gets it, for free, beginning August 2nd. Without a doubt the biggest addition are the Windows Ink features. Windows 10 release date for phones These are mostly under the hood improvements that allow developers to add inking to existing apps and more easily make new ones. Windows 10 update troubleshooter In the Anniversary Update they’re showcased in something called the Windows Ink Workspace. Windows 10 update 1511 download Acting a bit like the Action Center or Cortana, the Ink Workspace can be accessed from a new icon near the system tray and it slides out from the taskbar.

Windows 10 update command line When opened you’ll first see Sticky Notes, Sketchpad, and Screen sketch. Sticky Notes have existed as a baked in feature in previous versions of Windows.

Windows 10 upgrade options The difference now is that they’re actually kind of useful. Windows 10 upgrade error Just like a real sticky note, if you’re using a device with a pen you can easily jot things down. Windows 10 update waiting for install Cortana can also tie-in to create reminders based on your notes.

Windows 10 update video driver This isn’t automatic however, and will take a few taps every time to complete. Start menu for windows 10 free download There are people out there that love their sticky notes, so now they’re here in Windows in a modern way and work well. Sketchpad is likely the best of the three, offering a blank, full screen space and a few drawing tools for simpler drawings and notes. Windows 10 download checking for updates Quick access to pen, pencil, and highlighter tools is enough for Sketchpad to be fairly useful but not too much to be confusing or encroach on OneNote for more complicated tasks.

Windows 10 upgrade questions Finally, Screen sketch takes a screenshot and gives you the same tools from Sketchpad to doodle on whatever you may wish. This is also the front and center way to try out the new on screen ruler.

Microsoft windows 10 clean install With tap of a button you gain access to a transparent, screen filling ruler. Windows 10 release schedule Moving your device’s pen, or even your finger, along the edge of the ruler will create a perfectly straight line with the tool you have selected.

For basic needs or doodling this is a strong tool. Windows 10 upgrade domain However, I would already like to see improvements.

Microsoft windows 10 iso At the center of the ruler is what’s essentially a compass; a dial with hash marks that are relative to your screen and an arm that is relative to the ruler. Windows 10 upgrade something went wrong This is handy if you want multiple lines at the same angle, or a quick way to get a perfectly vertical or horizontal line. But the only way to turn the ruler is by using two fingers and rotating it. Windows 10 install Even on my Surface Pro 3 there’s enough input lag between my finger sliding on the screen and the digital movement of the ruler that I often overshoot the hash mark I want. Windows 10 release date in india for lumia I would like to see Microsoft add the ability to tap the dial to automatically align the ruler vertically and horizontally, or something similar for quicker alignments.

At Microsoft’s Build conference this year, where the Anniversary Update was unveiled, they also showed these new Windows Ink tools in use with Office programs. Windows 10 update tool But as of this writing, those features can be found in neither the desktop or tablet versions. Windows 10 upgrade checking for updates Adobe will also update some of their desktop apps to tap into Windows Ink in the future.

The bottom of the Ink Workspace has a small grouping of recently used pen apps, a suggestions box, as well as a button to take you to a special section of the Store for more pen apps. For all of the Surface users out there, customization of the top button has been moved to the Settings app. Windows 10 update won’t install And as far as I know this marks the first time in Windows 10 that users will be able to once again open the desktop version of OneNote with the pen. Windows device manufacturers are shipping more tablets and 2-in-1s that support pen input. Windows 10 release date phone It was smart of Microsoft to create a dedicated space for these apps, and better APIs for developers to use in their apps.

Windows 10 features Windows Ink and the Workspace is a good foundation for building and showcasing pen apps. Windows 10 update 1511 But, I won’t be using my Surface any differently until the Office apps, especially OneNote, are updated with these new tools. The changes made to the Start menu/screen from Windows 8.1 to 10 were mostly for the better, so you’ll only see a few refinements in the Anniversary Update. Microsoft windows 10 installation If you’re using the Start menu you’ll immediately notice that the all apps list is always shown.

Windows 10 update 99 The Power, Settings, File Explorer, and Profile icons are now always accessible in a column in the bottom left corner. Windows phone 10 release date for lumia 535 There’s also a list in Settings of other folders that can be displayed here including all of the Libraries. When using the Start screen, either by choice or in Tablet Mode, the All Apps list is still hidden behind a button.

Windows 10 download 32 bit The list of installed apps will now display full screen in three columns, similar to how it was in Windows 8.1. Windows 10 update for lumia 630 This change, along with others, such as the option to auto-hide the taskbar in Tablet Mode, were made in an effort to address user complaints of using a tablet with Windows 10 installed. Windows 10 update 10586 Many believe the way Windows 8.1 worked was a much better experience.

Personally, I don’t like this change. Windows 10 upgrade keeps failing Even on my Surface’s high density display I never had an issue with touch targets in the Windows 10 Start menu. Windows 10 update remove And when using the Start screen there’s even more space, so it doesn’t make sense to me to have All Apps on what is essentially a different screen. Download hp drivers for windows 10 I grew accustomed to having a full screen Start menu with Windows 8, and with Windows 10 I turned on the Start screen for all of my devices, include my desktop.

Windows 10 upgrade now I hope in a future update Microsoft provides the option to have the All Apps list left column on the Start screen. The Action Center and Notifications are overhauled, starting with the icon being moved to the other side of the date and time. Windows 10 upgrade hangs The icon will also now display the number of notifications waiting for you. Windows 10 update version Notifications can now be more detailed and can even display images, and the number of notifications displayed for an app can be limited with three being the default.

Windows 10 date sortie If you want to jump into the Settings you can even prioritize notifications for specific apps so that they appear higher or always at the top. Windows 10 upgrade vs clean install Finally, Quick Actions are fully customizable with the added ability to rearrange and add/remove any of them. Windows 10 update crashes These are great improvements, and are impactful on the smaller screen of a phone. There are small changes everywhere. Windows 10 free download full version with crack For example, when signing in, the login prompt fades in on top of your lock screen image instead of just popping up with the Windows 10 logo.

Windows 10 release notes It’s also worth mentioning that Windows now has a system wide dark mode. Microsoft windows 10 oem For the past year the option was on an app by app basis, and many didn’t even have it at launch. Windows 10 upgrade microsoft Now even apps like Settings and the Calculator will adhere to the dark mode. Windows 10 download now Unfortunately, the one major exception to this is File Explorer as it is still a pure win32 program and has yet to be modernized.

Microsoft windows 10 media creation tool Edge and Cortana Microsoft’s Edge browser is actually usable now. Microsoft windows 10 mobile Wait, no, where are you going? Come back!

I’m serious. Windows 10 download upgrade Edge always had a good rendering engine, but was unusable in large part because of the lack of add-ons. Windows 10 update doesn’t work Edge finally supports extensions including the vital AdBlock, which functions identically to the Chrome version from what I can tell. Windows 10 date de sortie officiel Password management is also important for many, and support for LastPass is here out of the gate. Extensions are managed through the Store, although I wasn’t able to search for them directly and had to get to the Store page from the settings in Edge.

Windows 10 free download for laptop They’ll update automatically, just like any other Store app, but AdBlock would sometimes turn off on me after being updated, so that’s something to keep an eye on if you think you’re seeing too many ads. Among the many smaller improvements, you can now right click and save more files other than just images. Microsoft windows 10 issues Yes, Edge really was that bad before the Anniversary Update. Windows 10 upgrade free until It still has some ground to cover before it’s as capable as Chrome and Firefox. Windows 10 download status But as someone that ran back to Internet Explorer and Chrome soon after the launch of Windows 10, I can safely say that Edge is good enough to at least replace IE as my day to day browser.

Cortana is getting a little smarter in this update across platforms. Windows 10 upgrade fresh install By installing the app on Android or iOS and toggling some options, you can get your phone’s notifications on your PC. Windows 10 update error Missed calls, text messages, and even low battery alerts will come through by default.

Windows 10 update manager A toggle for every app on your phone can be set for Cortana to send notifications to your PC as well. My Nexus 5 got a lot more use when Pokemon GO came out, so I coincidentally was able to test this out thoroughly. Microsoft windows 10 license When my phone is sleeping, call and text notifications come through after no more than a second. Windows 10 download error Replying to a text message was easy and had gone through by the time I picked up my phone to confirm that it did. Windows 10 upgrade bootcamp Notifications didn’t come through on my PC when I was actively using my phone, but given the delay of going through Cortana I wouldn’t be surprised if that did happen for some.

Windows 10 update file location On one of my computers I was also getting duplicate notifications for text messages. Even if hiccups are experienced though, this seemingly minor feature is a great addition. Microsoft lumia 535 windows 10 update Most people use Windows, but they also don’t use a Windows phone. Windows 10 upgrade motherboard Notifications are a major aspect of how we use smartphones, so Microsoft being able to bring those into the computers we use shows that Cortana is becoming a more active digital assistant, rather than a passive one. Windows 10 update killer Closing Thoughts Windows 10 is an operating system that shines on devices like 2-in-1s and tablets.

Ie 10 for windows 7 32 bit When paired with a pen, using a computer becomes more natural and opens many doors for creators, so it’s no surprise that enhancements and new features of the Anniversary Update focused around that. Windows 10 update 1 Overall this update made a lot of strong improvements that, while not spectacular on their own, spruces up some previously bland aspects (I’m looking at you Edge) and just might get people to step out of their comfort zone to try them more, such as taking advantage of the Action Center.

I encourage Tested readers to install the new Feedback Hub from the Store and let Microsoft know about things that don’t work, aspects you think could be better, or even features you do like. Windows 10 upgrade clean install The feedback they receive plays a huge role in everything from bug fixes to feature prioritization.

Windows 10 update 1151 Windows 10 is updated like no other version before it, and everyone can have a legitimate say in what the future holds for Windows. Site: http://www.tested.com/tech/windows/578164-testing-microsoft-windows-10-anniversary-update-pc/