The new view-master deluxe vr is the best cheap vr headset available _ gizmodo india best racing apps for iphone 4

The new view-master deluxe vr is the best cheap vr headset available _ gizmodo india best racing apps for iphone 4 If you’re looking to dabble in VR using the smartphone you’ve already paid for, instead of spending over a $1000 on an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive setup , Google Cardboard is a great affordable alternative. Best free wallpaper apps for iphone But why spend $20 on some folded cardboard when for $40 you can get Mattel’s upgraded View-Master VR that’s more comfortable, more secure, and is compatible with a wider range of devices. Early last year Mattel revealed that it was working with Google to revive and update the classic View-Master toy, turning it into a kid-proof alternative to Google Cardboard for enjoying virtual reality content on a smartphone.

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for iphone video editing The new hardware did away with the View-Master discs, but you were still able to click through your own private world using VR apps and online content. Best free running apps for iphone The original View-Master VR (left) next to the new View-Master VR 2.0 (right) showing the improved locking mechanism. It was a clever pivot for the classic toy, however, if you bought the original View-Master VR, or ever had a chance to play with one, you probably immediately noticed its pitfall: The latch mechanism that was supposed to keep the viewer closed never really worked. The double-pivot design of the original View-Master VR’s hinge, which allowed the viewer to open wide so you could place your smartphone inside, caused the simple flip down latch on top to constantly pop open as you handled the viewer.

Best bluetooth apps for iphone 4 It was a frustrating design flaw that made the viewer hard to use because it would just keep popping open while you held it against your face, and worse, it also put your smartphone at risk of falling out. Best free apps on iphone The View-Master VR 2.0’s locking mechanism all but guarantees the viewer isn’t going to accidentally pop open. With the new View-Master Deluxe VR, Mattel has completely redesigned the viewer’s locking mechanism with a push-button release that won’t accidentally pop open. Best apps for iphone games I tried bumping, yanking, squeezing, and shaking the viewer, and the locking mechanism held the View-Master Deluxe VR securely shut through it all. 10 best apps for iphone 4 The release button on top is even protected with a raised piece of plastic so that your fingers won’t accidentally press it while you’re holding the viewer against your face.

Best new free apps for iphone 6 Minor focus adjustments are now possible on the new View-Master VR using a simple dial on top. Next to that red release button you’ll also find a new black focus dial. Best apps for iphone 4 2012 free Turning it back and forth shifts the viewer’s lenses forwards and back, with about a half-inch of movement.

Best game apps for iphone 3 That doesn’t seem like much, but it’s enough to bring the image in and out of focus, allowing you to dial in the sharpest picture possible. Top free game apps for iphone 3gs That dial also means the viewer now accommodates people whose eyesight might require a focus tweak-something other Cardboard headsets can’t do. Best apps for an iphone 4 There is zero chance your smartphone is going to fall out of this spring-loaded clamping mechanism. Inside the View-Master Deluxe VR you’ll find a spring-loaded clamping mechanism which is designed to securely hold a wide variety of smartphones, including some of larger devices that have regrettably become popular as of late. Best zombie apps for iphone The LG G5 easily squeezes inside the new updated View-Master.

Here’s the 5.3-inch LG G5 placed inside the View-Master Deluxe VR’s clamp. Top best apps for iphone The smartphone’s not quite as large as something like the iPhone 6s Plus, but it’s a hefty device, and still easily fits inside the viewer with room to spare if your hardware is even larger. Best dating apps for iphone 4 A built-in adapter accommodates smaller smartphones like the iPhone 5. To accommodate smaller phones like the iPhone 5, the original View-Master VR included an optional adapter you could attach to your phone before placing it inside. Best apps for iphone 2012 It was easy to lose, however, so this time around Mattel has built a spring-loaded adapter directly into the View-Master Deluxe VR’s clamp.

Top rated free apps for iphone 4s Just pop it up, place your smaller smartphone inside, and it will be held just as securely as a hulking device. Best free apps for iphone 4s ios 7 An included headphone adapter cable finally lets you connect headphones while using the new View-Master. Mattel has also improved how the new view handles audio. Best free apps for iphone 5s 2015 The original version held your smartphone inside its plastic housing, which meant if you wanted to hear what was happening in a VR video or VR app, you had to turn your smartphone’s speaker up to hear it through the housing, or use wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Best free apps for iphone 3gs Let’s hope Apple doesn’t switch to Lightning headphones. The new View-Master Deluxe VR includes an audio adapter cable that can be connected to either side of the viewer to accommodate headphone jacks located on the top or bottom of a smartphone. Best apps iphone 4s Let’s hope the next iPhone doesn’t eliminate the headphone jack like the new Moto Z has. Best apps for iphone cydia But wireless headphones are still an option if that happens.

Best free apps for iphone 6 Still no head strap, but at least your arms will get a great workout. So what’s missing?

Not much. Best apps for iphone 4s jailbroken For $40 Mattel has struck a solid balance between features, functionality, usability, and fixing everything wrong with the original View-Master VR. Unfortunately, the device doesn’t ship with a headstrap so you can’t play more involved VR games. Best useful apps for iphone But for laid-back VR experiences, like watching Cardboard-compatible videos on YouTube, the $40 new View-Master Deluxe VR is a straight-up bargain.

It’s not the cheapest or lightest viewer. Best apps for iphone 5s in india If you don’t mind sticking your smartphone into something made of paper you can get a VR headset for as little as $15. Best free apps for iphone 4s ios 7 It’s not the fanciest or most feature-packed, either.

Best free educational apps for iphone Zeiss will happily sell you a smartphone headset for $120. Best antivirus app for iphone 5s But for the price, Mattel’s new View-Master Deluxe VR viewer is easily the best Cardboard viewer you can buy-if you can wait until it’s available in October. Best camera zoom app for iphone 4 README • Mattel has fixed the major shortcomings of the original View-Master VR, including the unreliable locking mechanism, the smartphone clamp inside, and the lack of headphone connectivity.

• The ability to finally adjust the position of the View-Master Deluxe VR’s lenses and tweak the focus will make the upgraded viewer accessible to even more users. • At $40 it will be $10 more expensive than the original View-Master VR, but the improvements still make this one of the best bargains you’ll find among Google Cardboard viewers. • Still no head strap option?

I use my arms all day at work, at night they deserve a break. Best free apps for iphone 4s ios 7 The View-Master Deluxe VR weighs about the same as the original version, but since it’s made from plastic it’s definitely heavier than a cardboard headset. Dainty power banks just don’t cut it when out on an adventure in the mountains or a swim in the ocean. Best free apps for iphone 3gs 2011 What you need is something rugged, something that will survive the worst nature has to offer and the Brunton Revolt XL perfectly fits the bill.

100 best apps for iphone It’s shockproof, waterproof and dustproof and comes in a shock resistant silicone exoshell. Best apps for my iphone 4 The 9000mAh battery makes sure you can charge your smartphone at least thrice in one go. The whole point of a weekend getaway is to lose yourself in the unknown.

Best free apps for iphone uk Not every place is mapped and finding your way through these unknown terrains can sometimes get a little difficult. Best apps for iphone 5s 2013 For this reason, you need to strap the Suunto Ambit 3 Sport Watch on your wrist. Best apps for iphone 4s 2014 The Suunto Ambit 3 will track your GPS coordinates without syncing with your smartphone and without internet.

Best free apps for iphone 4s The inbuilt compass also helps in finding your way. Best iphone apps for free But it also doubles up as a smartwatch, which when paired with your iPhone, will mirror calls, messages and other notifications. Best app for iphone 5 music downloader It also has a heart-rate monitor to track your speed, pace and other vital stats.

With 4G finally breaching into the mainstream in India, being connected is just a matter of setting up a connection for all your devices wherever you go. Best apps for iphone 4 camera For this, we have the TP-Link Mini Pocket Router that comes with 3G and 4G support. Best app locker for iphone 4 Its light, small and portable enough to take it anywhere you go. Best apps for an iphone 6 Connect it to a 4G dongle and you can beam a high speed connection to all your devices. Best aviation apps for iphone 4 The inbuilt WPS button makes connecting your devices to it a piece of cake. The iPod Touch has been the clear definition of perfection when it comes to portable music player.

Best apps for the iphone It is the iPhone but without the calling facility. Best apps for iphone 4 free games Yes. Best apps for iphone ios 7 It has everything the iPhone has, including the powerful A8 chip that can handle almost anything you throw at it. Best hotmail app for iphone 4 The 64GB storage will house all the tunes you wish to listen to while on your trip and the bundled EarPods and Siri integration makes listening to music a heavenly experience. In every trip, there comes a time when you want to sneak out alone, sit among nature and tune in to your favorite music to enhance the connect with nature.

Best apps for iphone 4s games The Sennheiser PX550 wireless headphones with adaptive noise cancellation technology is your perfect companion for this. Best iphone apps for 1 year old Pair it with Bluetooth of NFC and use the CapTune app to professionally tune your headphones to draw the perfect sound out from the iPod Touch. Keeping records of that heavenly hike you went for, is a compulsion.

Best free recipe apps for iphone Who doesn’t want to bring back memories from a trip? With the GoPro Hero 4 Session Camera, all you have to do is mount this little piece of wonder on your head with a headstrap and capture the entire trip in 1440p resolution.

Best free educational apps for iphone This also happens to be the tiniest offering from GoPro. The homegrown Gecko tag has been termed as the Swiss Army Knife for smartphones. Best apps in iphone These low-powered Bluetooth enabled smart tags will help you locate and track your belongings from your smartphones. Best free video apps for iphone The moment it goes out of range, you will be alerted.

Best shopping apps for iphone 4 Long weekends also mean crowded tourist places. Best browser app for iphone 4 If you wish to protect your luggage from getting lost in the airport or anywhere in general, just attach a Gecko tag and rest easy. Best free racing apps for iphone You can also use it to control your smartphone remotely, or take photos from your DSLR or make an emergency call or change tracks in your music player.

The best free apps for iphone 6 The options are wide and infinite. With so many gadgets going for the trip with you, you need to make sure they are well protected.

Best apps for iphone camera It’s the monsoon and most of the tourist getaways tend to receive a lot of rain. Best apps for iphone 4s ios 8 With the Razer Utility Backpack, all your gadgets will fit in snug with the rest of your belongings. Best apps for iphone 2010 Its made of rugged material for heightened durability.

Best audiobook apps for iphone 5 This can also double up as your commute backpack, if you come back from your escapade. Times Global Partners is an initiative focused on partnering with Established and Emerging Global Digital Companies for growing their presence and business in India through growth in their Brand, audience, adoption, distribution and monetization. Site: