The only safe way to update your hardware drivers on windows

Automatic driver updates should default to [ OFF] . Free backup software for windows server I belive the Windows 10 RTM th2 update will allow this user setting with a new tick box that [ actually works ] you can set to * not install updated drivers* in Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > HDWE .

We have it on the latest insider build 10586 th2 which is basically what W10 RTM will be updated to via a cumulative update for the public maybe this week or next week .

Another work around until RTM updates to th2 is to set the wifi acct to a metered acct that will stop W10 from downloading updated drivers it’s in settings > network and internet > advanced options > metered connection > select [OFF]

.FWIW I have Windows 10 RTM on 3 PC’s and have been on the W10 test builds on this dual booter since Feb. Personal backup software and have had to work around these issues and roll back some drivers with automatic updates on an HP Elitebook and an HP P7 desktop .

As an IT Analyst and Tech for more than 30 years, I learned the hard way that drivers coming from Windows Update were more often than not outdated and/or caused more issues than they solved. Auto data backup software free download To be fair, this has gotten better in recent versions. Best incremental backup software However, as the owner of a computer services company for the past 11 years, I must take exception to this article’s broad genrealizations. Software backup data In a business, one looks for tools that can automate a process with the best results.

Iomega backup software Depending on Windows Update for drivers is not that solution. Software backup driver Through professional associations I have found iobit Driver Booster to be an invaluable tool for finding and installing the most current drivers across a wide range of systems. File backup software free It also sets a System Restore point prior to installing so one can easily revert if a driver doesn’t work properly. Open source backup software for windows Driver Booster does not tease you with scan results that require you to purchase anything before installing the found drivers.

To say that driver update software is useless is quite simply ridiculous. Backup restore software Also, while the article advises again using such software, based on a previous article on HTG about driver update software – which made several untrue claims about such software, I would not pay too much attention to the recommendation.

More often than not, drivers supplied by Windows Update are out of date. What is backup software Also, while driver supprt from Microsoft is excellent these days, you will still find devices for which Windows Update cannot find the required driver.

So, if you want to get more recent driver than Windows Update provides, or need drivers which Windows Update can’t find, then driver update software like Snappy Driver Installer can be very useful.

I’m not saying that you always need to have very latest drivers, or that there is anything wrong with using the drivers supplied by Microsoft, but, if you do want to keep your drivers update to date, once again using such a tool can help.

This is simply bad advice. Offsite backup software I’ve upgraded about 20 laptops to Windows 10, In almost all cases, the manufacturer had not released Windows 10 updates, yet they are all working fine with no missing dirvers or other driver issues. Best free backup software for mac There were two minor expections. Driver backup software free download On my Thinkpad T400 I had issues with the switchable graphics, where it did not like switching to the discrete graphics (but the onboard Intel graphics chip was working fine). Software backup programs However, I disabled switchable graphics in the BIOS and set it to use discrete grahics, and now the ATI graphics works fine. Full backup software On an old Dell laptop I had touchpad issues, but I was able to resolve this by installing Dell drivers I obtained from a website which is dedicated to supplying drivers which will work under Windows 10 for dell laptops. Best file backup software However these were the only two cases where I had driver issues.

I must point out, that these were amost all older laptops running Windows 7 (or sometimes Vista), not laptops which were released shortly before Windows 10 came out.

I’ve also done a clean install of Windows 10, on a 9 year old laptop which came with XP, and the manufacturer (Toshiba) has not provided any driver updates for anything later than Vista, and it also works fine. Best online backup software I had major audio latency issues with test build of Windows 10, but RTM buold works flawlessly.

It is very rare for a laptop to actually need manufacturer supplied drivers, which is a good thing, considering that manufacturers typically stop providing driver updates around 6 months after a a laptop has been released.

For those not familiar with ASUS BackTracker, this utility basically creates a custom Windows Reset USB Drive and does the same specifically for drivers restoration on a separate bootable USB drive.

Did I mention this utility is not supplied automatically with ASUS tablets, and it is available free from their support site as a download? Install it and run it before anything goes wrong.

So, even when Windows will not boot and the OEM WIM on a tablet has been corrupted or Windows UEFI Fast Boot has lost contact with the required WIM, you can still get the tablet back up and running and restore the original OEM WIM to its proper place(s).

Simply put, this utility combines System Reset with OEM Recovery Partition Restore into one bootable USB Rescue Drive. Software backup gratuito The drivers are then restored separately from a second bootable USB Recovery Drive using the same software.

BackTracker versions are available from the ASUS Support site for most of their recent laptops and many of their Transformer Book tablets running Windows 8 or higher.

Owners of Transformer Book tablets should keep this utility up to date and create new media with it before even considering upgrading to Windows 10. Server 2008 backup software If anything goes wrong with this upgrade, or if updating drivers still leaves the tablet with serious issues (as many have reported) the only way to roll back to Windows 8.1 is to use Back Tracker or Macrium Reflect to restore the OEM Recovery Partition.

This happens because starting with Windows 10, any system update or upgrade (ie, just running Automatic Updates and installing at least one Security Update) will permanently alter the device’s OEM WIM, and there is no turning back that change. Top ten backup software With no original OEM WIM to work from, System Reset and rollback with the Windows.old options, will never work. Fastest backup software You are stuck with a Windows 10 tablet, working or not.

(I’ve tried EaseUS ToDo on this tablet, and it failed, requiring a Factory Reset — I hadn’t found the Back Tracker utility at that time. Best backup software windows 7 Also, the EaseUS ToDo v.5 WinPE interface when run from USB on this tablet, has the bottom of the splash screen cut off, effectively removing access to the Search for Recovery Image options in that environment. File backup software reviews Macrium Reflect’s WinPE environment (v.6) has resizable windows in WinPE and an interface design which doesn’t need the full height and width of the tablet’s screen display. Phone backup software So it does make a difference which third-party backup programs you choose — and be sure to test any WinPE Rescue USB environment before committing to making any backups with any third-party utility. Mobile data backup software free download Make sure you have access to the tools you may need for recovery in the event of any sort of disaster which makes Windows not boot properly. Best free file backup software Bottom line seems to be — in the case of ASUS products, their own System Reset and Driver Restore utilty (BackTracker) works the most reliably on their laptops and tablets. Data backup and recovery software free download full version Anyway, this is what i have found.)

BackTracker can rescue a tablet whose WIM has been altered, but only if it is run before the changes occur. Best free pc backup software So, it will be wise moving forward for anyone upgrading a Transformer Boook t100 series tablet, to update their Back Tracker System and Driver USB drives, and keep one set in its pre-Win 10 state (and one in a working Win 10 Base Configuration state).

Three sets of Recovery Drives (Original, Win 10 Base and Current), all because Microsoft owns our hardware now. Best image backup software RIDICULOUS!! And yes, once created, these rescue environments can be archived, copied and written to new USB media without running BackTracker all over again.