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Today computer help microsoft windows 10 reviews Microsoft will begin updating Windows 7 and 8.1 systems the same way it does Windows 10 systems in October of this year, with cumulative monthly update rollups that combine all updates into one package. Microsoft windows 10 oem This is to streamline the update experience for all users and move all supported Windows versions onto the same update method. This can be seen as advantageous because users will be able to install one package instead of several every Patch Tuesday, but it can also be seen in a negative light since there will be no way to subdivide the updates,

as in find and remove a patch in a rollup that causes problems, and users will have substantially no control over updating. If you use WSUS Offline Update instead of Windows Update to update your Win 7/8.1 machines, after this change implements it will fetch a rollup and install it just like Windows Update would.

Windows 10 download usb tool I have used WSUS Offline Update to update numerous Win 7/8.1 machines since Windows Update has been failing on more of these systems than I can shake a stick at (draw your own conclusions as to whether Redmond is behind it or not), and it was the only thing that worked. Windows 10 upgrade update Not the MS Fix-Its, not the Windows Update Purge/Reset/Reregister .

bat files that I have used countless times before to fix borked Windows Update instances. No one will be able to pull individual updates from Microsoft’s servers after October for any supported Win system.

Windows 10 update end date Someone may find a way to unbundle the rollup format, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it. I understand this flaw also affects many Android devices as well. Windows 10 upgrade install This is a pretty serious flaw since it’s in the TCP stack, so a patch will have to be developed fairly soon.

A “workaround” would be to force the use of SSL or use a VPN, but even in these cases a hacker could try to force a reset. Microsoft windows 10 help If you are on SSL or a VPN and keep getting resets, this would be a dead giveaway someone’s trying to capture your traffic. Windows 10 download help You could SSL or VPN over Tor or GNUNet to make their life harder, but obviously the vulnerability needs prompt attention. the people who are in office now both demorats and republicants no longer have our best interest in mind but the welfare of their pockets.

Windows 10 release download most have been in office that they are only trying to get reelected and care of nothing else. Microsoft windows 10 insider where else can you “work” for 174,000 a year and in 4 years become a multimillionaire. Windows 10 drivers free download the manufacturing jobs have almost all left the country and many other businesses are closing their doors.

Windows 10 update graphics driver government has strangled our economy and i do not know if it can be fixed. Windows 10 download black screen our kids and grandkids will suffer the ongoing bs. i thought vista updates had ended but i am still getting security updates for it.maybe i missed the cutoff date for ending support. I just ordered a Mac Mini from Macofalltrades in Fl. Windows 10 update icon It is refurbished and nearly as powerful as my other one. Windows 10 update end date It cost me $329.00 . Microsoft 535 windows 10 It will be delivered tomorrow and I am so excited.

Windows 10 upgrade advisor The dealership is very reputable and they sell laptops and everything…. Windows 10 free download for windows 7 users look it up I have recently been running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with the MATE desktop. Windows 10 update 1151 So far it seems to be a fast and pretty stable system, but there have been a couple of glitches.

Windows 10 upgrade guide The most noticeable is that Firefox disappears from the desktop when maximized when the Compiz window manager is used instead of Marco – software compositor or Marco – Compton. Microsoft windows 10 customer service The program shows as minimized in the tray, but when I maximize it, it’s invisible.

Windows 10 download 32 Switching the window manager (which can be done on-the-fly) back to Marco – software / Compton immediately makes the program visible again. Windows 10 update vista Everything else (that I’ve tried this on) is unaffected by changing the window manager.

Windows 10 upgrade to pro It’s not a deal breaker by any means, especially since I am not at this time trying to run a bunch of fancy 3D effects, but at some point I might want to run all that stuff again… Another issue I’ve noticed is that the screensaver will not activate when the Marco – Compton compositor is running. How to remove windows 10 It starts and immediately stops.

Windows 10 upgrade options The monitor still sleeps as does the computer after the specified time. Microsoft windows 10 feedback The difference between the software compositor and Compton is not very noticeable under average conditions, but higher frame rates / complex moving images show less tearing with Compton than with the software compositor. Windows 10 upgrade keep files I understand that Compton is a direct rendering pass-through which sends graphics instructions directly to the GPU instead of routing them through the X window system. Windows 10 update bios The issue of the screensaver will likely be fixed in a future update.

Something else which I have noticed, which is more of minor annoyance than anything else, is that when AT&T’s DNS servers are slow, I see resolution times between 2000 and 4500 msec. Requirements for windows 10 upgrade I swear this makes me think of satellite Internet! Anyway, I looked to see if DNS caching was installed, and interestingly enough, the dnsmasq-base package is installed but not the higher level configuration options…

Windows 10 release I always run a local DNS cache, which reduces query times to zero and and significantly speeds up browsing. Windows 10 upgrade I had to install the dnsmasq package to get an /etc/dnsmasq.

config to be able to get easily settable options. Windows 10 update file location One option that I wanted was to be able to set the cache retention time, which by default in dnsmasq-base is 0 msec, which means that a cache entry, once stored, will be purged after it is used — I know this is to force lookup frequently, but I seldom if ever see problems with stale DNS data to begin with. I set the local-ttl option in /etc/dnsmasq.conf to 600 sec, which seems to be a pretty good value so far. Windows 10 update version 1511 Sometimes the AT&T nameservers are fast, sometimes quite slow…

Microsoft windows 10 release date if I bring up a terminal and dig, I can get as low as 30 msec and as many as 4500 msec, but once the resolution is cached, if I dig I get 0 msec, which shows the DNS resolution is coming from the local DNS cache. Windows 10 upgrade iso The IP is which is localhost, which is where you want /etc/resolv.

conf pointed as the primary nameserver. Windows 10 upgrade removal The AT&T nameserver is secondary. Windows 10 update 99 You do NOT need to edit /etc/resolv.conf manually since it will be autoconfigured by your settings in /etc/dnsmasq.

conf once you have it set up. Windows 10 update list In most cases, you’ll have little to do as almost everything is set correctly for the typical user. Windows 10 letoltes The more complex your network is the more you’ll have to set, like forwarding options.

Office for windows 10 free download The typical user can just install dnsmasq from Synaptic and open /etc/dnsmasq.conf in Pluma or gedit and set a longer retention time if they wish.

I’d be wary of a Windows laptop for $400 — especially from one of the more highly advertised names. Windows 10 update options What CPU does it have? Graphics? How much RAM? Hard drive?

Many systems you’ll find in this price range will have lower end AMD Mobile CPUs and occasionally other names like VIA. Windows 10 download app They’ll have lower-rated graphics (older mobile Nvidia if they have Nvidia at all), less RAM than more expensive models, and in some cases, small SSDs instead of hard drives. Windows 10 update removal tool An SSD is VERY fast, but a lightning fast SSD isn’t all that great if you’ll fill it up pretty fast.

Windows 10 update from windows 8 One person I know was looking at a new laptop that had an Intel i5, 8 GB RAM, and Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics, but it had a 256 GB SSD. Windows 10 update number It was in the $400-$500 range. Windows 8 auf 10 update I told them they’d be sorry if they bought it because they’d fill that drive up in a heartbeat. Windows 10 upgrade is it worth it They reluctantly decided to put more money in it and ended up buying an i7 with 8 GB RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 980M graphics, and a 1 TB hard drive.

Windows 10 xp download free They looked around a bit online and paid a little under $800 for it. Another consideration of less expensive machines is that they come with a lot more preinstalled junk that the maker is paid to put on them. Microsoft windows 10 start button not working This lowers your price, but then you have to spend your time or pay someone to “de-crapify” you new computer. If you go Windows, put at least $700-$800 in it and watch the specs carefully. Windows 10 download for windows 7 I recommend Asus X-line or Dell’s Latitude or XPS lines above HP. Windows 10 upgrade app The Asus X line in higher numbers (preferably over X550) has some really good machines for the price.

Windows 10 upgrade hard drive The Dell Alienware gaming series and the Asus ROG gaming series are top notch machines, but they will each be significantly over $1000. Windows 10 update release date I can still hope that Microsoft will improve Windows 10 over time and that all consumer Windows users will not always be essentially late alpha-testers for enterprise Windows users… A Mac is certainly worth considering — I haven’t seen very many people who had problems with one. Internet explorer for windows 10 free download It does occasionally happen, of course, as nothing is perfect. Windows 10 upgrade backup Certified Apple reconditioned products have a very good reputation.