Windows 10 pc and mobile preview build 14905 rolling out for fast ring insiders [update 2] _ windows central windows 10 update information

Windows 10 pc and mobile preview build 14905 rolling out for fast ring insiders [update 2] _ windows central windows 10 update information Update It looks like some Windows 10 Mobile Fast ring Insiders are not getting the new preview build. Microsoft windows 10 tech support Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar has posted on Twitter that the team is investigating this issue. Update 2 As of 7 PM ET the “caching conflict” appears to be resolved and letting users get the update on Mobile Microsoft has released the Windows 10 PC and Mobile preview build 14905 to members of the Insider testing program on the Fast update ring. In a blog post, Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar noted this was the first preview build for Windows 10 Mobile since the rollout of the Anniversary

Update earlier this week. Directx 9 windows 10 download There’s just one new feature in this build for Mobile users: We are introducing a newly refined sound set in this build, uniting the best of our past and present.

Windows 10 update utility We aspire to set a new bar for mobile sound set quality, and are trying to make the soundscape of technology more beautiful and harmonious. Windows 10 update zeitraum This also helps align with new sound design direction of the Windows platform as a whole, so that mobile sounds will family with desktop and tablet and be feel instantly familiar to all Windows users.

Windows 10 free download for laptop We will continue to evolve – head to Settings > Personalization > Sounds to see the updated list of available sounds and let us know what you think! Windows 10 PC Fast ring Insiders will see the following fixes and improvements for build 14905: • We have fixed an issue causing a large blank space to appear between the address bar and web content after the address bar moves back to the top when opening a new tab in Microsoft Edge. • We have updated Narrator Scan mode for table navigation to now support CTRL + ALT + HOME to go to the beginning of the table CTRL + ALT + END to go to the end of the table. • Edge now supports the CTRL + O keyboard shortcut for setting focus to the address bar. • We fixed an issue resulting in Sketchpad and Screen Sketch crashing after trying to change the ink color twice in a row when the ruler was visible.

There are also several known issues with the PC preview build: • Support for kernel debugging over 1394 has been removed, but will be available in an upcoming kit release. Windows 10 free download A work-around will be posted to the Debugging Tools for Windows Blog shortly.

• Cortana’s text to speech capabilities is not working in this build. Windows 10 update history For example, Cortana won’t be able to read text messages out loud for you, tell jokes, sing, or give verbal prompts. • When clicking on the power button on the Start menu, it closes the Start menu without opening the flyout with restart/shutdown options appearing. Internet explorer 10 download windows 7 32 bit As a workaround – you can right-click on the Start button (or WIN + X) and choose to shutdown via this menu instead.

• Apps such as Yahoo Mail, Trivia Crack, Google and the Skype Translator Preview app will crash in this build due to a compatibility issue from a recent platform change. • The Settings app may crash on certain editions of Windows 10 when navigating to different settings pages due to a missing .dll file.

Windows 10 wallpaper hd free download We are working on getting this fixed soon. Windows 10 Mobile users will get a number of bug fixes and improvements with the preview build 14905: • Missed call notifications are now more actionable, with inline options to call back, text or remind yourself to do something about it later.

• We fixed an issue where videos played in Windows Phone 8 apps might not pause when an incoming call was received. • We fixed an issue where, if “Show my caller ID” is set to “My contacts”, the contact being called might still see a blocked caller ID. • We fixed an issue where the Lock screen might fail to update to the new time after a time zone change. • fixed an issue resulting in music not resuming after a call was finished, if Turn-by-Turn directions were being read out from the Maps app when the phone call came in. There are a couple of known issues in the new Mobile preview build • If you move apps between a SD card and internal storage (either direction), those apps will get stuck in a pending state. Windows 10 release version The workaround to get your apps working again is to uninstall the app through Settings > System > Storage (apps cannot be uninstalled from All apps list).

Windows 10 update mandatory Then you can re-install the app from the Store. • Cortana’s text to speech capabilities is not working in this build.

Microsoft windows 10 tech support For example, Cortana won’t be able to read text messages out loud for you, tell jokes, sing, or give verbal prompts. Completely wrong.

Windows 10 upgrade period The insiders are the founders of the ideas and of the problems. Windows 10 upgrade yes or no For example the option to call back on notification; I made the feedback myself and other insiders voted it. Windows 10 upgrade instructions We (the insiders) are the solution, they are the material. Not to mention that we (the consumers), do not have access to their (Microsoft) backlog. Windows 10 update will not install This means we have no idea what is currently in-development, or planned for a later development phase.

Windows 10 update guide For example, the “notfication call back” feature (mentioned by the OP), could have been on the back log for some time, before anyone even posted feedback. Yes, Microsoft does share info about which changes/features/improvements were influenced by the Insider community, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft is solely acting on Feedback. Windows 10 upgrade error They are always working on their own ideas, as well. I have my windows phone that I use daily and that’s it. Windows 10 update history I have other older phones but I don’t have any use for them and installing this build on them is nearly pointless.

Microsoft windows 10 free trial I want to test out new builds and if it’s stable, as was the later redstone builds (more so than threshhold) then I’ll hop on board and help test. Microsoft windows 10 issues I got tired of having a beta phone in the real world and made a decision to install stable builds.

Windows 10 download issues So asking if a build is stable is crucial for me. I dont see the correlation between ‘complaint’ and ‘feedback’. Microsoft windows 10 apps A complaint is ” A statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable “. Windows 10 upgrade notification (OED) Now, correct me if I am wrong, BUT, don’t us insiders sign away our right to complain when we AGREE to the terms and conditions?

Even if we do AGREE, you are reminded of the consequences again before you commit. “Feedback” is ” information about reactions to a product, which is used as a basis for improvement ” Consequently, your post is contradictory and, as such, not much of an assistance to the idea of a project like the Insider Program, which was devised to develop a program in the ‘real world’ rather than in a sterile environment, like the internal testing department at Microsoft.

You can still be a tester and not jump on every build. Microsoft windows 10 problems Some limitations are acceptable for some and not for others.

Windows 10 upgrade path If a listed limitation was one that would cause me to NOT use the device, how valuable of a test is that, anyway? I hear you, and, in anticipation of the avalanche, yes. Microsoft windows 10 enterprise The builds have been pretty good on my 950xl. Windows 10 upgrade They had some stinkers between February and April, but most others have been good.

Windows 10 update turn off On my daily driver they are good. Windows 10 update utility My old 920 is much laggier, but that should be expected given the age of the device.

I very well know that. Microsoft windows 10 oem I hate people whining about the instability. Windows 10 upgrade loop I would be glad to try it with a few bugs and provide the necessary feedback. Download windows 10 free Since I would be installing it on my daily driver I cannot risk it by using a highly unstable build.

I’m not sure the point of the program “is not to be stable out (of) the gates”. Windows 10 update block The point of the program is to put out the new code that has already been internally tested to see how it goes in the wild. Microsoft windows 10 usb tool New bugs might be found or the build can quickly filter down to the less risk averse levels. Some people are willing to test certain things.

Windows 10 release date microsoft To have a listed limitation like Cortana not doing text to voice, may not matter to some and may be a big deal to the others. Windows 10 download folder Both are valuable testers. Windows 10 update automatic Also, sharing information is key. Microsoft windows 10 iso If people are discovering a huge bug before I install, causing them to hard reset, why wouldn’t I want to know that?

That’s not a “silly question”. Gadgets for windows 10 free download I take the calculated risk of being a tester, but I’m not going with a new build in a state of ignorance, when there is potentially good information out there. Windows 10 update 1151 So, I’d advise people to keep asking questions, regardless if someone else thinks it’s “silly”. Actually new sounds in mobile is the only “visible” new feature, a lot of work is going on under the hood in One Core which means all fast ring builds are going to be unstable for at least a few months.

Windows 10 release date for mobile Everyone should also note that even by fixing a bug you can inadvertently introduce a new bug or bugs, essentially any insider build will be unstable until its a release candidate and even after RTM bugs will remain, such is the fact for all software ever written, except maybe hello world examples. I would say they are still working on OneCore as thats going to take a long time and needs a lot of back end development work which you wont see – they are adding the odd feature to stop the people complaining about nothing new in the the builds. Windows 10 update notification To me the core stuff is just as intresting and I would love to know a bit more about whats going on. yea, im holding off due to this one issue, got only my L1520 for test builds.

Windows 10 update package i use the text read outloud all the time, and asking her to play,shuffle music, next track etc How are your L1520 music controls via Cortana? On mine she mostly cant do anything, if I say “Play **(name of the artist)**” most of the time she will just show the circles spinning and nothing would happen. Microsoft windows 10 free trial For some artists it works, but only a few. Windows 10 update error And if I say “play jazz” or something like that, she either dont do anything or will say there is no jazz on this device, while I have hours and hours of jazz music.

i mostly dont play by genre, or artist name, rather with my playlist like ” Play playlist1″ and it does so. Windows 10 upgrade lost files i had issues with the commands too like, play rock, play metal etc too sometime works and sometime it doesnt . Windows 10 upgrade license key i think it because i dont have Groove Pass/ as sometime it will say you need subscription to paly ” Song name” etc. Windows 10 upgrade rollback so far i use if to play my playlist, i have few made depending on the mood, that works and saying next chnages the track. Microsoft windows 10 reviews should work with previous, pause commands too. VLC does good job if you havent tried.

Windows 10 download trial you can say play Eminem on VLC, play linkin park on VLC etc that worked. Windows 10 update block i’d suggest you create the playlist of the genres you play and say the command that way 😛 untill they make all this work properly I switched back to release after seeing this article due to the Cortana text to speech and speech to text features not working. Windows 10 upgrade to pro Hope I got out in time and don’t get the update. Windows 10 download taking too long Will switch back to fast when this issue is resolved.

That’s doubly strange as I’ve used it recently too, on the very latest builds on my L950. Windows 10 download media creation tool I wish I had cottoned on that speech wasn’t going to work for turn by turn on Maps though, I probaby would have held off for now, but unfortunately it’s preparing to install as I speak, I don’t think I can stop it now. We fixed an issue where Cortana will FINALLY start to send notifications for severe weather, sports, or news cards again! Seriously when is this going to be fixed? This used to work on my older L830 on Release Preview months ago. Windows 10 download exe Now I’m using a new L950 on Release Preview, hard reset, no backup restored, cleared out everything Cortana knows about me in the cloud and my devices, started fresh with Cortana, and yet I still do not get any notifications!!

#MSFAIL Yeah I used to get them. Windows 10 update usb Not sure what happened but now I don’t. Windows 10 upgrade stuck at 32 I was hoping a new phone and hard reset start fresh would help but nope. Windows 10 date de sortie Something must be corrupt on the backend.

Windows 10 update list Not sure what else to try. Windows 10 release date for phones Sick of this crap where something works good for a few months and then fails for no reason!! None of this is strange at all, this is how the rings/tiers work. Windows 10 free download review The AU is for devices on production which gets updates last. Windows 10 telecharger So, the production ring should see .82 next Tuesday or the one after that, if not with a slight higher number.

Before updating my phone and losing the text to speech function, I asked Cortana to tell me a joke and she said: “What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?” You cant make an omelette without breaking any eggs. Windows 10 download error I guess as this RS2 is delving into the One Core aspect of W10, this sort of thing will happen, especially with Cortana being so integrated into the OS. 14905 mobile is stable for me so far. Microsoft windows 10 games I’ll find out how it is on PC soon enough.

UPDATE: Holy crap! I think build 14905 has finally fixed the battery issue with older devices like my Lumia 1520. Windows 10 update bios With wifi enabled, battery drain from 100-99% took 15-20 mins. Windows 10 update virus After that battery drain seems stabilized at around 10 min per succeeding percent.

Windows 10 upgrade pro There is no overheating so far as well. Windows 10 update 64 bit The last time I experienced battery performance like that was with my old 1320.

Microsoft windows 10 education I still have to do a complete battery rundown test to 0% to see if MS has also finally eliminated the sudden battery drain from 55 – 0% and 70 – 0% with sudden shutdown that previous builds have been plagued by. Reinstall windows 10 I have high hopes however. Windows 10 download error If you are on the fence about upgrading to RS2, I can fully recommend you go for it. Full disclosure: I updated my 1520 to 14393.82 before updating to 14905. Windows 10 upgrade very slow I’m not sure if that has any bearing on the dramatic improvement on my phone’s battery life and battery stability. Windows 10 download date YMMV.

UPDATE 2: No, no, no! Sudden drain is still present on this build. Windows 10 upgrade vmware It happened at 64% for me. Windows 10 update icon missing There was no CPU overheat though which normally warns you of an impending sudden shut down. Windows 10 update history Damn!

Tablet mode not working on my Surface 3 even though “Tablet Mode” is selected in Action Center. Windows 10 upgrade assistant stuck at 99 Also Settings opens then closes imediately in Action Center. Windows 10 update stop I’ll see if the next build fixes this problem that has been present since the 14,901 build.