Xbox one s_ smaller, swifter and sharper unit brings 4k video to consoles _ stuff. co. nz best apps for iphone 5c free

Xbox one s_ smaller, swifter and sharper unit brings 4k video to consoles _ stuff. co. nz best apps for iphone 5c free When Microsoft launched the Xbox One, it was introduced to the world as a revolutionary entertainment hub that would bring together games, TV, music and video. Best free apps for the iphone It was a bold attempt to dominate the living room in the same way that Windows had dominated the office. Three years after the launch, it’s safe to say that this ambitious power move hasn’t quite paid off. 10 best free apps for iphone 6 The console boasts some amazing exclusive games, some incredible features and has been supported by a massive multi milllion-dollar marketing push but it still

lags behind its arch rival, the PlayStation 4, in terms of units sold.

But the game has changed. Best apps for iphone 4s ios 8 The console market is no longer going to be governed by 5-10 year cycles, where technology advances to such an extent that it sparks a new generation of hardware and a reboot of the entire games industry.

It seems likely that the big console manufacturers will follow the business model made popular by smartphones: Incremental updates, offering small steps forward, as opposed to giant leaps, and deliberately not leaving the last generation behind. The Xbox One S (That S is almost certainly borrowed from the name for Apple’s half-step models in its iPhone off-years) offers a clear upgrade on the three-year-old machine. Best apps for iphone 4 free games Smaller, slicker, sharper and offering the “killer app” carrot of 4K video.

Best apps for iphone 6 2016 But with yet another new model – the super-powered Project Scorpio – less than a year from release, is it worth the investment? The first thing that you notice about the new Xbox One is its size, or lack of it. Best app for iphone 5 to download free music Whereas the original machine was a big, bulky, behemoth; reminiscent of an early 80s VCR, the S version is comparatively compact. Forty per cent smaller, its cool, white colour scheme emphasises the depth of the departure from its all black predecessor. Best free apps for iphone 2015 The unsightly power supply brick of the launch machine has also been consigned to the dustbin of history in favour of a simplistic console-to-plug cable.

The whole thing is incredibly minimalist, with clean lines and right angles broken up by a single power button on the machines front face. Best voicemail app for iphone 4 There’s also the option to use the unit vertically, with a stand included for upright installation.

​As somebody who made frequent use of the Xbox One’s voice command features, I was more than a little disappointed to discover that Microsoft had lost faith in the peripheral it had put so much faith (and money) into over the past few years. Hyped as an essential voice and motion control feature of the Xbox One when it was launched in 2013, the fact that there isn’t event a socket for it in their new and improved flagship console speaks volumes. To be fair to Microsoft, they are offering a free adaptor for existing Xbox One owners who want to keep using their Kinect sensor, but if you were hoping for new games that utilised the once revolutionary technology, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Although this isn’t quite a “new console”, in the traditional sense of the term, the Xbox One S does offer a noticeable upgrade in performance when compared to its predecessor.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry tests rated the new machine as a significant improvement on certain games, with a GPU clock-speed of 914MHz, compared to 853MHz in the original unit. Overall, you’re looking at 7.1 per cent increase in real time data processing, but its worth noting that this will only be apparent on certain games.

Some games will run exactly the same on both consoles, but others, particularly those with non-frame-rate locked graphics that put a heavy load on the GPU, will run noticeably faster. To really put the new model through its paces, I fired up The Witcher 3 on the launch day Xbox One and compared it to the performance on the S version. Best free useful apps for iphone 4 This is one of my favourite games of recent years but to say the Xbox version struggles to handle it in places would be an understatement.

Best apps for unlocked iphone 4 The console version aims to hit a benchmark of 30 frames per second, but at times, it drops well below 20 fps, which can be a huge distraction in a game that puts so much emphasis on smooth animation. While loading times and general graphics and resolution are unchanged, I noticed that the frame rate drops that were obvious in particularly demanding sections such as Novigrad and certain horseback missions were a lot less jarring on the eye. Top best apps for iphone Jumping through menus and saving games also seemed a little smoother. The S also introduces the option for High Dynamic Range (HDR) graphics, which will supposedly make games look even better, with deeper blacks and richer colours. Best free ab workout apps for iphone Unfortunately, no currently released games take advantage of this feature, so we’ll have to wait for forthcoming titles like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 to see how it shapes up. Arguably the number one unique selling point of the Xbox One S is the long-awaited introduction of 4K video, both streaming and disc-based; something that no other console can currently offer.

Even if you’re not much a gamer, if you’ve got a 4K-ready TV, the Xbox One S will be an attractive option. Best bluetooth apps for iphone 4 At less than half the price of other Ultra HD Blu Ray players on the market, it’s a no-brainer even if you never use it to play Halo. Although there are currenlty only a few dozen titles on the market that fully utilise the 4K resolution, the library will obviously expand over the next few years and it looks almost certain to become the next high definition standard in home video.

The tipping point is whether you see this as a major upgrade on current HD. Best apps for iphone 2016 free There is clearly a difference in quality between the two formats, but when you’re sat on a sofa five metres away, it’s not immediately apparent. Best iphone 5s apps It doesn’t quite have the wow factor that we saw when we moved from VHS to DVD or DVD to Blu-Ray. It’s also worth noting that 4K video streaming is going to take a huge toll on your bandwidth.

Best apps for iphone 4 cydia Netflix and other streaming services are beginning to offer ultra HD options but you’ll need a decent fibre connection to make the most of them, and an unlimited data plan unless you want to blow through your monthly allowance after watching a couple of movies. My home connection (Slingshot fibre/100mbps) managed to stream a 4K movie pretty well, for the most part, but there were a couple of stutters and pauses. Good free apps for iphone 4s Again, this is almost certain to improve as the infrastructure expands to meet the demands of high-end video streaming. So, all things considered, is the Xbox One S worth shelling out $628 for? If you’ve got a 4K-ready TV and a high speed, uncapped internet connection then it’s almost certainly worth the investment.

The best apps for iphone 5 It’s by far the best value Ultra HD player on the market, and that’s before you factor in all the gaming and multimedia features the Xbox has to offer. In the same way that many early adoptors bought a PlayStation 2 as a cheap and reliable DVD player in the early 2000s, Microsoft is obviously banking on the fact that anyone who buys a high-end TV over the next year or so will consider getting an Xbox to make the most of it. If you don’t have an Xbox One yet, this could be the perfect time to join the party.

Best astronomy apps for iphone 5 It’s a great console with a impressive library of games (arguably boasting more big exclusives than the PlayStation 4) and with more and more titles being added to the Xbox 360 backwards compatibilty list, it’s an attractive option for anyone who has an older console and hasn’t got round to upgrading to the current generation yet. If you already have an original Xbox One but don’t have a 4K screen, whether you make the move to the newer model will depend on whether the smaller unit, slightly improved performance and HDR features are enough to tempt you. The 2TB storage is another bonus and you’ll probably have a lot of content stored on your hard drive that you’ll need to transfer across. Best free filter apps for iphone You can use an external HD to speed things up, alternatively you’ll need to re-download all your digitally purchased games again. The elephant in the room is obviously the looming spectre of Project Scorpio. Apps best iphone Full details of exactly what next year’s model will feature are yet to be confirmed, but it’s likely to include an improved GPU and support for Virtual Reality.

If you’re patient enough to hold out for Scorpio, it might be worth holding on, but in the meantime the Xbox One S is an impressive, if incremental, upgrade to Microsoft’s flagship console, Site: