Xiaomi responds to that whole exploding phone incident – android authority android phone apps free download

Xiaomi responds to that whole exploding phone incident – android authority android phone apps free download In case you missed it, a week or so ago some poor guy posted a CCTV video on Facebook showing him casually working at his desk when his phone catches fire and explodes. Android phone keeps restarting That was a Xiaomi Mi 4i. Android phone top 10 Xiaomi has now officially responded to the incident and vowed to replace the device. Android phone below 3000 Assuming the guy isn’t emotionally scarred from the experience and has decided to go back to feature phones for good, I guess that’s a positive thing.

Xiaomi sent the following statement to XDA Developers on the incident: We take such matters

seriously and we have already been investigating the matter. 7 inch tablet phone android We have been in touch with the customer and will be getting his device this week to do further investigation.

Recommended android phone In the meantime, we have offered a replacement phone to the customer. While the cause of the explosion is not yet know, hopefully Xiaomi will be able to get to the bottom of it once the damaged device is in hand.

Android phone under 7000 Besides a rash of Samsung fires a few years ago this kind of incident is highly unlikely, but as always, be careful using your phone if it is hot, especially when charging and make sure to only use original accessories and chargers. Proces com android phone zostal zatrzymany If all else fails: drop it like it’s hot. Have you ever had a phone damaged by excess heat or fire? Do you use all original accessories?

but Motorola is not that responsive. Android phone zte they does not even listen. once I went to the service centre they directly asked for money even though phone was still in warranty.

A warranty doesn’t always mean they will fix everything for free, it just means they will fix it. Phone android price You can still be charged for certain things when a phone is under warranty. What are android phones It all depends on what is specifically covered under the warranty and if the damage was caused by a component failure or from your usage.

Devices have overcharge and current protection, in a device that isn’t faulty you’re able to plug any charger in to your phone and at worse it simply wouldn’t charge.. Android phone physical keyboard Regardless of what charger that person was using a phone that explodes is a device fault.

There are failsafes such as those you mentioned but they don’t always work as advertised across all brands not just Xiaomi. Android phone data recovery software Google “phone catching fire” and you will see a range of stories from people with nearly every phone brand. Android phone 4gb ram The usual culprits for a phone catching fire is an aftermarket battery or charger. Android phone format code Most of them time the charger just won’t work but there is still the possibility even with those failsafes of a fire happening.

But Apple doesn’t manufacture the batteries, they contract that work out to companies like Sony, Dynapack, Simplo, and Sunwoda. The batteries used by Apple have no more or less tendency to fail than the batteries used by other companies. Android phone geeker free download To try to blame Apple for something that’s outside their control is simply ignorant.

Well… Most other manufacturers also get batteries from these companies and also implement fast charge and other features that cause the battery to charge at rapid speeds… I don’t see them exploding! Only 1-3 isolated events a year…

Also these batteries have more charge power retention properties even after years of usage… But apple batteries lose their retention after a few cycles!

This is all down to how much of a profit crazy company apple really is… U can never blame the battery manufacturers… Also using another Oem cable shouldn’t be much of an issue… All the Android phones I’ve used have had OEM cables that were cheap as hell…

Not a single one exploded! But apple wanting to sell more chargers and cable make shitty cables and chargers which break after some usage whereas most other cable and chargers from all the other companies go fine until used roughly!

“I don’t see them exploding! Only 1-3 isolated events a year” Which one is it? Either you don’t see them exploding or you do, and clearly you do see them exploding.

5 android phone Remember the recent fracas with dozens of scooter (“hover” board) batteries exploding? Remember about a decade ago when Sony had to recall millions of batteries for fears of overheating and catching fire? Exploding batteries aren’t brand-exclusive.

3 android phone Feel free to be the first person to compile a list of all exploding battery incidents, count how many come from each brand, and publicize the results. “Also these batteries have more charge power retention properties even after years of usage… But apple batteries lose their retention after a few cycles!

” Apple rates their batteries for 500 cycles for mobile devices and 1000 cycles for their laptops whereas most competing companies rate their batteries for 300 cycles for mobiles and up to 500 cycles for laptops, with the exception of Sony’s latest Xperia X phones that go up to 800 cycles. You can absolutely blame battery manufacturers for battery failures because they’re the ones responsible for safely manufacturing the batteries. Android phone on mac If the engine in your car dies, do you blame the people who built the engine or the people who upholstered the seats? The people who built the engine, obviously.

“But apple wanting to sell more chargers and cable make shitty cables and chargers which break after some usage whereas most other cable and chargers from all the other companies go fine until used roughly!” Part of Apple’s reason for switching to Lightning was to make the connector more robust by removing the pogo pin in the middle of the connector, which is notorious for breaking on micro-USB devices, along with metal reinforcements in the end cable, which is also notorious for breaking/bending in micro-USB cables. Jihosoft android phone recovery reviews Apple’s older cables are of the same quality and their newer cables are of higher quality than their rivals, not to mention Apple’s the only company that covers the cables (and any other accessories in the box) as part of the warranty whereas just about every competing company only covers the device (no accessory coverage).

Dude no one is talking about exploding scooters or anything… Apple devices exploding a lot! Others almost never!

As u said these companies that provide the batteries to apple also supplies to Android devices… Them not exploding is because of proper R&D and not something else…

Also most devices from all oems can be charged with any cable from any device from any seller! Apple doesnt let that happen and it’s costly af to buy a new cable or charger… Then Android oems and most others provide 6months of warranty to users on accessories… And after that it’s out of our pockets…

OK but the cost of replacing a cable or any accessories is not huge! Also my 2 friends who had iphones for 5months had to buy a new cable as apple didn’t replace it for them! While my N5 cable lasted more than a year with my abuse and finally broke…

I went out and got a cable for under $2 and it still works… Now using it for other micro usb devices! You should use quality accessories is what that should read.

Android phone nokia Those cheap chargers/cables that you can find for $1 have a very high failure rate, most of the time it just will stop working and not blow up, but there is that chance. Android phone under 15000 If you are using quality components you won’t have to worry.

The Mi4i was one of the worst phones Xiaomi ever created. Unfortunately the process com android phone has stopped In fact it’s probably the only bad phone in their entire portfolio. Com android phone stopped But this most likely had nothing to do with the phone.

Android phone call apps This happens a lot and the usual culprit is the charging brick. Unfortunately com android phone has stopped I have seen it happen myself a few times with cheap charging bricks found in electronics markets in Asia.

The Redmi Note 3 has a fault with its Bluetooth or its ROM. Android phones applications free download It refused to send any data to my Alcatel Onetouch Smartwatch despite being connected. Android phone 6 inch screen I finally had to settle for the Lenovo Zuk Z1 after 2 Redmi Note 3 and a Mi Max had the same problems. Virus on phone android A shame since I really like the design of the Redmi Note 3 and the features that they were introducing for India in MIUI 8. well, I have a 3GB device and installed miui 8 and I have like 1.7GB free. Com android phone is not responding Yep, MIUI is memory hungry, but not that much.

If you have a 2GB device, No wonder if you end up with less than 1 GB of free RAM. Top 3 android phone Just got and install cyanogen mod. Android phone under 7000 The problem is not the device, is the OS. I think it was the owner of that phone who was in fault because I am very sure that if a phone get burst it might show some kind of signals before turning into flames like overheating or taking a very long time to get charged. Android phone 6000 And before the phone bursts the person might have seen and ignored the back panel because the phones back panel ‘s shape and colour might have changed or it must be faded due to overheating .

Android phone keeps restarting And we must not ignore that cheap charger thing that some of u have been saying . I am not criticising the person or favouring the company all i am saying of my own experience that this things happens and 80% of us ignore it and face that kind of problems.

👍 DDD pls read what i have written it is based on my persnol experience dont criticize before knowing the stuf i have written i am just sharing what kind of stuff i have experince in the help centre of miui as an technician . Android tablet and phone And iam too a mi lover 💓.

If I responded to what you wrote, I read what you wrote. What android phone to get At no point did you even imply that it was anecdotal. Com android phone has stopped lenovo You wrote an entire paragraph trying to blame the user, by giving evidence that it’s the phone’s fault.

Phone apps for android Mentioning that you’re a technician there makes you look bad honestly, because it shows that you’re not objective in the least and will lean towards blaming the user. Mt65xx android phone driver xp download It was completely biased.

You didn’t answer the question though. Android phone youtube downloader If any of the things you stated above happened, wouldn’t it be the phone’s fault? If the phone needs an update: still the phone’s fault. L g phone android I shouldn’t have to update the phone to avoid having my hand get blown to shreds.

Define “wrong charger”. Android phone without camera Any charger that pushed 5V/2A should work with it. Com android phone has stopped unexpectedly And even if it’s more than that, this isn’t 1990.

Android phone geeker reviews Every other phone knows to draw only the amount of power it needs. Android phone reviews 2015 The same with overcharging. Com android phone s a oprit Modern phones don’t pull power after their full. What’s a good android phone They also pull even less when the phone is in use, exceptions being the OP3 using Dash charging, and possibly, by extension Oppo phones using VOOC charging.

Android phone recommendations Seeing as these are the norm, and there were no announcements of the contrary, it’s still the phone’s fault . Most companies tell you not to use your phone while it is charging. Android dev phone That’s for FLAGSHIP phones like iPhone 6S and Galaxy S7 and it hasn’t stopped those companies from getting the same end result. Best android phone This guy was using a budget Mi4i so he’s just dumb.

Android phone under 15000 If this was the Mi4 that wouldn’t have happened and he still shouldn’t be using it while charging. Android usb device driver installing in xp Both phones use QuickCharge and we all know how hot those kinds of phones get. Site: http://www.androidauthority.com/xiaomi-responds-exploding-phone-incident-706244/